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Random Golden Globe wrap-up

It's official: Big Time Awards Season is here! Last night the Hollywood Foreign Press Association handed out the Golden Globe Awards. If were busy watching 24, you'll find a full list of winners and quality analysis over at Awards Daily. My favorite moments: --Pre-show host Tiki Barber mistakenly saying Blair Underwood was on Law &Order when I'm pretty sure he meant L.A. Law --Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Will Arnett looking clearly giddy while standing right next to Steven Speilberg out on the red carpet -- Sally Hawkins' moving, teary speech after her win for Best Actress in an Musical or Comedy in Happy Go Lucky. I couldn't find her actual speech, but her surprise and emotion are still strong in the post-interview over on the Globes' official site. --The genuine exuberance of everyone involved with Slumdog Millionaire, from composer A.R. Rahman to Danny Boyle to the producer Christian Colson (at least I think it was him) accidental use of the f-word during his speech accepting the Best Picture-Drama award. --Tracy Morgan's acceptance speech for 30 Rock: "Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!" --Tina Fey's joke about the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures and telling her Internet haters to "suck it" Some surprises: --Kate Winslet's double win for Best Supporting Actress in The Reader and Best Actress-Drama in Revolutionary Road. We've all been watching Kate lose graciously at both the Oscars and the Globes since Sense &Sensibility ("Elinor, where is your heart?"), so it made me so happy to see her finally, finally win. You could tell she was completely overwhelmed, especially by second award (and considering a few days before the Globes' site had accidentally tagged Anne Hathaway as the winner). Will she finally win an Oscar? The odds are looking pretty good. --Colin Farrell's win for Best Actor-Comedy for In Bruges. Ok, it's not much of a surprise considering he's apparently very good in the film, but I was hoping he and Brendan Gleeson (his co-star nominated in the same category) would split the vote and allow James Franco to win for Pineapple Express. Sorry, I have a strong allegiance to Freaks &Geeks. --Vicky Cristina Barcelona's win for Best Picture--Musical or Comedy. Usually the mediocre musical in this category always wins out over worthy comedies. I guess the fact that Mamma Mia! didn't work all that well as a musical or a comedy combined with the raw brute force of Woody Allen, catapulted Vicky to the winning spot. If you didn't see it in theaters, it comes out on DVD on January 27th. I'd given up on Allen's comedies, but now I'm curious. --Mickey Rourke's win for Best Actor-Drama for The Wrestler. Saturday morning, I was convinced Sean Penn had a Helen Mirren/The Queen-esque lock on Best Actor for pretty much every award this season for his amazing performance in Milk. Then I saw The Wrestler. Half an hour in I was thinking, "Oh crap, now it's a ballgame." I'm glad he won and loved how he hugged Bruce Springsteen (who also won for Best Song for the film). The screen went black during his speech, which I thought might be due to language but watching the clip on Gawker, I figured out what happened. Gawker also has Tracy and Tina's speeches. Here's a question from the group I watched the show with: Where was Jack Nicholson? Isn't it his job to show up at these things, sit in the front and provide overt reaction shots? Would he have laughed at Sacha Baron Cohen's Madonna joke? We'll look for him at the Oscars. Meanwhile, the next big televised awards ta-do are the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Jan. 25th. Drink anytime anyone mentions the strike!