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CINEMATIC TITANIC is coming to Scarecrow....AGAIN ! (Thursday, June 10th, 7pm)

That's right. For those that may have missed it the first time, here is your chance to meet the cast of CINEMATIC TITANIC. Just what is a Cinematic Titanic (henceforth CT) . Well, remember the best show ever created for television? No, not The Wire...the other best show ever. Yeah, with the puppets and bad movies. Right. Mystery Science Theater 3000. The good folks who created and brought you that masterwork of comedy have reformed into CT. Not unlike when William Hartnell transformed into Patrick Troughton who transformed into John Pertwee who transformed into Tom Baker who....well, you get it. This time around, they tour with the movies, riffing them live, before commuting them to their DVD resting place. And who, exactly, makes up Team CT: Joel 'Agent J' Hodgson, creator of MST3k, The TV Wheel and a little known website with ants. As well as a writer, stand-up comedian, and dreamer. And an old friend. J. Elvis 'Dr Erharht' Weinstein, original writer/performer of MST3k, stand-up comedian, and writer for various television shows and other comedians (but not The Simpsons). And an old friend. Mary Jo 'Mrs. Forrester' Pehl, writer/performer of MST3k, NPR contributor, author, raconteur and Jan-In-The-Pan. And an old friend. Trace 'Dr. Forrester' Beaulieu, original writer/performer of MST3k, Freaks and Geeks actor, comic writer, and television producer. And an old friend. Frank 'TV's Frank' Conniff, writer/performer of MST3k, Invader Zim writer, and Cartoon Dump creator and host. And an old friend. On June 11th, the CT team will perform TWO shows at The Showbox at the Market, one at 6pm and one at 9:30. Both shows will be different and not available (yet) on DVD. (The Showbox website is a little wonky, so I have provided links to each separate show). But more importantly, you can get an early shot at meeting the entire team the day before, right here at Scarecrow Video. Last time they were gracious enough to sign most anything, but we will also have their library of riffed movies for sale including the two films they 'premiered' the last time they were in town, EAST MEETS WATTS and BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRES. So stop by and say, "Hello" or "Hikeeba" or whatever floats your boat. When: Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 7pm Where: At your local Scarecrow Video Who: I just got done telling you that, sheesh Why: Because we love you How: Now this is just getting silly. Join us, wont you ?