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Things to do in the Happy New Year

Happy 2009 everyone! We hope the first 48 hours of the new year have gone well so far. Here are some events that will make it even better: --TONIGHT! FRIDAY JAN. 2nd! 30 ROCK TRIVIA!--The trivia wizards at Neptune Coffee are hosting a night of challenging questions about our favorite TV show. Do you know who is the head and who is the hair? What's the name of Liz's beloved Mexican Cheetos? Can you list three movies Tracy Jordan's starred in? Cool. We'll see you there at 8pm. --Also TONIGHT, FRIDAY JAN. 2nd--Grand Illusion Cinema kicks off their Essential Art House Series with Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. To see what films are playing later in the series, check out their site or our front window display. --Even more TONIGHT--More art house action: Amacord begins at SIFF Cinema. See this post for a special Scarecrow ticket offer. --We know you've all been enjoying David Schmader's From Bad To Worse: Cinematic Terribleness in Six Easy Parts series over at Central Cinema. The series finale will be Schmader's now classic take on Showgirls on Wednesday, January 14th at Showbox at the Market. Get tickets for this early; it will certainly sell out. --Our super awesome 50% OFF USED DVDs &VHS SALE ends this Sunday the 4th, so hurry in for those last minute bargains. That's all for now. Happy viewing, everyone.