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VHS is dead, long live VHS!

It's been reported elsewhere but just in case you hadn't heard, VHS is officially done. This morning a fellow Crow alerted me to Harry Knowles' great tribute to VHS over on Ain't It Cool News. While we've replaced a lot of VHS with DVDs over the years (mostly to make room in back, DVDs take up much less room), there are still hundreds here for rent. We'll continue to have tapes of The African Queen and Howard The Duck on our shelves until the day they are finally released on DVD. It might be a long wait for titles like Almost Live!: Guide To Living In Seattle (unless KING 5 wants to...please, Jim Forman? Please??), Michael Bolton's Winning Softball and the classic Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam Workout. Just know you can always find them and many other strange and forgotten gems here. Don't throw out your VCR yet.