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Classic movies, big screens

There are many classic films playing now and in the next few weeks in theaters around town. Here's a list of some of the screenings we'll be attending while taking full advantage of the ever increasing ability to get around town: --SIFF Cinema still has The Godfather and The Godfather II until January 1st. You do not want to miss this. Really. Everyone should see The Godfather at least once on a big screen. Then starting on January 2nd, they're showing Fellini's Amacord. If you've never seen a Fellini film, we suggest you start with this gorgeous film and then come visit his director's section here--you'll want to see more. SIFF is offering a special discount for Scarecrow customers--just mention this post when you buy your tickets in person at the SIFF box office and you'll get a regularly priced ticket for just $8. (once again, that's just for regularly priced screenings only and just for tickets bought in person). --Grand Illusion Cinema kicks off the Janus Films Essential Art House Series on January 2nd with Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. It's followed by Rashomon, Knife In The Water, and Beauty and the Beast (Cocteau, not Disney). We agree with Janus Films, these films are essential. They even put them all together, along with Lord of the Files and Grand Illusion, in a DVD box set. We have it on sale for just $69.95. A second Essential Art House: Vol. 2 DVD box set will be out on DVD in February, so stay tuned... --Northwest Film Forum will be spending a lot of the new year looking back at the films of 1969 with this amazing series. From now until January 8th, you can get a full series pass for just $69, a sound investment for a year of great films. --We just read on SLOG that Central Cinema's showing All About Eve this weekend. It plays at 7pm, then Escape From New York plays at 10pm. It's not supposed to be a double feature, but I'm tempted to see how I'd like them back to back. Don't forget about Central Cinema's continuing series From Bad to Worse hosted by David Schmader. The snow kept me from the beloved Can't Stop The Music last Monday, but I'll get to this week's film Road House if I have to charter a sleigh. After you've gorged yourself on movies around town, stop off at Scarecrow for a rental nightcap. We've got everything to continue your exploration of classic cinema.