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Thank you, everyone!

As you know from the post below, today Scarecrow Video turns 20. At such an important crossroads it feels like I should also say something profound about film or our business or the community. But really I just want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting local films from the time they're made at places like 911 Media Arts and Northwest Film Forum, shown at theaters like Grand Illusion Cinema and SIFF Cinema, and released on DVD to our shelves and the many other independent video stores here in town. Thank you for making movies, bringing them here and allowing us to share them with everyone. Thank you for coming up to the counter and pulling out folded lists and asking us where to find your choices. Thank you for requesting more French films, British TV imports and Bollywood movies. Thank you for including us in the discussion on whether you should show your kids the original Star Wars trilogy first or let them watch all six in chronological order. Thank you for waiting in line on Wednesdays. Thank you for calling us from bars and asking us to settle bets on who-was-in-what movie. Thank you for commenting on our blog and posting comments on our MySpace page. Thank you for nerding out with us over Tim &Eric, The Kids in the Hall and David Lynch. Thank you for letting us know when you like our staff picks (and when you don't). Thank you for waving at us across the rows at the Cinerama. Thank you for voting for us for Best Video Store year after year in Seattle Weekly. Thank you for stopping to stare up at the in-store monitor, waiting for that really good part of the movie playing. Thank you for sharing your cinematic lives with us. And thanks to the youngster who came in this morning dressed as Batman. That really made my day.