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We are 20!!! (Because we are more than twenty…)

Here at Scarecrow Video we are happy to be celebrating 20 years of bringing people and movies together. On a rainy Friday night, December 9th, 1988, Scarecrow's founder, George Latsios, rang through 18 rentals in seven transactions, from his inventory of just over 600 movies. 'Not bad for the first day' he wrote. If only he could see us now. George, along with his wife Rebecca, built up the store's inventory quickly. Any title requested by a customer, would be brought in for rent. This policy (still in effect) along with our commitment to offering the best possible selection to our customers, necessitated moving the store from its original location on Latona in 1994 to this glorious building at 5030 Roosevelt Way NE. And now, again, we are busting at the seams. The bottom line is only this: we are proud to carry on the traditions and zeal that makes Scarecrow what it is, and we thank you for taking part. We really, most of all, couldn't have done it without you. As our current owner, Carl Tostevin has stated, "The fact that we have been able to expand upon our dream is something that has been made entirely possible by our customers. For our customers, we need to keep looking around the world to sustain the dream that Scarecrow is built upon." You have all taken part in the creation and growth of this wonderful library, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you all so much!