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New to View: More episodes of the MacGuffin Podcast

It's time again to catch up with the MacGuffin Podcast, a weekly discussion of film & film-related issues filmed right here at Scarecrow. In Episode 38, Spencer & John explore the "building blocks of our movie fandom" with a discussion of the first movies they ever owned (raise your hand if yours was also Star Wars). They go on to talk about when they made the jump to DVD (Spencer's not the only one who did that with The Matrix), the joy of discovering commentary tracks, and pour one on the curb for Suncoast. Next, they expound on the infuriating practice of releasing different editions of films with nothing but a different cover or just enough varying extra features to sucker you into buying it again. For example, I personally own three copies of Mary Poppins. Thanks, Disney vault! Also in this episode, Spencer reminds us in this episode that before the dawn of the Internet, people often got film recommendation from the folks at their local video store. We'd just like to remind everyone that's still an option. In Episode 39, Spencer & John start the countdown to IRON MAN 2 with an overview of past (most of us agree Thomas Jane is the best Punisher) & future (ANT-MAN!) Marvel Comics movie adaptations. Next, they talk about films & TV shows they're still waiting to make it to DVD--including The Wonder Years, the '60s Batman show with Adam West, and the remaining seasons of King of The Hill--and movies they want to come out on DVD with more extras/commentary tracks/bonus features. While watching this, it occurred to me that a Criterion Collection edition of Let The Right One In wouldn't be a bad thing at all... If you're in the store in the early evenings on a Monday, stop by the Western/War/Adventure section and wave hello to Spencer & John.