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This just in to the Scarecrow Press Office! We know many of you have already witnessed the glory that is David Schmader's live commentary on Showgirls, but now he's turning his critical eye on SIX other studies in unintentional cinematic terror. I'll spare you my giggly summation and go right the press release: "From Bad to Worse is a six-week descent into the depths of cinematic hell led by David Schmader, the Seattle writer/performer best known in bad-film circles for his deep and lasting relationship with Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven's notorious stripper drama which Schmader began dissecting during interactive live screenings at the Northwest Film Forum in 1999. Since then, Showgirls with David Schmader has toured to film film festivals around the country, and in 2002, Schmader provided his critically acclaimed commentary for MGM's special-edition Showgirls DVD. During the Showgirls touring, people asked, 'What movie's next?' From Bad to Worse is the start of the answer, featuring a half dozen films of near-Showgirls-ian failure - from Rhinestone to Road House to the mighty Gigli) - presented in workshop screenings hosted by Schmader, who'll provide short introductory lectures and running commentary for each of the six films. The findings of these workshop screenings will be incorporated into Schmader's forthcoming full-length cinema essay Nomi's Inferno: An Annotated Journey of American Cinematic Terribleness. Fair warning: These movies are terrible, and we will be watching them all the way through. This is why it's good the screenings are being hosted by Central Cinema, where friendly people will bring beer and wine and food right to your seat. (The booze helps kill the pain, and the food helps sop up the booze so the next day doesn't suck.)" The series starts Monday, December 8th at 7pm with (gulp) Battlefield Earth and continues on each Monday until January 12th. Check out the Central Cinema website for the full schedule of films (I may go camp out now to get a good spot for Can't Stop The Music). Tickets are $7 for an individual film or you can get a full series pass for $30 (a $12 savings, which you could spend on at least two more beverages). If you're not familiar with Mr. Schmader's take on Showgirls, come in and rent the DVD and listen to the commentary track to get an idea of what to expect. His humorous and illuminating commentary may be the only way you'll ever make it through such retched films, and will make the journey well worth the pain. See you there.