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Swing You Sinners! Check out this cool vintage animation! And support archives and preservationists!

Hello goodly Scarecrow friends. Since you care about us, I know that you care about the history and continuing access to film of all kinds. It's why Scarecrow was started, why it continues (thanks to your support), and what bonds us with other lovers of film like the Grand Illusion, Northwest Film Forum, SIFF, etc. On the national scene, there are many wonderful archival and restoration groups doing work that is, I must humbly admit, much more important and valuable than what we do at Scarecrow. For instance, I was forwarded this link today. It brings to light a group called The International Animated Film Society, a group that is responsible for saving, restoring and preserving animated works. Check out the cool full Max Fleischer cartoon ("Swing You Sinners!") they are offering (for free) as an example of their work!