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This week's In Theaters report begins with the highly anticipated (in certain pockets of our staff, anyway) comedy DATE NIGHT starring Steve Carell and this week's SNL host Tina Fey. It's playing all around town but we strongly encourage you see it down at Columbia City Cinema. While you're there you can become a Cinema Friend and help support this great community theater. They're also showing HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (which we've heard is excellent) and CLASH OF THE TITANS (which we've heard actually looks better in 2-D). The Visual Music series begins at Northwest Film Forum featuring restored film prints of works by animators such as Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute and Robert Breer. We're also intensely curious about the Werner Herzog directed/David Lynch produced MY SON MY SON WHAT HAVE YE DONE starring Chloe Sevingy, Wilem Dafoe & Michael Shannon. Check out Brendan Kiley's review in The Stranger for more on this meeting of two iconoclastic cinema minds. Matthew Barney's stunning artistic cinematic epic (and not available on DVD) CREMASTER CYCLE is playing all week at SIFF Cinema and includes the premiere of Barney's DE LAMA LAMINA. Central Cinema has THE SHINING (featuring this fantastic poster by David Lasky), and on Monday BADMOVIEART returns with the gladiatoriffic RED SONJA. Lastly, our good friends at Grand Illusion Cinema kick off the BIFF! BANG! POW!: SWINGIN' FLICKS OF THE SIXTIES series (" an eclectic mix of mod-oriented films from 1965-1967") with Otto Preminger's BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING and WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE and director Tom DiCillo's documentary about the Doors featuring all kinds of previously unseen footage and narration by Johnny Depp. In the Late Night spot, there's the juvenile delinquent mayhem of RIOT ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Enjoy.