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New Releases for the week of March 30th

March's DVD releases are going out like a lion with a fury of titles, including a Best Picture nominee, a Golden Globe winner, two uplifting family dramas starring members of the original 90210 cast, a long lost vampire flick from France, several new DVDs from India, a couple classic 80s TV shows and one squeakquel. Here's the list; as usual a * means it's also on Blu-ray and you can purchase it online by clicking SALE. AN EDUCATION *—Nominated, and deservedly so, for three Oscars: Best Actress for Carey Mulligan, Best Adapted Screenplay for Mr. Nick Hornby, and Best Picture. SALE SHERLOCK HOLMES *—Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law run about Guy Ritchie-style solving a mystery while Rachel McAdams lovingly throws wrenches into the mix... ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL! * —The best part about these movies is that in their reality, chipmunks are the only animals that talks, and no one seems to think that's weird. WRATH OF THE TITANS—A motion comic sequel developed under the guidance of legendary special effects filmmaker Ray Harryhausen. I SELL THE DEAD *—A gruesome graverobbing affair with Dominic Monaghan & Ron Perlman. STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN: SEASON 1—As with all matters regarding Mr. Seagal, we refer you to Outlaw Vern. THE KILLER: ULTIMATE EDITION *— It's back in print! On Blu-ray too! Whoo! Enjoy the ultraviolent trailer here. SALE NEGATIVE HAPPY CHAINSAW EDGE—I have no idea what this is about other than its adapted from a manga, but the trailer, even sans subtitles, looks cool and the name alone conjures great curiosity... THREE FILMS BY PEDRO COSTA—The Criterion Collection presents three works from the Portuguese filmmaker: In Vanda's Room, Ossos and Colossal Youth SALE BAADER MEINHOFF COMPLEX * —Bruno Ganz (Wings of Desire) stars in this political thriller chronicling the rise of left-wing terrorism in Germany following WWII from director Uli Edel (Christiane F.). HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON: COLLECTOR'S EDITION—"This lavish collector's edition includes: a series of documentaries about the artist, which allows us to (re)discover his powerful and rare photographic work; five major works directed by Cartier-Bresson himself; and a 24-page illustrated collectible book containing criticism of his work as well as reproductions of his legendary photographs." TALLHOTBLOND—Barbet Schroeder's chilling documentary about an "on-line fantasy, real life tragedy." AFGHAN STAR—A new documentary about the American Idol of Afghanistan. THE WHITE RIBBON—We've got Michael Haneke's Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film in a PAL Code 2 import. FAMILY NEW RELEASES Alice in Wonderland (1951)(Special Edition) Backyardigans: Escape From The Tower Giggle, Giggle, Quack & More Stories by Doreen Cronin Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?--NO MILEY! NOOOOOOO!!!! Justin Time ANIME NEW RELEASES Aria: The Organization Bleach Vol. 25: The Assault Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight...(Blu-ray) Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (Blu-ray) Gunslinger Girl: Season 1 (Blu-ray) Kurokami: The Animation Vol. 1 (Blu-ray) Lupin The 3rd: Episode 0—The First Contact Rental Magica Vol. 1 Sgt. Frog: Season 2 Part 2 Soul Eater: Part 2 Strike Witches: Season 1 NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Bad Blood (2010)—Hong Kong Collateral Gentleman Broncos Hachi: A Dog's Tale Ninja (2009) Trinity Blood: Complete Series Unrivaled Vampyres (1974) White Stripes: Under The Great White Northern Lights NEW TV ON DVD Adam-12: Season 4 Cake Boss Deadliest Catch: Season 5--R.I.P. Captain Phil Designing Women: Season 3 Dinner: Impossible: Season 1 Father Knows Best: Season 4 Hawaii Five-O: Season 8 Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters Jacksons: A Family Dynasty Jersey Shore--The Situation...UNCENSORED!!! Matlock: Season 4 Matt Houson: Season 1 Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Season 6 Scarecrow & Mrs. King: Season 1 7th Heaven: Season 10 Walker, Texas Ranger: Season 7 NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Ripley's Believe It Or Not (1930)--"Welcome to the Believe It or Not Hall of Curiosity. Here you'll find a woman reciting 200+ words in 24 seconds, the world's smallest book (a 5/16" x 1/8" tome of the Rubaiyat), a 6-year-old lifting 200 pounds, a man-eating tree, a duck teaching chickens to swim, a two-headed turtle, a man with a suit made of Confederate currency and much, much more. You may not believe all you see. But you will be entertained." Arizona Dream (1991)--An "offbeat psychodrama" about the residents of a small desert town, starring Johnny Deep, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Lewis and Lili Taylor. NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Break of Day (1977)(PAL)—Australia Brilliant Legacy--New Korean TV drama with pop star Lee Seung-Gi SALE Challenge the Dragon/Needle Avenger(1976)—Hong Kong double feature! Confucius (2009)—China Dov'e La Liberta...? (1953)(PAL Code 4)—Italy, directed by Roberto Rossellini Forgotten Tune For The Flute (1987)—Russia Good Morning President (2009)(Code 3)—Korea Johnny Mad Dog (2009)(PAL Code 2)—France Judge John Deed: Series 1—UK TV drama Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 5 (2008)—Japan Mommo (aka Boogeyman, 2009)—Turkey No Way Out (2009)—Philippines Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield... (2006)—Korea Prince of Tears (2009)—Hong Kong TV Sadist With Red Teeth/Forbidden Love (1970)—France, new Euro horror from Mondo Macabro Scopone Game (PAL Code 4)—Italy 72 Tenants of Prosperity (2009)—Hong Kong Silence of Neto (1994)—Guatemala Son of Man (2007)—South Africa Voice of a Murderer (2007)—Korea NEW DVDs FROM INDIA Dil Kabaddi (2008) Duplicate (1998) Dwando (2009) Howrah Bridge (1958) International Khiladi (1999) Love Khichdi (2009) Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008) One 2 KA 4 (2001) 3Deewarein (2009) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, STAND-UP COMEDY & NON-FICTION FARE Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning— "The Antarctica Challenge is a TV-hour HD documentary film that explores the past, present and future of scientific exploration on the world s most mysterious continent with a focus on announcing the latest discoveries on the issue of climate change. From Ernest Shackleton s first scientific expedition 100 years ago to today s scientists, old, new and yet unreleased data raise questions about what is happening on Antarctica and its impact on the rest of the world." Fidel Castro: A Life of Revolution—" After ruling Cuba for close to fifty years, Fidel Castro has stepped down. From his childhood in rural Cuba, through his fight in the Sierra Maestra, to winning the revolution and transforming the country, Fidel: A Life of Revolution presents a unique account of his life and times by Castro himself, taken largely from private letters, correspondence, speeches and interviews. Featured interviews include some of Castro's closest relatives, friends and confidants, some of whom now count themselves among his enemies. Carlos Franqui, an ally in the fight to free Cuba, reflects on how the country's liberator became its longest-standing dictator." Chandra & The X-ray Universe—"Chandra X-Ray Observatory, operating since 1999, studies black holes, exploding stars and the mysterious matter that shines in the high energy universe." Clash of The Gods * —"Thousands of years ago, they were used to help frame the world of the ancients, and dictate the guidelines of their societies. Today, they are often the first stories we learn as children, iconic tales in which good and evil clash, and humanity and fantasy collide. But what is the reality behind these stories? From the epic tragedy of Medusa, Greek mythology s most infamous female fiend, to Hercules, its greatest action hero, and Hades, master of the land of the dead and a god so feared no one would speak his name, explore these myths and the legendary figures who inspired them in Clash Of The Gods. Each episode connects ancient myths to actual historical events, as well as to events in the Bible and other cultures mythologies, gaining important historical insight from renowned scholars in search of the truth behind the legends." Discovering Ardi—"Has a 4.4-million-year-old: missing link, been found? The groundbreaking discovery of the skeleton nicknamed: Ardi, more than a million years older than Lucy, offers a fascinating look at what the last common ancestor of humans and living apes might have been like. An international team of scientists, who 17 years ago began an investigation of the remote Ethiopian desert where the discovery was made, has painstakingly analyzed its findings and now can reveal in compelling detail how and why humans emerged. This exclusive peek at a new chapter on human evolution, narrated by Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe and illuminated with 3D recreations, brings Ardi and her world to vivid life." Extreme Bodies—"Extreme Bodies reveals the extraordinary stories of the most unique people on the planet. From Americas tallest man to a primordial dwarf whose body remains a mystery to medical science, these four episodes unlock the biological secrets of amazing human oddities - including a 700-pound athlete and conjoined twins who share a brain!" Footprints on The Moon: Apollo 1969 (50th Anniversary)—"The saga of Neil Armstrong, Col. Edwin Buzz Aldrin and col. Michael Collins and the events leading up to the historic week in July, 1969, is recreated in Footprints On The Moon. This color film traces the space odyssey of Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins from the tense preparation during the weeks before blastoff through the magnificent descent into the black shadow on the moon s surface, to final splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. Footprints on the Moon contains footage filmed by the astronauts themselves as well as the vast film crew assembled at Cape Kennedy and the Houston Space Center. Directed by William Gibson, the film also includes television transmissions from space, many of which have never been seen by the general public." Harmonic Wealth—" You can finally unlock the secret to true wealth and fulfillment in your life... Join James Arthur Ray as he shows you the way to Harmonic Wealth(R)... The formula for success in all five key areas of your life: financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual." Holy Grail in America—" Has the Holy Grail been in America all along? In 1898, a Minnesota farmer clearing trees from his field uprooted a large stone covered with mysterious runes that tell a story of land acquisition and murder. The stone allegedly dates back to 1362. Initially thought to be a hoax, new evidence suggests the find could be real, and a clue that the Knights Templar discovered America 100 years before Columbus, perhaps bringing with them history's greatest treasure...the Holy Grail. Follow the clues as experts use erosion studies on the rune stone and match symbols in Templar ruins all over Europe to support this theory. Stones with similar markings have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean, and in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Is it possible the Knights Templar, long thought to have been massacred, escaped on an incredible journey and were leaving clues to the whereabouts of the stone? Find out in the History two-hour special, Holy Grail in America." How To Read a Book—"Three years after writing the wonderfully expanded third edition of How To Read A Book, Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren did a series of thirteen fourteen-minute videos about the very essence of the book." Jew in the Lotus—" In 1990, eight Jewish delegates traveled to Dharamsala, India, to meet with the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet and share the secret of Jewish spiritual survival in exile. When writer Rodger Kamenetz was invited to go along to chronicle the event, his whole life changed unexpectedly. Kamenetz began an intense personal journey that led him back to his Jewish roots. As he discovered, sometimes you have to go far away to find your way home." National Geographic—Big Sur: Wild California—" Fly with the California condors and capture the panoramic view of Big Sur's many topside layers, and dive with California's sea otters to investigate life below the waves. Then, follow the stealthy mountain lions and see how the scavengers, the keystone species and this top predator are all critical contributors to Big Sur's unique habitat." Nelson Mandela: Life & Times—" Featuring interviews with Nobel Prize Winners Nadine Gordimer and F.W. De Klerk; Robben Island co-prisoners Ahmed Kathrada, Mac Maharaj and Tokyo Sexwale; Mandela biographers Alister Sparks, Anthony Sampson and Charlene Smith; and Mandela's friends and family, The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela reveals a story unknown to the world beyond his inner circle. Mandela talks of his love of children, how apartheid affected him, facing the death sentence, how he survived prison, won over his enemies, and overcame prejudice. He also speaks about the pain of his marriage to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, with whom he had two daughters. In an interview, Winnie talks about her first meeting with Mandela, the last time they were home together, and how she survived torture and scandal." Night of Broken Glass: November 1938 Pogroms—"After seizing power, the Nazis began their crusade against Jews with discriminatory laws and the looting of property; they turned to violence openly in what has come to be known as Kristallnacht: the night of broken glass. In November 1938 German soldiers set on fire some 400 synagogues and destroyed 7,000 Jewish stores and businesses. More than 90 people were killed, 600 committed suicide, and over 26,000 men were deported to concentration camps.Through rare footage, photographs and documents, The Night of Broken Glass reveals the background to this orgy of anti-Semitic violence, which -- while masterminded by the Nazi regime -- is shown to have been largely accepted by the German public." 1939, 1962 & 1964 World's Fair Film Library—"This DVD contains a fascinating montage of mid-20th century World Fairs. Included in the films that make up this collection are the 1939 New York World's fair, the 1962 Seattle World's Fair and the 1964 New York World's Fair." Keep your eyes peeled for Elvis! NOVA: Building Pharaoh's Ship—"A magnificent trading vessel embarks on a royal expedition to a mysterious, treasure-laden land called Punt. Is this journey, intricately depicted on the wall of one of Egypt s most impressive temples, mere myth or was it a reality? NOVA travels to the legendary temple, built some 3,500 years ago for the celebrated female pharaoh Hatshepsut, in search of answers to this tantalizing archeological mystery. Did Punt exist and, if so, where was it? Did the ancient Egyptians, who built elaborate barges to sail down the Nile, also have the expertise to embark on a long sea voyage? NOVA follows a team of archeologists and boat builders as they reconstruct the mighty vessel shown on the mysterious carving, and then finally launch it in to the Red Sea on a unique voyage of discovery." NOVA: Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor—"NOVA dives beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor to trace provocative new clues to one of the most tragic events of World War II the sinking of the USS Arizona. More than 1,000 crew members perished in the greatest single loss of life in United States naval history. For decades, it has been thought that a bomb dropped by a Japanese aircraft sank the Arizona. But the discovery of a group of Japanese midget subs in and around Pearl Harbor has raised questions about the battleship's final hours." NOVA: What Darwin Never Knew—"Earth teems with a staggering variety of animals. The source of life's endless forms was a profound mystery until Charles Darwin's revolutionary idea of natural selection. NOVA reveals answers to the riddles that Darwin couldn't explain. Stunning breakthroughs in a brand new science nicknamed 'evo devo' are linking the enigma of origins to another of nature's great mysteries, the development of an embryo." Pedal to the Midnight Sun—"Two friends, bonded by past extraordinary adventure, make a pact to share a grand adventure whenever fortune allows. Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley meet up in the small fishing town of Seward, Alaska. After a winter of correspondence over essential gear, food, and expectations for the summer's expedition, Kelley and Thomas begin their 'Pedal to the Midnight Sun.' Set to embark on a 1,300-mile wilderness bike journey across America's last frontier the two young men say their farewells to a small group of well-wishers as they are delivered on the gravel shores of Southeast Alaska by a World War II style landing craft. They mount their gear-laden bikes brimming with the confidence of youth." Joe Rogan : Talking Monkeys in Space—Stand up from our third favorite Newsradio cast member, right behind Phil Hartman and Dave Foley. Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed—"Did God dictate warnings to Moses nearly 3,500 years ago that are meant for us today?" 6 Steps To A Successful Acting Career—"6 Step to a Successful Acting Career is just that. 6 chapters of information on how people can get started, wherever they live." When you become a famous actor using this DVD, please don't forget about the indie video store you got it from. Spitzer Space Telescope—" The Spitzer Space Telescope (then known as SIRTF - the Space Infrared Telescope Facility) was launched on August 25, 2003 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This DVD tells of its story, its launch, mission, and images." Story of Math—" Mathematics forms the foundation for nearly everything we do--from finance to physics, and architecture to astronomy. Math not only describes our world, but also reveals its beauty and mystery. Join Marcus du Sautoy and a host of distinguished experts as they crisscross the globe, bringing the colorful history of numbers to life." Thunderheads—" In a daredevil quest into the eye of the storm, an intrepid group of scientists, researchers and top-gun pilots - in seven planes and armed with the best high-tech gadgets money can buy - embark on a treacherous journey in a struggle to understand the role of thunderstorms in the global warming puzzle." Town Hall Party: Aug. 29 & Sept. 5, 1959—"Includes appearances by: Tex Williams, Shirley Adams, Freddie Hart, Billy Mize, Cliff Crofford, Fred Maddox, Doreen Dale, Charlie Williams, Gordon Terry, Lefty Frizzell, Martha Carson, Harold Hensley, Roy Lanham, Bud Dooley, Jimmy Pruett, Quncy Snodgrass, Billy Mize, Skeets McDonald, Jeannie Sterling, Bob Luman, and Carl "Deacon" Moore." Town Hall Party: Jul. 25 & Aug. 15, 1959—"Includes appearances by: Johnny Bond, Merle Travis, Billy Mize, Cliff Crofford, Jeannie Sterling, Gordon Terry, Jay Stewart, Quncy Snodgrass, Martha Carson, Gene Vincent, Jimmy Pruett, The Rockin' Hawaiians, Johnny Bond, Skeets McDonald, Rose Lee Maphis, Johnny O'Neill, Diane Jewett, Roy Lanham, Tex Ritter, and Hank Morton." Town Hall Party: March 28, 1959—" Includes appearances by: Leon McAuliffe & Cimarron Boys, Gordon Tery, Joe Maphis & Rose Lee, Johnny Bond, Collins Kids, Faron Young, Tex Ritter, Jeannie Sterling, Skeets McDonald, Johnny O'Neill, Collins Kids, and Charlie Williams." Ultimate Dive: Art & Science of Dumpster Diving—A tongue in cheek how-to video that shows you how to get the most out of your dumpster diving experience. WWE: Wrestlemania: 25th Anniversary—" On March 31, 1985, the WrestleMania legacy was born at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This sold-out event was the origin of what has become the greatest sports-entertainment franchise in American history. In 2009, this franchise will celebrate 25 years This will be the biggest event in company history." Yell For Cadel—"Yell For Cadel" goes behind the scenes at the Tour de France to reveal how a world class cyclist - Australian Cadel Evans, the recent winner of the World Championships - prepares for the world's toughest bike race." ...AND MORE NEW MOVIES Art of Being Straight—"After John takes an entry-level position, Paul, an executive at the firm, takes a special interest in him. Although John always swore he was straight, he soon ends up in Paul's bed, and his world is turned upside down." The Aviary—"The life of a flight attendant seems glamorous and exciting, but as The Aviary follows Summer Ponzi from city to city, we discover that when the uniform comes off, things can get very complicated." Baby Formula—"In this feisty, fun and fantastical comedy two women in love become pregnant at the same time (with sperm created from one another s stem cells) and embark on a wild adventure - with a bit of unexpected family drama as their parents respond to the news!" Banshee!!! (2009)—"A group of college friends on a spring break camping trip are stalked and slashed by an unknown creature with the ability to make them hallucinate through sound waves. The survivors hold up refuge in an isolated farmhouse, cut off from all communication. Now, they have to come up with a plan to kill this unrelenting creature before it kills them. "Banshee!!!" takes the idea of the legendary Irish myth and spins it around into a terrifying and unstoppable monster!" Behind Convent Walls (Uncut!)—"An erotic film set in a convent, where a Mother Superior tries to maintain order to prevent the nuns from temptation. But when things get out of control, the church inflicts cruel punishment to the nuns for their sins. Behind Convent Walls is an erotic art house film by Cult director Walerian Borowzcyk (The Beast). One of the most beautifully shot Nunsploitation films, alongside School of the Holy Beast, with cinematography by Luciano Tovoli (Suspiria)." Bigfoot (2009)—"Something monstrous is slaughtering deer in the marshlands of Ohio, leaving them town to shreds. Authorities believe it to be the work of a bear, but army veteran Jack Sullivan knows the truth. He has heard the creature's name, but nothing can prepare him for the disturbing reality of Bigfoot. The original monster of American folklore, Bob Gray's Bigfoot is more savage, relentless, and bloodthirsty than he's ever been before. The deer were just the beginning. He's saving his ultimate wrath for the men who enter his domain." Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros—" Dr. Bikini Jones (the luscious Christine Nguyen) is on the hunt for the lost Temple of Eros. Using a golden idol as her guide, she searches the wild land of Moronica, along the way battling man-eating dinosaurs and fending off the sensuously wicked Evilla (2007 Penthouse Pet of the Year Heather Vandeven). Bikini will do anything to find the sacred temple... and certainly does (much to the delight of her fans)! Co-starring Rebecca Love." Blind Date (1990)—" John is a British diplomat; he's married to Angela, a beautiful former model with a taste for hot lovemaking. But John doesn't want to be with Angela anymore and with his mistress Eva he comes up with a plan to kill his wife. Something goes awfully wrong: no longer the schemer and would-be killer, John finds himself on a deadly list. Who's the mastermind behind this setup? Gianni is running out of time and all odds are against him. Torn between Angela and Eva, he has to make a quick decision in order to stay alive!" Carny (2009)—Lou Diamond Phillips stars as a sheriff who has to hunt down a runaway bloodthirsty circus oddity known as "The Jersey Devil." Ciao— "After his best friend Mark dies, Jeff decides to meet Andrea, an Italian man who Mark has been Internet dating. The two strangers quickly bond and develop a meaningful friendship that changes their lives forever." Starring Adam Neal Smith and Alessandro Calza. Crucifer of Blood—" A maharajah's treasure...the British soldiers who stole it and swore a blood oath of secrecy...and, 30 years later, the consequences: death. Is the treasure cursed? Or is a very human murderer at work? Only one man can unravel the mystery: Sherlock Holmes. The master of deductive reasoning has been one of film's most durable characters from the silent era through the 2009 hit Sherlock Holmes. Here, Charlton Heston (who played Holmes in the Los Angeles production of Paul Giovanni's original The Crucifer of Blood play) dons the sleuth's signature deerstalker for this atmospheric puzzler adapted and directed by Fraser C. Heston and steeped in romance (Dr. Watson falls in love!), supernaturalism, subterfuge and cunning twists. The game is afoot!" D.C. Sniper—A dramatized retelling of the horrific random shooting spree that scared the living hell out of the greater D.C. area and humanity in general. Drool—"Anora Fleece has got it rotten. Her husband is abusive, her children are disrespectful, and she lives in the middle of nowhere feeling like a nobody. Then Imogene Cochran moves into the neighborhood. Imogene sells Kathy K. Kosmetics make-up for the cocoa skinned woman. The neighbors don t like cocoa skinned anything, but that doesn t stop Imogene and Anora from becoming friends and, eventually, more than friends. When Anora s husband, Cheb, finds them, all hell breaks loose, but the tables are turned when Anora accidentally shoots Cheb dead. Anora and Imogene then pile the kids in the Kathy K. car, throw the corpse in the trunk and ride off on a family road trip to bury Daddy." It stars Laura Harring from Mullholland Drive. Eugene (2009, 2 versions)—"Do you know what life is? Life is whatever you want it to be! Eugene Prescott is a lonely man who desperately wants to make a connection with the world and people around him. Like most people he just wants to love and be loved. Tormented by loneliness and a deep need to connect with others, Eugene searches outside of himself for the answers only to find himself more perplexed by his confused sexual tendencies and repressed childhood memories. As the shield of his denial becomes stripped away, Eugene directs his rage inward. After a failed attempt at dating and an encounter with a hooker, Eugene s search leads him to the streets of Hollywood where he meets Josh, a young hustler who turns tricks to support a heroin habit, and Heather, a beautiful soft core porn model who dreams of starting a new life." Expecting A Miracle— "A troubled young couple discovers that sometimes you must endure great hardship to discover where you really need to be in life after heading for Mexico on vacation, and finding themselves hopelessly stranded in the dessert. Pete (Jason Priestly) and Donna (Teri Polo) were eager to start a family when their fertility tests revealed they could never have a child of their own. Devastated, the couple accepts an invitation by one of Pete's colleagues to spend some time at his vacation home south of the border. Shortly after crossing into Mexico, however, they take a wrong turn down a rough road, and their SUV breaks down. Thankfully, a road sign indicates that the town of Dommatina is within walking distance, and before long Pete and Donna are safe in the company of kind strangers. Though they'd planned on getting their vehicle repaired as quickly as possible in order to reach their intended destination, a chance encounter with a benevolent priest (Cheech Marin) and a young boy leaves the wayward couple wondering if their true family had been waiting for them in Dommatina all along." Flick's Chicks—"After a lifetime of problems and disappointments with men, Flick decides she wants to spend her life with a woman. She finds the 5 women that she's recently met and has been attracted to in one way or another and invites them to spend a weekend at an out of the way summer house by the beach. A weekend to get to know her and her daughter Roxy, who at only 10 years old, has a maturity far beyond her years. The only problem is, she has invited all 5 women to stay with her at the same time in the same house and none of them know that." Girly (aka Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly)—"Sexy, teenaged, immature Girly and her camera-wielding brother Sonny bring home unsuspecting men to Mumsy and Nanny, where they play games, and if they don't follow the rules, they're sent to the angels. One day they bring home a New Friend who has a few ideas for games of his own, though, and he begins to turn the foursome against each other." Good Intentions—" Ettas hopeless husband Chester, wannabe entrepreneur and liquor store owner, blows every nickel he makes trying to get rich on hare-brained inventions. After their young boys, Shane and Chris sneak off to try smoking and blow up the backyard shed full of Chester's homemade fireworks, smart and sassy Etta realizes she must take matters into her own hands to fulfill her dream of sending the boys to college one day." It stars LeAnn Rimes, Jon Gries, Elaine Hendrix and Luke Perry. Cary Grant: The Early Years—Three of his films new on DVD: The Devil and The Deep (1932), The Last Outpost (1935) and Eagle and The Hawk (1933). Haunted Echoes—"Devastated by their daughter's murder, a couple tries to overcome their grief by restoring an old house. But soon they are confronted with the ghost of a young girl who suffered an imaginable death." Starring Sean Young & M. Emmet Walsh Heavenly Touch—" Nursing student Rodel (Paolo Serrano) supports his schooling by working nightly as a masseur at the Heavenly Touch Spa, which offers more than massage to its mostly gay clientele. When he discovers that Jonard (Joash Balejado), a former classmate for whom he has secret romantic feelings, is in need of a job, Rodel teaches him basic massage skills and brings him to the spa. Immediately, the reluctant Jonard discovers that, contrary to its name, the spa is a hellish place ruled by a vicious ex-cop Sir Tong (Jeffrey Santos)." High Life (2008)—"With thrilling action, wickedly funny humor and an addictive soundtrack, High Life carries on the tradition of the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino! Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard, HBO's Deadwood) leads a motley crew of brain-fried losers, including a hypochondriac pickpocket (Joe Anderson, Across the Universe), an eternally optimistic charmer (Rossif Sutherland, Poor Boy's Game) and a trigger-happy thug (Stephen Eric McIntyre, TV's Falcon Beach). They attempt to stage a bank heist, but when it doesn't go off as planned, all hell breaks loose." Hitler Meets Christ—" Two men meet in a train station. One believes he's Hitler, the other, Christ. Their unusual pairing brings together two of the most controversial figures in human history. Hitler Meets Christ tells the story of two homeless men wandering the crumbling urban wasteland of a city ghetto. Pitted in a tireless debate, the defiant Hitler is incensed by his companion while Christ struggles to detect any trace of a human soul beneath Hitler s rock-solid layers of bile and hatred. As the friction escalates, Hitler s rage becomes all-consuming and Christ is forced to test his own endurance in his search to answer the question. Just how far does God s love extend? This chilling tale is based on Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Michael Moriarty's (Law and Order, Pale Rider) controversial play. Homewrecker—" Gay Hollywood producers Derrick (Peter Szeliga) and Collin (Bruce L. Hart) have a new houseguest - and he's more trouble than they know. Because friendly, innocent Shawn (Dylan Vox, The Lair) is really ex-con Boyd, an actor they fired from their hit TV series when the network wanted someone more attractive. Fresh out of prison, Boyd is newly buff, hot and sexy, and ready to dump his trashy girlfriend, Sheila (Rebekah Kochan, Eating Out 1-3), and dive headfirst into every guy's pants on his way to stardom. Hell-bent on starring in Derrick and Collin's brand new TV show, Boyd will stop at nothing. Seduction, blackmail, manipulation, and sexual trysts this boy's a one-man wrecking crew. All's fair in showbiz!" House of Fears—"The night before a local haunted house opens for the Halloween season, three friends sneak in for a night of scaring their dates. Soon after entering, they find themselves trapped with no way out." You can guess what kind of gruesomeness ensues... Jake's Corner—"Hope is right around the corner. Ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, (Richard Tyson) walked away from the game early in his career to live a relatively secluded life far from the spotlight in a small, desert town he owns called Jake's Corner, a rest stop for travelers crossing the Arizona desert but for the people who live there, it becomes a rest stop for life. Johnny and the quirkily eclectic ensemble (Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd; 5 time Grammy Award Winer B.J. Thomas) that live and work in the town occupy trailers behind the Corner Store and Jake's Corner Bar. Through the years, this cast of colorful misfits have become closer than most families. Johnny's quiet life is altered dramatically when his young nephew, Spence, is unexpectedly dropped at his doorstep. The boy brings a childlike innocence to this town of adults who, in turn, get to share their homegrown wisdom with him" Kreola—" Kreola is a stunning woman happily married to her husband Andy, a successful photographer. Together they decide to fly to Santo Domingo due to a work assignment of Andy. The gorgeous island, hauntingly beautiful yet still savage and full of lusty temptations, proves to be lethal to Kreola's fidelity. When she meets fisherman Leon, she realizes that she will debase herself to the lowest level just to please the man's whims. Aflame with desire and lust, Kreola is caught in a whirlwind of violent emotions and no holds barred sex." Last Hurrah (2009)—"The Last Hurrah is a comedy filmed in a single continuous shot. Set at a graduation party in Los Angeles, an eclectic group of brainy philosophy students, train-hopping hippies, aspiring prophets and drug-addled hipsters come together for one wild night. At the eye of the storm are three best friends, all with the same problem -- women. Jason can't get enough of them, Steve can't let go of the one he's got and Will can't understand them at all. The brainy grad students will have to work through their issues fast, because tonight's house party is their last crack at the women of the philosophy department. In the spirit of Richard Linklater and Woody Allen, The Last Hurrah is a smart, witty, ensemble-driven comedy that wonders if the over examined life is really worth living." Miles From Nowhere—"A high school football star clashes with his coach and his father when he joins the track team to accomplish a goal set by his late best friend. When John is killed in a car accident, Cameron (Andrew Lawrence) blames himself for the tragedy, and vows to accomplish his friend's goal of setting a new record on the mile run. Cameron's altruistic mission is jeopardized, however, when he runs into opposition from both his father (Treat Williams) and his coach, who feel that may be throwing away a future in football by switching sports at such an inopportune time. But the harder they work to convince Cameron he's wrong, the sharper the young athlete's focus and determination becomes." Nine Dead—"An all-star cast including Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch), John Terry (TV's Lost, 24) and James C. Victor (TV's 24) triggers top-notch suspense in this gruesome tale of a masked gunman on the prowl. With hoods over their heads, nine handcuffed strangers are about to learn their kidnapper's game. They must work together to answer one question: Why have they been targeted? One of them will die every 10 minutes unless they can strip away each other's secrets to solve this dangerous, twisted puzzle that could leave Nine Dead." Quadroon: The Black Mandingo--The drama that claims to reveal "the shocking truth about the passion slaves of 1835 New Orleans" also invites you to "see the movie rappers have been sampling since the 80s!" Is it a bit of dialogue? A snippet of soundtrack? You'll have to watch and see (or hear). Relative Stranger—"A former professional football player abandons his family after a series of disheartening career setbacks, only to discover the power of forgiveness after losing his father. When Walter Clemens' (Eriq La Salle) dreams came crashing down, he couldn't bear the thought of disappointing his family. Shortly thereafter, Walter's father dies, devastating the family as they come together for the reading of his will. No one expected to see Walter there, and at first his presence only serves to reopen old wounds. The full impact of his actions finally setting in, Walter embraces his faith and begins taking the first steps toward reuniting his fractured family." ROT: Reunion of Terror—" A deranged killer targets six high school friends who've gathered for a reunion party at a secluded hunting cabin. When several of the group go missing, tensions escalate as they begin to suspect each other of senseless and brutal crimes. As the night progresses, a secret is uncovered which reveals one of the most controversial and brutal endings in cinematic history." Sea Devils (1953)—" When a smuggler (Rock Hudson) takes to the high seas in the historical era of Napoleon's threatened invasion of England, he meets a beautiful mystery woman (Yvonne De Carlo) and is induced to sail her to the French coast, unaware that she is actually a spy...but for which side? "Good color photography enhances the striking sea scenes and lavish interior settings" (Harrison's Reports) in this suspenseful costume adventure from action directing great Raoul Walsh." The Sensei— "Inspiring and equally powerful, The Sensei is a film about tolerance, acceptance and the courage to stand against hate. Lonely gay teenager, McClain, struggles to fit in with his classmates in a small, conservative Colorado town. After he's severely beaten at school, Karen O'Neil (Diana Lee Inosanto, Actress & Stuntwoman, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift), a martial arts Sensei, secretly trains him to defend himself. When the town discovers their secret, a series of catastrophic events unfolds. Co-starring Keith David and Louis Mandylor." Shut-eye—"Shut-eye, the latest work from writer/director John Covert (Waiting For The Man, The Blind Lead), is a hard hitting contemporary character study of family dysfunctionalism, crime and violence played out in the three flat brownstones and Mob owned strip joints of the Chicago underworld. Like far too many hard working American couples, Ed and Kim are barely able to make their rent. Ed, an ex-cop, is reduced to working security for Mafia strip clubs. When members of their family steal cash that Ed is paid to protect, relatives, friends and mobsters react with deadly unpredictability." Soldier Love Story—" The pen-pal friendship between a young boy and a homesick soldier blossoms into something much more meaningful in this warmhearted tale of family and courage. Sgt. Vince Carerra (Johnny Messner) is serving his country overseas when he starts a correspondence with Jared Marshall, a young boy still reeling from his parents' recent divorce. Estranged from his father, Jared confides his pain in Vince in between colorful exchanges about baseball. Upon returning home, Vince meets Jared and his mother Dana (Lori Loughlin), and soon finds himself falling for the newly-single mother. Before long, the trio has formed a family. Their momentary bliss is soon shattered, however, when Vince discovers he's about to be redeployed, and realizes his role as a father figure will soon take a backseat to his role as a soldier." Tales From The Dead—" A Japanese anthology film of four ghost stories, each one with a unique personality. Some stories involve revenge while others are warnings about appreciating the value of life." Tickling Leo—" When Zak and his girlfriend Delphina visit his estranged father in the Catskills, they find him suffering from dementia and inadvertently uncover a dark family secret from WWII: an impossible sacrifice Zak's grandfather (Eli Wallach) made to join Rudolph Kasztner's controversial freedom train out of Hungary." Toxic Skies—"A mysterious disease is spreading across the country, killing people with alarming speed in this pulse-pounding, action-filled thriller. Co-stars Anne Heche (Hung) and James Tupper (Samantha Who?) reignite their chemistry as two strangers brought together in their urgent mission to find a cure. Heche is Dr. Tess Martin, a top virologist driven by her tragic past. Her only hope is Jack Bowen (Tupper), a rule-breaking renegade who holds the key to the disease's horrendous origins." Tracing Cowboys—" A classic road movie, Tracing Cowboys tells the story of two individuals searching for their own identity, while separated from each other. Ethan is a young Englishman obsessed with his hero John Wayne and intent on becoming a Country and Western singer. When his girlfriend Debi leaves without explanation, Ethan travels down to Mexico during the festival of the Day of the Dead intent on finding her. The only map he has is contained within photographs Debi has taken during her journey, and no matter how far he travels the whereabouts of Debi remain elusive, until her photos point Ethan toward the film's surprising and dramatic conclusion." Truth About Average Guys—"Jason has a thing for his fellow worker, Katie but she doesn't seem to notice him much and his insecurity isn't helping. After finding out that her sister is mentally challenged he gets his friend, Troy, a wannabe actor, to pose as a his mentally challenged brother so he can get to know Katie better. At first the plan works to perfection but can they keep the secret hidden forever?" Turn The Beat Around—" Set in the competitive LA dance scene, Zoe, a struggling young dancer gets the opportunity to fulfill her professional dreams when she convinces Michael, a wealthy club owner, to open a modern disco where young people come to connect through dance. The club features classic disco hits updated with a modern sound - and modern dance moves. In the process, Zoe's personal and professional lives collide and she finds herself caught between Michael, her dancer boyfriend Chris, and Malika, the sexy, overly ambitious choreographer she might be about to replace." It's a MTV production, not unlike the Carmen: A Hip Hopera UFC: Best of 2009 * —" 2009 was a huge year for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and you can re-live every great moment, knockout, submission and fight with the UFC: Best of 2009 DVD. All the superstars are featured in their most spectacular bouts. Includes footage from the history making UFC 100 event!" Urbanworld—"Two brothers plunge headlong into the seedy underbelly of contemporary America. Facing off against elements of the American underworld, and pursued by the police, they face the profound questions of what it is to be a father, a brother, and a man while they try to stay alive and one step ahead of unleashed forces far beyond their control or comprehension. As they descend deeper into their fate, they are confronted by the penultimate questions; What is worth living for and what is worth dying for?" This is a locally made film by director Malik Isasis. Voyage Round My Father—" Before creating the beloved courtroom drama Rumpole of the Bailey, writer John Mortimer found inspiration in his own life for this portrait of a difficult but enduring love between father and son in mid-20th-century Britain. Screen legend Laurence Olivier stars as the eccentric patriarch--a blind barrister so stubborn and cantankerous that he refuses to acknowledge his sightlessness. Alan Bates (Gosford Park) portrays his devoted son, who follows his father's footsteps in the law while longing to become a writer, with Jane Asher (Brideshead Revisited) as his wife." Wushu Warrior—" China 1862. Lord Lindsey rules the opium trade and enslaves the innocent. The only hope for the oppressed nation, is a covert group of trained Wushu Warriors - The Red Lotus Society who will fight to restore justice to its people." It stars Matt Frewer, Tod Fennell and Amber Mullin. And that's pretty much it. Enjoy, everyone.