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Celebrate 20 years of Zeitgeist Films with a SALE!

Ahh...1988. It seems like only yesterday that Brian Boitano was skating in Calgary, the Soviet Union was crumbling, and we were questioning the experience of the candidates for Vice President. It was the year Scarecrow Video opened its doors with just 619 titles and a fervor for film. It's also the year co-Presidents Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo founded Zeitgeist Films, a film distributor with a similar spirit. Their website proclaims, "From its beginning Zeitgeist Films has differentiated itself by focusing on the more discriminating and adventurous filmgoer, whose needs were not being met by traditional 'arthouse' fare. Zeitgeist films are strongly auteur-driven and have a distinct visual style and unique content." As a store catering to the more discriminating and adventurous film goer whose needs aren't being met by traditional video stores (and have an entire section dedicated to the auteur theory), we certainly can relate. Zeitgeist has released some of our most popular films in recent years: Manufactured Landscapes, The Corporation, Into Great Silence, along with films by the Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer, Derek Jarman, Abbas Kiarostami, Peter Greenaway and Guy Maddin. To celebrate our 20th anniversaries, we've put all of our Zeitgeist titles on sale, including the brand new DVD Billy The Kid (which you may recall from its run at SIFF Cinema) for just $17.95. Head into the store and peruse our special sales section for more great deals on these quality films. And check out their online 20th Anniversary Catalogue. It's supposed to be for theater bookings, but you'll want to browse through it to get an idea of their amazing collection.