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New to view: Many episodes of the MacGuffin Podcast

It's been awhile since we caught up with the MacGuffin Podcast, a weekly series hosted by friends-of-the-store Spencer and John that they film up in our War & Westerns section. Here now are several recent installments of their cinematic musings. In the most recent episode, the MacGuffins ready themselves for Greenberg with a Noah Baumbach retrospective, and John talks about Bigfoot-centric films. Visit our Bigfoot/Sasquatch section up in the Psychotronic room for many selections from this genre that's near and dear to our fuzzy hearts: We now go back a few weeks to Spencer & John's Shutter Island inspired discussion about all things Martin Scorsese, along with their picks for the best independent films of last year: The adventurously titled episode A Trip To The Past focuses on the illustrious career of Kevin Smith (who I will say was very nice when I met him briefly years ago in Las Vegas) and the flood of horror movie remakes in recent memory: In the even more awesomely named Shock and Blah, Spencer and John review the Tracy Morgan/Bruce Willis buddy flick Cop Out and honors the release of Captialism: A Love Story (which you can buy right here at this independent business that provides its employees with health insurance) with a look back at Michael Moore's films. And last but not least, Spencer and John relive the glory that was The Oscars and the not so much glory of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: Stay up to date will all the MacGuffin podcasts & movie reviews over on their website.