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Whatcha doing this weekend?

Aside from gathering up goodies at our GIGANTIC AWESOME USED VIDEO SALE in which DVDs are $4 OR LESS and VHS &Laserdiscs are $1 OR LESS, that is. That sale starts Saturday, October 18th and runs through Monday the 20th. While you're here, head up to the Psychotronic room and see if there are any SAW V shirts left in the empty shelf area (we prefer to think of it as a shelf haunted with the souls of out of print horror films). There might even be some SAW V lollipops left downstairs in the small wicker basket on top of the kids section. There you may also find some creepy W. shirts left...we say creepy because on the front of the shirt you'll see Josh Brolin is holding his up his middle finger. A Goonie dressed as George W. Bush flipping you off on a shirt...acutally, that's pretty cool. We only recieved American Apparel Classic Girl shirts, so ladies, check to see if we have some left. You'll also find SAW V and W. posters in our free poster bin for all your Halloween decor/gift wrapping needs. We'll probably see W. this weekend; if you do stop by or post here and let us know what you think (you'll have to wait until October 24th for SAW V). In other activities, don't forget the Seattle Lesbian &Gay Film Festvial starts today and runs through the 26th. We've got programs here in the store, or check out the official website for a full schedule. We're also dying (so to speak) to see this. Plus we've got some scary films to catch up on before the big day. Check out one of our THREE special sections for plenty of suggestions. Thanks all, enjoy the weekend!