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USED SALE gets even better this SATURDAY

You know that fabulous used sale we've going on right now? This Saturday, October 18th, it's going to get even better. Prices on every used item, and we mean EVERY used item will be slashed even further. How much further? Well... ALL DVDs will be $4...OR LESS ALL VHS &LASERDISCS will be...$1 OR LESS Crimeny! In most cases, that's less than renting it! You may be thinking, "Sure, those are extraordinary deals, but what's left to choose from?" As of Wednesday morning there are still many many quality titles left, including recent titles like Into the Wild and Michael Clayton, along with many choices for anime fans and kids (and you know how kids like to watch things over and over and over and over again...). There's plenty of interesting rare VHS tapes (like a tape of MTVs House of Style for your 90s revival film festival) and whole TV series as well. And did we mention the sale also includes used ADULT'll find those upstairs in the Sexploitation section. The fervor kicks off when the doors open at 11am on Saturday and runs through Monday, October 20th. Don't forget to bring a bag/box/team of oxen* to haul your goods away. *Please do not try to bring an oxen team inside the store. They can enjoy the greenery of our adjacent parking lot.