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It looks like we'll be experiencing high levels of springtime for the next 48 hours or so, but that doesn't mean you can't take in a movie or two...or ten. Cinderella Sunshine is predicted to turn back into a Rain Pumpkin by Sunday, just in time for the big SIFF benefit 12-HOUR MOVIE MARATHON. From 10am to 10pm (not a record for some of us here) you can relax in the comfort of SIFF Cinema and enjoy such films as BLOOD SIMPLE, TO DIE FOR, ROAD WARRIOR and more, plus Dan Ireland presents his director's cut of THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and Alan Rudolph will present his Seattle-based film TROUBLE IN MIND. Check out the SIFF site for all the ticket & perk details. You can get Hitched at Central Cinema with a double feature of PSYCHO and VERTIGO; and on Monday, March 22nd there's the return of Jason Miller's BADMOVIEART. This month (as you may have seen from the kicks ass poster on our back wall) features the 1984 post-apocalyptic Valley Girl shopping spree NIGHT OF THE COMET. Northwest Film Forum has a documentary called OCTOBER COUNTRY, "a beautifully rendered portrait of an American family struggling for stability while haunted by the ghosts of war, teen pregnancy, foster care and child abuse," that The Stranger's Charles Mudede calls "the scariest horror film since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher will be in attendance on Friday & Saturday. On Saturday at NWFF is the monthly INDIGENOUS SHOWCASE series co presented by Longhouse Media and the National Geographic All Roads Film Project; this month spotlights films and filmmakers from Mexico. Also on Saturday is LET'S DO IT! , a night of media sex worker made media with experimental documentaries & short films, a panel discussion with past & present sex workers, a festive reception and more. And if you were kinda disappointed in Tim Burton's take on the story, head to Grand Illusion Cinema and catch master animator Jan Svankmajer's ALICE, or if your feeling a bit more...shall we say...saucy, there's ALICE IN WONDERLAND: AN X-RATED MUSICAL FANTASY in the Late Night spot. While you're out enjoying the sunshine, stop by and check out our new crop of Staff Picks and the latest Best of the Decade special sections focusing on our favorite documentaries, TV shows and overlooked films of the last ten year. Happy viewing and Happy Spring, everyone!