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ON SALE! Akira Kurosawa films from The Criterion Collection

Tuesday, March 23rd would have been master director Akira Kurosawa's 100th birthday. In the past we've celebrated with a double feature of Dreams and Ran on the in-store monitor, but this being such a special year we decided to get extra festive. All of his films available from The Criterion Collection are now ON SALE (to skip the rest of this post and get right to the commerce, click HERE.)

If you're just starting a Kurosawa collection, why not get the whole thing mostly over in one fell swoop with Criterion's commemorative AK 100: 25 FILMS BY AKIRA KUROSAWA set. Here's a peek: We had the set on sale when it was released in December, but now we have it available for our LOWEST PRICE EVER at just $270.95. That's an impressive $129 dollars off the suggested retail price (and, if we may modestly point out, lower than many online retailers). If you're curious, we have a sample box open behind the counter if you want to see what the fancy linen case, commemorative bound booklet and DVD covers look like. To read the full content & film list and buy it online, head over HERE. If you just need a Yojimbo/Sanjuro Blu-ray upgrade or only require The Bad Sleep Well to complete your collection, all the individual DVDs & Blu-ray discs are also on sale. Look for the special sales section with the AK 100 circle logo behind our front counter in the store, or just head HERE and check them all out in convenient list form (you can buy online and pick up your purchases here in the store if that works for you). And if the pure joy of saving money wasn't enough, if you buy any of the Kurosawa on Criterion titles, we'll give you a limited edition commemorative poster FREE! We'll have it available ONLY while supplies last, so be sure and get one soon. The AK 100 sale ends on April 15th, so do your taxes and then come take advantage of the low prices. O-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Mr. Kurosawa.