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New Releases for March 16th

Welcome to the New Release list for the week of March 16th. We usually like to have this list posted Tuesday afternoon, but a disturbance in the Internet force thwarted our efforts. Things seems to be running fine this morning (knock on desk), so here we go. This week's batch of titles includes movies by two of the silent era's most famous siblings, gory Japanese horror, new seasons of crowd pleasing TV shows, plenty of music related DVDs, A Film By Almodovar and the shirtless werewolf action of Twilight: New Moon. Here's is the full list; remember the * means it is also available on Blu-ray and SALE indicates which titles you can purchase online. BROKEN EMBRACES * —Pedro Almodovar + Penelope Cruz = High quality entertainment. This film has the distinction of ending up in our Best of the Decade section despite not yet being available on DVD. SALE THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG * —Disney's refreshing return to tradition (not computer-generated) animation has catchy songs, a spunky protagonist, and a cute little firefly. PARIS * --The latest from Cedric Klapisch (L'Auberge Espagnole) starring Juliette Binoche, my current French crush Romain Duris, and Melanie Laurent from Inglorious Basterds. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?—A fish-out-of-water romantic comedy with genre veterans Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. ARMORED * —It's nice to know Matt Dillion's got your back, but does he really have to steal to do it? NINJA ASSASSIN * —Bloody ninja mayhem starring singer/swoon-worthy international sensation Rain. THE FOURTH KIND * —Also known as last year's other scary paranormal movie... SMASH CUT—Sasha Grey, Michael Berryman and Herschell Gordon Lewis star in this homage to shlocky horror. BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN—John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) makes his directorial debut with this David Foster Wallace adaptation, with such fine actors as Will Arnett, Christopher Meloni, Will Forte, and Josh Charles. WONDERFUL WORLD *—Matthew Broderick plays a real negative nelly who is about to get a serious lesson in optimism. BREAKING BAD: SEASON 2 *—Bryan Cranston is back! SOUTH PARK: SEASON 13—After all these years, I still enjoy the theme song... WHITE STRIPES: UNDER GREAT WHITE NORTHERN LIGHTS—If you missed its run last month at Northwest Film Forum, here's the documentary that follows the band on their 2007 Canadian tour. ASTRO BOY * —Animated family fare featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore as the titular young robot. DILLINGER IS DEAD— Marco Ferreri's "surreal political missive" is now available from the Criterion Collection. The trailer is NSFW but you'll find it here. SALE And on Saturday, March 20th...TWILIGHT: NEW MOON NEW BLU-RAY: HI-DEF FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Breaking Bad: Season 1 Day of the Triffids (2009)—The recent UK TV adaptation Fallen Angels—Wong Kar-Wai's modern gangster classic looks excellent on Blu-ray SALE Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind The Who: The Kids are Alright FAMILY NEW RELEASES Bandslam Domo—Volume 1 Huntik: Secrets and Seekers—Volume 4 So You Want To Be President?...and More Stories to Celebrate American History Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob's Last Stand ANIME NEW RELEASES He Is My Master: Complete Collection Honey & Clover: Box 3 Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny—Volume 2 Maria Holic: Complete Collection Neo Angelique: Abyss One Piece: Season 2, 6th Voyage Skull Man: Complete Collection Taytama: Kiss On My Deity—Complete Collection Tears To Tiara: Collection 2 To Love Ru: Collection 2 You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle Yozakura Quartet: Complete Collection NEW TV ON DVD Destination Truth: Season 1—Josh Gates & company travels the world in search of mysteries in this SyFy series Monk: Season 8—It's the last season for Tony Shalhoub & company. NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Las Abandonadas (1945)—Mexico Birthday Mail/Kokurri-San (2008)—Japanese horror Brewster McGee (1998)—Canada Buyusenki Battle Chronicle (2008)—Japan Daybreak (2008)—Philippines Embodiment of Evil (2008)(PAL Code 2)—Brazil, part 3 of the Coffin Joe trilogy by Jose Mojica Marins Fist Full of Fuku/Combat Beauty (2005)—Japan Gun Kyu: War Pigeon (2008)—Japanese horror Horseman (2008)(PAL Code 2)—Australia Kirenji Girls' Combat School (Unrated!)(2008)—Japan New Tricks: Series 5 (PAL Code 2)—UK whodunit Ryuji The Yakuza: Complete Collection (2008)—Japan Siege of Pinchgut (1959, aka Four Desperate Men)(PAL Code 2)—UK Zombie Hunter Rika (2008)—Japanese horror Zombie Self Defense Force (2008)—Japanese horror. The trailer was too gory to post here. White Lightnin' (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Strange things are afoot in Appalachia...whoa, is that Carrie Fisher?!? Looking For Eric (2009)(PAL Code 2)—A football fantasy by director Ken Loach. NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES American Anthem (1986)— "Steve Tevere wants a perfect 10. He's an elite gymnast who dominates a field where a 9.5 can be an also-ran. It's the little things that make the difference in Steve's sport. It's the big things that may hold him back forever. A troubled home life could destroy Steve's athletic career in this stirring salute to gymnastics, dazzlingly directed by Albert Magnoli (Purple Rain) to ensure that in the vibrant competition scenes American Anthem really sings. Four-time Olympic medalist Mitch Gaylord plays Steve. Janet Jones brings her sharp dance abilities to the role of a floor-exercise superstar. And some 100 top-level gymnasts take to the rings, bars and other apparatus like the proven athletes they are. Much can be written about a champion's prowess. Seeing these remarkable athletes in action says it so much better." American Dream (1966)—"Heiress Falls to Death, Husband Alleges Suicide newspaper headlines declare. But the cops don't buy it. They believe it's a case of cold-blooded murder and they're pinning it on Steven Rojack (Stuart Whitman), a controversial TV talk show host whose prime-time target is the city's mafia-infested police force. Walking a tightrope between the cops and the mob that owns them, Rojack finds sanctuary in the arms of his former flame (Janet Leigh), a woman he left in the dust years ago. Will she betray his trust and set him up for a fall - or take a second chance on love? Based on Norman Mailer's lurid bestseller, this scintillating murder mystery will keep you guessing until the last shocking line of dialogue. Eleanor Parker, Barry Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan and George Takei co-star." At Sword's Point (1952)—"It's all for one and fun for all as Maureen O'Hara wields a blade as sharp as her wits in this rollicking Technicolor® adventure. With the power-hungry Duc de Lavalle (Robert Douglas) threatening to usurp the throne, the queen (Gladys Cooper) summons the Four Musketeers to come to her aid. But too many years have passed and they're no longer able to heed the call, so their grown children decide to fight for their fathers instead: D'Artagnan Jr. (Cornel Wilde), Porthos Jr. (Alan Hale Jr.), Aramis Jr. (Dan O'Herlihy) and Athos' daughter Claire (O'Hara), whose ravishing beauty hides a secret Lavalle's soldiers will soon give their lives to learn. She's the deadliest swordsman in France!" Blood Brothers (1978)—"Life goes on for handsome 19-year-old Stony de Coco of The Bronx. Girls and dancing in the evening. A union job with good pay in the day. But what Stony (Richard Gere) doesn't know is where his life is going. Robert Mulligan (To Kill a Mockingbird) directs a tough yet tender slice-of-life rich in great characters, deep feelings and performances crystallizing the love/hate duality of family life. Stony loves his younger brother (Michael Hershewe), but can't stop his unbalanced mother (Lelia Goldoni) from terrorizing the boy into illness. He's started to explore life's possibilities, but hasn't the heart to reject the career his aggressive father (Tony Lo Bianco) wants for him. Paul Sorvino plays an uncle who loves Stony like a son. And Marilu Henner is an understanding pal encouraging Stony to take a stand. Once he does, Stony's triumph is ours." Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969)—"She's new to San Francisco and a bit lonely. Maybe that's why Cathy Palmer (Carol White) is vulnerable to Kenneth (Scott Hylands), a playful, boyishly handsome stranger about to plunge her into a living nightmare. Cathy falls in and out of love with Kenneth, then begins life anew with another man (Paul Burke) whom she marries. But Kenneth isn't over Cathy: he stalks her - and kidnaps her newborn child. Veteran director Mark Robson recaptures the raw-edged intensity he displayed in the Val Lewton thrillers he helmed in the 1940s. Working from a taut script by top thriller specialists Larry Cohen and Lorenzo Semple Jr., Robson layers scene after scene with disquieting dread. Daddy's Gone A-Hunting taps into the real fear of a mistake coming back to haunt us - and delivers the nerve-wracking excitement suspense fans are always hunting." Green Fire (1954)—"Stewart Granger and Grace Kelly headline a tale of heroics and romance filmed in awesome widescreen CinemaScope in scenic locales of Colombia. Andrew Marton, who co-directed Granger's King Solomon's Mines and most famously helmed (along with Yakima Canutt) the chariot race in Ben-Hur, brings his knowing hand to the film's action. Floods, gunfights, a cave-in, a mountain avalanche - adventure burns with a Green Fire." If Looks Could Kill (1991)—GRIECO!! "Check it out! Who's that tuxedoed dude in the awesome cherry-red machine? Make way, Bill and Ted: here comes Richard Grieco is his very own excellent adventure. Grieco (Mobsters, TV's 21 Jump Street, Booker) plays "teen agent" Michael Corben in If Looks Could Kill, a bodaciously funny spy spoof also starring Linda Hunt, Roger Rees and Gabrielle Anwar. It's an adventure that's stylin' from the start. Needing a class credit for graduation, Michael goes to Europe with the French Club for what he hopes will be a breezin' babe safari. Instead, he's mistaken for a top superspy, loaded up with lots of righteous espionage gear and given a totally cool car. He's having the time of someone else's life. Now all he has to do is save Europe and graduate from high school. No problem." Mara Maru (1952)—"Errol Flynn dives into danger in this hard-boiled South Seas adventure directed by action veteran Gordon Douglas and co-starring Ruth Roman and Raymond Burr. When his partner's bumped off after bragging of treasure, salvage diver Gregory Mason (Flynn) sets out to make a killing of his own. The only one who knows where it's buried, Mason's scheme to recover the loot is dashed when a mysterious fire torches his ship. Coming to the rescue, however, is Brock Benedict (Burr), a sinister collector who offers his boat in exchange for a share. Charting a course into perilous waters, a wary Mason makes plans to recover the treasure, while the treacherous Benedict prepares to deep-six his new partner and keep the fortune all to himself." Rampage (1963)—"World-renowned big game trapper Harry Stanton (Robert Mitchum) is commissioned by a German zoo to capture The Enchantress; a mythical Malaysian beast purported to be half-tiger/half-leopard, and finds himself teamed with the venerable but aging hunter Otto Abbott (Jack Hawkins) and his seductive young mistress Anna (Elsa Martinelli). Tensions soar when Abbott discovers the younger Stanton has his sights set on Anna and - in a fit of rage and paranoia - goes on a rampage before moving in for the kill. Death is the law of the jungle in this steamy action-adventure, where survival demands keeping your eye on the prize." Sphinx (1980)—"Lesley-Anne Down (Upstairs Downstairs), Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) and John Gielgud (Arthur) star in this occult-tinged thriller based on the best seller by Robin Cook (Coma, Outbreak). Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner (Patton), Sphinx bristles with peril and shines with the eye-dazzling landmarks of ancient Egypt - as well as a close up look at the lavish treasures of Tutankhamen, filmed with special permission. A determined young anthropologist (Down) has come across a clue leading to a long-forgotten royal tomb. And pays no mind to the notion that Egypt's last undiscovered treasure may carry a curse - and perhaps that there may be some black marketeers eager to sustain the illusion of such a a fashion as terrifying as any scary ancient legend." Third Day (1965)—"When a car rams through a guardrail and plunges into the river below, all the elements of a tantalizing movie thriller bubble to the surface: a drowned cocktail waitress, a disoriented driver with no memory of the accident - and a ferocious D.A. who'll stop at nothing to prove him guilty. Add to that a touch of blackmail, some creepy red herrings and an acid-tongued lawyer and you get an intricate crime drama loaded with twists, turns and a startling conclusion to leave you breathless. Fresh off their scintillating teamwork on The Carpetbaggers, George Peppard and Elizabeth Ashley head a formidable cast - including Roddy McDowall, Sally Kellerman (her second movie) and Herbert Marshall (his final movie) - under the taut direction of Jack Smight (Harper, No Way to Treat a Lady)." NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE American Justice: Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mobster—"From pick-pocketing, horse-poisoning and prostitution at the turn of the century, to racketeering, bootlegging and gambling through the succeeding decades, Jewish gangsters made their presence felt. Their names bespeak a bygone era of criminality: 'Dopey Benny' Fein, Abe 'Kid Twist' Reles, and 'Dutch' Schultz. But while the Mob endures to this day, the era of the Jewish gangsters essentially came to an end in the 1950s with the death of Bugsy Siegel and the decline of Meyer Lansky." Assault in the RingAssault in the Ring chronicles the life of boxer Luis Resto 24 years after the scandal that changed his life forever. Resto fulfilled a boxer's dream in 1983 when he was able to conquer the previously undefeated Billy Collins Jr. in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden. But Resto's post-fight victory celebration proved fleeting, amongst allegations that padding had previously been removed from his gloves. The Resto-Collins scandal vilified Resto's reputation and ultimately sent the badly-beaten Collins to a tragic end. The film examines new evidence about this boxing match turned 30-minute assault, and reveals much more about the pre-fight activities of Luis Resto, his trainer Panama Lewis and the athletic commission representatives. Bearing Witness—"Two-time Academy Award® winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA; Wild Man Blues; The Hamptons), three-time Emmy Award® winner Bob Eisenhardt and Marijana Wotten follow five female journalists into the line of fire during the War in Iraq and other perilous assignments in this riveting documentary. Bearing Witness tells the stories of intrepid reporters who take substantial personal risks as they cover the world's hot spots. These women provide a unique view of life inside Iraq told from a firsthand perspective that doesn't make it to our televisions. Their stories take the audience on an important journey into the often intense, personal, dramatic and compelling stories that too often go unnoticed. Experience the risks taken and the personal toll the field takes on the reporters willing to brave the world's war zones." Black Dahlia Murder: Majesty—Disc one features a documentary with "ridiculous tour antics, live footage, and band interviews," while Disc two features music videos and live performances. Bombing of Germany—"On September 1, 1939 the first day of World War II in Europe President Franklin D. Roosevelt appealed to the warring nations to under no circumstances undertake the bombardment from the air of civilian populations. Just six years later, British and American Allied forces had carried out a bombing campaign of unprecedented might over Germany s cities, claiming the lives of nearly half a million civilians. The Bombing of Germany examines the defining moments of the offensive that led the U.S. across a moral divide. Weaving together interviews with WWII pilots and historians, and stunning archival footage of the bombing and its aftermath, this American Experience film is a haunting reminder of the dilemma imposed by war's civilian casualties." Crazy Horse: Dynamite and Dreams—This documentary plays at the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. Duran Duran: Hammersmith '82!—It's got "Girls on Film" on it so it's ok by me Eloquent Nude: Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson— Edward Weston is considered one of the key pioneers of modern photography. Along with his circle of friends Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham and Dorethea Lange, Edward Weston would develop a modern aesthetic and shape American photography in the 20th Century. His sensuous and precise images would create a new way to look at landscapes, still lifes and the human form. Now age 90, Charis Wilson recounts her years with Weston with great humor, candor, and some regret. Combining insight from leading scholars, rare archival images, and convincingly authentic reenactments, Eloquent Nude presents a remarkable true story of love and loss, travel and adventure, and an intimate look at the making of Modern photography." Exterminator—"In a raging war for control of Earth, occupying forces buzz and skitter, with some out to draw blood! Termites, mosquitoes, rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches have spread damage, disease, and death for millions of years. As we trace pest control from ancient humble beginnings to Medieval Black Plague, from billion-dollar pesticide business to holistic Integrated Pest Management, we meet the foot soldier in the battle between man and bug--today's high-tech and ecologically aware exterminator." Gun Life—"Investigative ReportsTM takes aim at this highly charged subject with a virtual cross-country tour that gets to the roots of the gun culture in America. Experts like professor John Murrin and Senator Larry Craig shed light on the 2nd Amendment itself, examining exactly what it says and speculating on the founders' intents. We'll go along on a big game hunt and hear from some of the many people who have saved their own lives--or their loved ones'--with guns. And we'll hear from people like white separatist Randy Weaver and former Black Panther Jamal Joseph, who see guns as a vital way to guard against the tyranny of an overbearing government. From behind the scenes of a shoot-em-up action flick to the halls of Congress, this is an all-encompassing look at Gun Life in America." Incubus: Look Alive—A companion compendium to all things related to the alt-metal band. Laffapalooza! Hosted by Tracy Morgan— "Originally aired on TBS and taped in front of a live audience in Las Vegas, Laffapalooza boasts an all-star comedic line-up including host Tracy Morgan, best known for his current role on 30 Rock. Tracy keeps the audiences in stitches with his hilarious jokes and outlandish personality. DVD includes a bonus concert hosted by Anthony Anderson." Magnificent Welles: Rise and Fall of Orson Welles—" This acclaimed one-man play charts the spectacular rise and fall of film genius Orson Welles. Marcus Wolland deftly impersonates Welles in this performance that is both a memoir of Welles breathtaking career and a chronicle of his losing power struggle over The Magnificent Ambersons, the movie that followed Citizen Kane. Opening black and white footage, a great script, various camera angles, occasional special effects and audience reactions add variety to the performance." Mental Health Dilemma—"In the late 1970s, New York had a total of 90,000 beds in state institutions for the mentally ill. Today, there are just 6,000. NY Justice: The Mental Health Dilemma is an unflinching examination of the far-reaching consequences of this trend." Mika: Live Parc des Princes Paris—"Live at Parc Des Prince captures Mika's biggest performance yet, when he performed his first stadium show to over 55,000 fans at Paris's iconic Parc Des Prince stadium. A visual and musical extravaganza, the show saw Mika bring his amazing cartoon world into Technicolor life. Featuring all his hits, along with new tracks and a few surprises, this was one of the most ambitious pop shows ever undertaken and included a host of twisted circus performers - flying clowns, tap dancing astronauts, a 100 foot Chinese Dragon, can-can dancing Big Girls and much, much more. With Bonus Material containing an exclusive documentary, detailing behind the scenes action and showing us how the dazzling costumes, stunning choreography and breath-taking production all took shape; additional bonus features include the outstanding animated video for 'Lollipop' and 'Grace Kelly' as performed on Jools Holland's Hootenanny." Mono: The Sky Remains The Same As Ever—"The Sky Remains The Same As Ever is a nearly two-hour document of the recording sessions for You Are There, and the several worldwide tours that followed its release. In addition to the dozen live songs that are documented in all their sweaty fury, the film captures the decidedly less glamorous aspects of being an underground rock band from a foreign country, expressing sentiments through body language out of necessity, and driving...lots and lots of driving. Most effectively, the film displays the friendships that have made Mono's journeys enjoyable, and the fanatical dedication that has made it all possible." Monster Bash: Origins—"An informative affectionate overview of The Monster Bash film convention featuring organizer Ron Adams. Bonus: One hour of classic horror movie trailers." National Geographic: America Before Columbus—"History books traditionally depict the pre-Columbus Americas as a pristine wilderness where small native villages lived in harmony with nature. But scientific evidence tells a very different story: When Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, millions of people were already living there. America wasn't exactly a "New World," but a very old one whose inhabitants had built a vast infrastructure of cities, orchards, canals and causeways. But after Columbus set foot in the Americas, an endless wave of explorers, conquistadors and settlers arrived, and with each of their ships came a Noah's Ark of plants, animals—and disease. In the first 100 years of contact, entire civilizations were wiped out and the landscape was changed forever." Olympic Century—The official history of the modern Olympic games. I pray there's less than 30 seconds on the whole Tonya Harding thing... Pain of Salvation: Ending Themes on the Two Deaths of the Pain of Salvation—"Filmed during their successful Scarsick tour in Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands), this release contains the full concert on one DVD and a documentary and pic gallery on a separate DVD. A dynamic show of one of the leading bands in the genre of metal and progressive rock. The documentary will mark the end and the beginning of a period in the life of Pain of Salvation." Gale Storm: America's Sweetheart—"Winner of a national 1940s talent search on CBS radio's Gateway to Hollywood (a precursor to today's American Idol), Texas teen Josephine Cottle (now Gale Storm) literally took Hollywood by storm, becoming a legendary star of radio, film, television, records and stage. The wholesome, auburn-haired beauty won a contract with RKO Studio where she completed her schooling while filming. In 1941 alone, she starred in eight movies. Her debut television series in 1952, My Little Margie, a summer replacement for I Love Lucy, was a huge hit on live radio and TV. Following was the equally successful series, The Gale Storm Show, Oh! Susanna. A record breaking headliner at Las Vegas' famed Thunderbird Hotel, her first record, I hear You Knockin', sold over a million copies going 'gold' (platinum by today's standards). Other hits followed and she starred in many popular musical stage productions. The '50s icon continued to work into her later years, passing away in 2009. Also featuring Roy Rogers, Zasu Pitts, H.B. Warner, Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland, Charles Farrell and more!" Strange As It Seems—"A collection of rare and forgotten short subjects dealing with historical and unusual topics" such as "The Untold Story of Whistler's Mother" and "The Sole Survivor of the Alamo Massacre." Sounds like a prelude to Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Third Mind—"William Burroughs said that when two minds collaborate, a third mind is created. This is the third mind between the psychedelic and beat sensibilities of Ray Manzarek and Michael McClure (who was a poetry mentor to Jim Morrison). This DVD features live performances interlaced with commentary on the nexus between spoken word and music. With appearances by Alan Ginsberg, Jim Carroll, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Ed Sanders, Lee Ranaldo, and Ann Waldman, The Third Mind DVD is a compelling primer on the impact of music on the Beat Generation. Voivod: Tatsumaki—Japan 2008—"This is the first show that the band has ever played in Japan! It's a three-camera shoot originally recorded in 2008 for TV broadcast. It features the lineup of Away, Snake, new guitarist Dan Mongrain, and the original bass player Blacky. The setlist consists of material from the first 10 years of the band, some of which has not been played live in 17 years or more!" XXL DVD Magazine: 50 Cent & Hot Rod—It's the rap/hip hop DVD form! Features include the titular musicians and more. ...AND MORE MOVIES Armchair Thriller: Set 2—"Seen on Mystery!, these classic British thrillers will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each set features stellar casts (Ian McKellen, James Bolam) and scripts based on novels and stories by acclaimed crime writers (Antonia Fraser, Lionel Davidson). The series was a primetime ratings hit in England in the late 1970s, with 17 million viewers." Includes The Chelsea Murders (series version and feature-length version), The Circe Complex, and Quiet as a Nun. Danger Trails—" A football star returns to his Texas home only to discover his family members are all bandits," in this 1935 film starring Guinn "Big Boy" Williams. Death Journey (1976, Director's Cut)—"The first of the Jessie Crowder series pits Fred Williamson against a mafia who wants a mob accountant dead. Later remade by Hollywood as Midnight Run, this action-packed thriller features the hot sensational top 10 hit 'Do It Any Way You Want To.'" Mean Johnny Barrows (Uncut Director's Edition)—"Ex-Vietnam vet Barrows (Fred Williamson) has come home from a dishonorable discharge, is unable to find work and is living on the streets. A high school classmate (Stuart Whitman) offers him a job to wipe out rival mobsters in this action film filled with the hot Motown sound from Paul Riser. Co-starring Roddy McDowall, Luther Adler, R.G. Armstrong, Mike Henry, Anthony Caruso, Leon Isaac Kennedy, and Elliott Gould." Her Night of Romance (1924) /Her Sister From Paris (1925)—"While elder sister Norma devoted herself to tear-stained romance and tragedy, Constance Talmadge carved out her own reputation in a series of bubbly, Lubitsch-flavored comedies. Often appearing as the virtuous vamp, (a mesmerizing beauty who could be naughty yet nice), Constance had looks and comic timing that are as modern today as they were eighty years ago. In Her Night Of Romance, an heiress traveling in England disguises herself to discourage fortune-hunters. She falls in love with a handsome nobleman (Ronald Colman) who is secretly impoverished. When they spend a night alone at his former estate, they are forced to pretend that they are married, a situation that threatens to unravel their storybook romance just as it is getting started. Her Sister From Paris allowed Talmadge to demonstrate her comic range in dual roles: a frumpy-but-faithful housewife and her sophisticated twin sister. When a hausfrau s husband (Colman) begins to lose interest in his wife, the arrival of her twin, a dancer and woman of the world, provides just the right impetus to reinvigorate their relationship. Talmadge was truly an icon of the silent screen. At the end of the era, she chose (without regret) to retire from motion pictures and enjoy her personal life, without ever having made a talkie." I'll Reach For A Star (1937, aka The Hit Parade)—"A beautiful and talented ex-convict becomes a radio star in this tuneful nostalgic classic" starring Frances Langford and Phil Regan. Kiki (1926) / Within The Law (1923)— "From World War I until the Great Depression, the most famous sisters in the entertainment world were the Brooklyn-raised Talmadges: Norma, Natalie and Constance. Norma, the eldest, was a dramatic actress of great talent and restraint, and revered by a public that could identify with the brave, tragic heroine through a myriad of melodramas and tragedies. Appearing in vehicles with exceedingly high production values and helmed by some of Hollywood s finest directors, Norma developed into one of the screen s greatest actresses, and by 1920 had eclipsed Mary Pickford as the top worldwide female box-office attraction. Kiki showcases Norma in a rare comedic performance. A high-spirited Parisian gamine is determined to become a chorus girl and win the heart of the Follies manager (Ronald Colman) even if it means performing some rather unladylike stunts. Set and photographed in New York City, Within The Law follows a shopgirl who is unjustly accused of stealing, and then sent to jail. She plots revenge against her former employer, using Rich Men's legal tricks, yet staying within the law." King Of The Sierras—A 1938 western featuring Rex: King of the Wild Horses and Sheik The Wonder Horse. Man From Hell's Edge—A 1932 film starring Bob Steele, who has his own section up in the Westerns area. Read more about it here. Mr. Celebrity—"Well-meaning grandparents try to get custody of an orphan boy, wresting him away from his beloved uncle, a race track veterinarian" in this 1941 drama starring Francis X. Bushman, Clara Kimball Young and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries MST3K: Collection XVII—"Welcome to the Satellite of Love, the orbiting home of legendary hosts Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson, along with their robotic companions: Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and Gypsy. Join them as they embark on their 17th, and perhaps most impressive, volume of gut-busting riffs on the classic cinematic missteps of yesteryear! With the shocking inclusion of not one, but two, of the episodes most requested by MSTies around the globe, Mystery Science Theater: XVII promises to be a comedic tour de force to be reckoned with! Films Include: The Crawling Eye, The Beatniks, The Final Sacrifice & Blood Waters Of Dr. Z" Murder on the Yukon—A Mountie adventure from 1940, starring James Newill as the singing Sergeant Renfrew. On The Spot—A gangster picture from 1941 starring Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland and Lillian Elliott. Order of Chaos—"Twisted thriller which chronicles the duplicitous relationship between a naive attorney (Rhys Coiro) and a neighbor-colleague (Milo Ventimiglia) and their fierce competition to move up in the firm and get ahead in life." Also starring Mimi Rogers and Samantha Mathis. Public Stenographer—"A stenographer who works at a large hotel is caught in the middle of a major swindle" in this 1934 drama starring Lola Lane and Duncan Renaldo. Rider of The Law (1920)—" Jack Hoxie and sidekick Toby save the day in this classic silent western." Scream (1981)—"A group of people on a rafting excursion happen upon a deserted town and decide to set up camp. Out of the blue, a murder occurs. It appears that the town is not as deserted as they thought. Someone is out there and doesn't want them around. They desperately try to escape but their rafts are destroyed. What possible hope of survival can they have with no escape and no one around to help?" Slow as the Lightning—"A good natured young man with a penchant for making money becomes the target of crooks" in this 1923 silent film that promises "Action! Comedy! Thrills!" Texas Legionaires (1943)— Roy Rogers "returns home to fine a range feud between the cattlemen and the sheepmen. When his friend is killed he finds the rifle had a defective pin. He learns the rifle belongs to a ranch hand named Barker and that a third party has caused the feud. When he captures outlaws trying to blow up a dam, he claims Barker was the killer. But Barker has switched rifles and the outlaws now accuse Roy and Roy finds himself in trouble." Thanks for Listening—"An innocent and trusting musician inadvertently becomes involved in a blackmail ring" in this 1937 film starring Pinky Tomlin. Unrivaled—"On these streets everyone is fighting for a way out, but after a lifetime of hard knocks, a down-on-his-luck cage fighter gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen to compete against the MMA world champion during a massive competition. The stakes are high and the reward great...but should he lose, it will cost him his life." You'll find more classic westerns, spy movies and noirs in our NEW TO STORE section. Tune in next week when the flood of new releases will include Mad Men: Season 3, The Blind Side, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many more. You'll also want to be here at 7pm on Tuesday, March 23rd for the DVD release party for ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Enjoy.