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Zombies of Mass Destruction DVD release party Tuesday, Mar. 23rd

Scarecrow is home to a collection of over 100,000 films from around the world; some made in far away countries and some right here in our own backyard. Last year's SIFF hit ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION is set in lovely Port Gamble where, amongst the humble town folk, a Middle Eastern student has come looking for work, a young man has come home to come out to his parents, and a viral zombie scourge is about to ravage the otherwise peaceful town. Writer/director/Scarecrow customer Kevin Hamedami's "political zomedy" (a fine combination of humor, satire and gnarly gore) was one of the "Eight Films To Die For" in the After Dark's Horrorfest 4 earlier this year, and will soon infect the masses on DVD. Join us at the store on TUESDAY, MARCH 23rd at 7pm for the ZMD ON DVD release party! Stars Cooper Hopkins, Janette Armand and Doug Fahl will be here signing copies of the film, chatting with the clientele, and (perhaps) snacking on gummi brains. We'll have the DVD on sale for just $16.95. So head in, check out the film and support your locally made poli zom com! Did you miss ZMD at SIFF? Here's the trailer (but beware--it's not for the squeamish).