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Get your hair dye and fishnet tights ready, folks! Ladies and Gentlemen...The Fabulous Stains will be finally be out on DVD on September 16th. This long lost punk rock standard stars 14-year old Diane Lane as Corrine "Third Degree" Burns, a recently orphaned girl who starts a band with her sister and cousin (an equally young Laura Dern). The girls suddenly find themselves on tour with The Looters (comprised of members of The Clash and The Sex Pistols and fronted by Ray Winstone) and are transformed overnight from disaffected youth to spokesmen for young women everywhere. But their sudden rise to popularity is not without its troubles. Ack, we're making sound should just watch the trailer: Quick Time Windows Media Real Player We're pretty sure that is Brent Spiner yelling "You're fired!" And we can't help but wonder if this band stole their look from Corrine. To celebrate the DVD release, Grand Illusion Cinema will be showing the film for one night only on Friday, Saturday 12th at 7pm and 9pm. Enjoy all the performances and tantrums on the big screen, then preorder the DVD from Scarecrow so you can listen to Dern and Lane's commentary track while standing over the sink bleaching your hair. For ticket reservations, call the Grand Illusion at 206-523-3935. stains" />