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Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. For those of you who don't have to work, a long weekend is an excellent time to head into Scarecrow and catch up on popular TV shows (or rediscover an old favorite), plow through an epic, or finally watch that one classic film people can't believe you've never seen before (for example, this one). If you're not cocooning inside, likely you'll be attending this or this or a frantic combination of both. Scarecrow reminds you to stay hydrated, be mindful of where you step, and please don't show up late, shove your way to the front and block the view of someone clearly a lot shorter than you. This also could be your weekend to see The Dark Knight in IMAX. We're not sure how you get in with Bumbershoot all over the place, but it doesn't look like it's sold out (yet). There's of course plenty of other film things going on around town, we refer you here for details. We're open regular hours* all weekend and on Labor Day, so stop by and say hello. *11am to midnight Friday and Saturday, 11am to 11pm Monday