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Big Movie Award weekend kicks off this evening as Eddie Izzard hosts the 25th annual SPIRIT AWARDS starting at 8pm. It looks like they're only going to be broadcast on the IFC Channel, but you can watch the preshow festivities online on MySpace and follow the ceremony on Twitter. We'll all be rooting loudly for hometown hero HUMPDAY and director Lynn Shelton, nominated for the John Cassavetes Award that honors the best feature made for under $500,000. If you're looking to follow the Oscar action on Sunday, please review our list of parties to attend and places to follow along online. The folks over on SLOG also posted yesterday that they'll be live slogging all the action starting at 4:30, so we encourage you to log on and join the always lively conversation. If you couldn't give a hoot about awards shows, there's of course plenty of moviegoing to be done this weekend. In addition to the VENGEANCE TRILOGY screening this Sunday, NORTHWEST FILM FORUM kicks off BYDESIGN, a mulitmedia series that "explores the intersection of graphic design and moving image, and celebrates multidisciplinary artists who push the boundaries to create new techniques, styles and forms." There's a free Opening Night party TONIGHT at 9pm featuring short films and live performances by Iller Aint, Scientific American and Wyndel Hunt. You have another opportunity to experience the phenomenon that is THE ROOM over at CENTRAL CINEMA, plus an awesome GOONIES Quote-A-Long. I personally would like to thank the folks at Central Cinema for offering a welcoming environment for me to yell "MARTIN SHEEN? THAT'S PRESIDENT KENNEDY YOU IDIOT!" without incurring the wrath of fellow moviegoers. After successful screenings at both SIFF and the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival last year, Kimberly Reed's powerful & personal documentary PRODIGAL SONS returns to town over at SIFF CINEMA, plus the cautionary environmental documentary DIRT! Down the street from us at GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA tonight is the G.I. JOE STOP MOTION FILM FESTIVAL, a collection of shorts all made starring the your favorite patriotic action figure, along with "A Hard Day's Night" director Richard Lester's ancient Rome farce A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM (1966) starring Phil Silvers and Zero Mostel. And making an encore appearance in the Late Night spot: GUMS. Enjoy!