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New DVDs on the horizon and Futurama Trivia Night

Every Wednesday an email appears in the general Scarecrow inbox that I'm always excited to see. Video Business is a trade publication valuable to those of us trying to maximize our ROI. Each week they send out the "Just Announced" list, a rundown of what DVDs will be coming out in the coming months. This morning's update helped me shake off the sleepiness with news that Iron Man will be out on September 30th. You remember Iron Man, it's the movie everyone loved and talked about constantly until they saw Wall-E (which was then replaced by winner and still champion The Dark Knight). Included on the the DVD and Blu-Ray will be documentaries, screen tests, deleted/extended scenes and more. On October 14th there's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. If the haters kept you from seeing it in the theater, rent it and watch it for yourself. It's actually an enjoyable film. Indy 4's also coming out on Blu-Ray, a first for the franchise. Could the other films be next? In other Blu-Ray news, two horror classics will be out just in time for Halloween: Poltergeist on October 14th and Carrie on October 7th. I can just imagine how awesome that pig's blood is going to look in high definition... On November 4th you can maintain your voting high with Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series Collection. It contains 20 discs with 96 episodes. By my estimate, that's 384 sets of hand claps in the intro. Also scheduled to come out on Election Day is the latest straight to video Futurama feature, Bender's Game. A special note to Futurama fans: Neptune Coffee up at 85th and Greenwood is hosting FUTURAMA TRIVIA NIGHT this Friday the 15th at 8pm. Noted Futurama expert Vanessa will test your knowledge with questions such as "What's Bender's full name?" and "What planet is Leela from?" There's a minimum $5 donation to play with all the proceeds going to Neptune's neighbor 826 Seattle, a non profit writing and tutoring center. Winners will receive valuable prizes from Neptune, The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store (826's retail front and still the only place in Seattle to get an alien brain) and us here at Scarecrow. We've got four volumes of the show for rent should you need to do some last minute cramming.