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Our Favorite Films of last 20 years

2008 marks Scarecrow Video's 20th Anniversary, and we are extraordinarily grateful to Seattle and people around the world for giving us the opportunity to make many, many, many quality films available for them to discover. To kick off our anniversary celebration, we recently put up a special rental section comprised of our staff's favorite films of the last 20 years. Everyone carefully compiled a list of ten films from 1988 and later and we put them all together for your perusal. Please note these are our favorite films, NOT the ones we think are the "best". While we are certainly an opinionated murder of Crows and could expound on the merits of the films of the last two decades ad nauseum, we would never be presumptuous enough to make a definitive list of absolute best classic movies (not like these folks...). If we've learned anything in the last 20 years it's that everyone has his or her own definition of "classic," and it's not for us to define that for everyone (but if you're asking, I doubt we'd have Titanic anywhere near the top 100). Therefore we adopted a more Diff'rent Strokes approach. I had a hard time picking just ten movies and defining what make a film a "favorite." I decided upon a combination of "movies that affected me significantly upon first viewing," (meaning films that changed how I watch and think about film) and "movies I could watch every week for all my remaining years and still enjoy" (aka cinematic comfort food). In the first category there's Rushmore, Moolaade, Children Of Men and Pulp Fiction; in the latter there's The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert, Say Anything, The Hunt For Red October, Clueless, Gosford Park and A League Of Their Own (say what you will about Penny Marshall, but I have seen that film over 20 times and I still tear up at the same three scenes. Plus I love baseball, so there). The list feels pretty random and a bit odd to me (it's hard not to be able to put Star Wars or any Billy Wilder films on a list that's supposed to be my favorites), but I had to stop at some point. So, if you had to make such a list, what would you pick (and what criteria would you use to whittle it down)? Look for the 20 Years Of Scarecrow section opposite the end of our famously counterintuitive and pretentious director's section. And expect more anniversary celebration activities as the year progresses. go crow!