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some musings on SIFF

Every year during SIFF, I find the same things happening to me around town: stumbling around the lines outside the Egyptian (is it just me, or is that the hardest one to maneuver around?), overhearing media industry types talking (always somewhat loudly in public places) about the filmmakers they've hobnobbed with, appreciation for the opening gala's food and beverage selection, overly long debates and speculation about what the secret screenings will be, and of course, spotting those dedicated festival-goers with the gigantic laminated passes still hanging around their necks, even if they are nowhere near a SIFF venue (I swear, some must not even take them off to sleep). We at Scarecrow live in a perpetually heightened state of cinema fanaticism, so it's always reassuring this time of year to see so many people reaching the same level of fervor over so many quality films. Films I'm looking forward to for the rest of the festival: Wed. June 7th---49 UP---This will be director Michael Apted's seventh visit to the group of British schoolchildren he first filmed when they were seven years old. Great stuff, even if you've sworn off reality. Plus, he directed COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER, so, you know, he's brilliant. Sunday, June 11th---KIRIKOU AND THE WILD BEASTS--in KIRIKOU AND THE SORCERESS, Kirikou is a spunky baby who can walk and talk and save his village from harm, all while not wearing any clothes. I'm sure this sequel to the animated French classic is just as delightful. Tuesday, June 13th---WORLD ACCORDING TO SESAME STREET and EVIL ALIENS. Who doesn't want to see a documentary about Sesame Street? If you don't love the show, you probably don't have a soul. I have no idea what EVIL ALIENS other than something about aliens. I do know that a majority of staff members here are freaking out all over it. With this crowd, you know it's either extremely good or has an insane amount of gore. Let's hope it's both. Friday, June 16th---A Conversation with Mark Mothersbaugh---I just watched THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS again a few nights ago. Melancholy chords, organs, flutes. A work of true beauty. Brace yourselves for embarrassing q&a questions like, "How did you make the original music for THE WACKY ADVENTURES OF RONALD MCDONALD: SCARED SILLY?" Saturday, June 17th---STRANGERS WITH CANDY--- Finally. Sunday, June 18th---SCIENCE OF SLEEP ---Dreams and waking life collide in this film by Michel Gondry. Sounds perfect to me. After the screening at the Neptune, head over here to Scarecrow and rent DAVE CHAPPELLE'S BLOCK PARTY, also directed by Gondry (I think you might even see a glimpse of him in a few scenes). Grab a schedule here at the store or head to for theaters, times and details.