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New Releases for March 2nd

Among the many new titles we have for the first week of March are beloved family films, dramatic and comedic silents, documentaries about film and filmmakers, and the end of the world as we know it. Here's the full (and by full I mean long, so pace yourself) list. As always, a * indicates we also have it available on Blu-ray and you can follow the SALE link to buy it online. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE * —Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers bring Maurice Sendak's book to the big screen, creating a visually stunning and heartfelt journey though a child's imagination. In addition to being an amazing film, it also wins my vote for best trailer of last year. SALE PONYO * —HAM! Hayao Miyazaki wins our hearts yet again. SALE 2012 *Independence Day & The Day After Tomorrow director Roland Emmerich finds new and even more destructive ways to destroy the Earth. It is comforting, though, to know Lloyd Dobler survives the apocalypse... SALE ELVIS (1979)—John Carpenter's TV movie starring Kurt Russell is finally on DVD and in its uncut form! THE BEACHES OF AGNES—Director Agnes Varda's cinematic self-portrait... GENTLEMEN BRONCOS—Another quirky comedy from Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess, featuring the always wonderful Jemaine Clement. THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE—The latest from writer/director Rebecca Miller (Personal Velocity), starring Robin Wright Penn. BELIEVE: THE EDDIE IZZARD STORY—From his ambitious beginnings to his massive success, it's a look at the life of a multi-talented man. THE WRAITH (Special Edition)—80's action/horror/sci-fi cheese with Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn, Nick Cassavettes and Randy Quaid. WE LIVE IN PUBLIC— Ondi Timoner's exploration of how the Internet has shaped us through the eyes of web pioneer Josh Harris To compliment Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in theaters this Friday, here are three other interpretations new on DVD: ALICE (2009) * —The recent mini-series with Matt Frewer, Harry Dean Stanton, Tim Curry and Kathy Bates. ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1933)—Never before on home video! Featuring Cary Grant, Sterling Holloway, Gary Cooper, and W.C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty. ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1966)—BBC production with Peter Sellers, Peter Cook, Sir John Gielgud and music by Ravi Shankar. ANIME NEW RELEASES Basilisk: Complete Series—Blu-ray Claymore: Complete Series—Blu-ray Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight Young Lover Heroic Age: Complete Series—Blu-ray Kurokami: The Animation Part 1 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Alice Through The Looking Glass (1966, Special Edition) American Presidents: 1754-1861 Charlie and Lola—Vol. 10 Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey Dashavatar Free Style Go Diego Go! Lion Cub Rescue Hot Wheels: Battle Force: Season 1 Vol. 1 I Love Jonas King Arthur and the Knights of Justice: Complete Series Leap Frog: Math Adventures to the Moon Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow-tique Olivia: Takes Ballet Strawberry Shortcake: Berryfest Princess Movie Yo Gabba Gabba! Birthday Boogie --Clear some space around your computer and dance to THIS NEW TV ON DVD Beverly Hills 90210: Season 9 Bridget's Sexiest Beaches: Season 1 Cannon: Season 2 Vol. 2 Dog Whisperer: Season 2 Vol. 1 Dynasty: Season 4 Vol. 2 Gabriel (2008) Ghost Hunters: Season 5 Part 1 Have Gun Will Travel: Season 4 Vol. 1 Here's Lucy: Season 2 House of Payne: Vol. 5 Instant Star: Season 3—A show from our friends in Canada Ironside: Season 3 Lincoln Heights: Season 1 Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey: Season 1 Mister Ed: Season 2 Murder, She Wrote: Season 11 My Three Sons: Season 2 Vol. 1 Night Court: Season 3 Patty Duke Show: Season 2 Pawn Stars: Season 1 Poldark (1975): Series 1 Quads!: Season 1 Universe: Season 4 * Vega$: Season 1 Vol. 2 Waltons: Movie Collection NEW DOCTOR WHO Doctor Who, Story 67: Frontier in Space Doctor Who, Story 68: Planet of the Daleks Doctor Who, Story 152: Remembrance of the Daleks NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (1949)—"Gilded Age chanteuse Rosie O'Grady, bless her dear departed soul, had three daughters. Maureen (Debbie Reynolds in her first major film role) bubbles with teenage enthusiasm. Poppa (real-life vaudevillian James Barton) approves. Eldest daughter Katie (Marsha Jones) is ready to settle down. And until her long-time romantic secret gets out, Poppa again approves. Then there's Patricia (June Haver), who yearns for the vaudeville stage. Poppa is furious! All three ladies shine, but Haver's Patricia is the daughter in question in this nostalgic musical gem. Despite Poppa's wrath, dark skies can't last when she attracts the attentions of showman Tony Pastor (Gordon MacRae) and tap-happy Doug (Gene Nelson). Nor can ex-showman Poppa forever resist the footlights. As he takes the stage during the movie's finale, you witness a vaudeville turn from a man who lived it." Jazz Singer (1952)—"Danny Thomas, star classic TV comedy series Make Room for Daddy, plays Jerry in this 1952 update of the 1927 movie landmark that introduced the Sound Era. Opposite Thomas is musical legend Peggy Lee. Both Thomas and Lee rarely appear in films, which makes this heart-tugging show business story even more exceptional." Love in the Rough (1930)—"Robert Montgomery stars in this remake of the William Haines-Joan Crawford silent Spring Fever, bringing his infectious charm to the comedy scenes and his engaging tenor to the musical numbers, most notably Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh's 'Go Home and Tell Your Mother.'" She's Back on Broadway (1953)—"Virginia Mayo is the lovely she of She's Back on Broadway, a back stager that co-stars ever-reliable song-and-dance man Gene Nelson. Don't miss the trumpet-and-tap specialty by Condos and Brandow. Zowie!" She's Working Her Way Through College (1952)—"Virginia Mayo and Ronald Reagan headline this rollicking campus musical comedy based on the stage and screen classic The Male Animal." So This Is College (1929)—"Calculus? Nah. Chem? No way. Russian Lit? Oh, please. College in 1929, in Hollywood at least, was all about girls, football and girls! Robert Montgomery graduates summa cum laughter in this rah-rah musical, playing a football star who lets a devious coed come between himself and his buddy (Elliott Nugent)." Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1930)—"In 1793, Kitty Bellairs rides into the English seaside resort of Bath...and into a whirlwind of romance with a bashful lord and a dashing highwayman. Add duels, disguises, a kidnapping, a jealous husband, a bounty of saucy tunes and a confectioner's shop of white powdered wigs and Kitty has all the adventure a pretty and flirtatious miss could hope for." Valley of Decision (1945)—"Surging with passion and strife, featuring a commanding cast that includes Greer Garson, Lionel Barrymore and Gregory Peck (the relative newcomer created a sensation as the romantic, intense Paul), The Valley of Decision is a prime example of prestige filmmaking during Hollywood's Golden Age." NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Above Suspicion (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK whodunit Altn Cocuk (aka Golden Boy, 1966)(PAL)—Turkey Basic Love (2009)—Hong Kong Cinco Amigas (2003)—Argentina Dorian Gray (2009)(PAL Code 2)—New production with Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall and Ben Barnes as Dorian For Fun (1993)—China Fraulein Else (1929)(PAL Code 2)—Germany Giallo (PAL Code 2)—Italy, directed by Dario Argento Rhod Gilbert: And The Award Winning Mince (PAL)—Stand-up comedy from Wales. Goodbye Again (1961)(PAL)—Drama with Ingrid Bergman, Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins Haeundae (2009)(Code 3)—Korea King Lear (1987)(PAL Code 2)—Directed by Jean-Luc Godard Law & Order UK: Series 1 (PAL Code 2)—It's EVERYWHERE! Lolita's Club (2007)—Spain Madness (2009)—Sweden Messiah V: The Rapture (PAL Code 2)(2009)—UK Mulan (2009)(Code 3)—China My Generation: Woodstock 1969,'94,'99 (PAL)—Directed by Barbara Kopple No Sabe, No Contest (2001)—Argentina Oppai Volleyball (2009)(Code 3)—Japan Palermo Or Wolfsberg (1980)—Germany Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)—Hong Kong; Shaw Brothers action new to DVD Road from Coorain (2001)—Australia Secret Policeman's Private Party (1984)—UK comedy Sweet Body of Deborah (1968)(PAL Code 2)—Italy Wallander 2 (2010) (PAL Code 2)—UK whodunit with Kenneth Branagh NEW DOCUMENTARIES AND OTHER NON-FICTION FARE America's Serial Killers: Portraits in EvilSerial Killers: Portraits in Evil will strip the covers from a world of profiling, forensic science and painful investigation as history's most brutal serial killers are exposed. Wars have terrorized entire populations for thousands of years. The American West was home to ruthless killers who were idolized in fiction and folklore. Evil evolved to a hideous new form with the genocidal dictators of the 20th century such as Hitler, Stalin and MaoTseTung who ordered the death of tens of millions. But in the middle of the 20th century a new and chilling phenomenon emerged in post-war Western society: The Serial Killer. As if fashioned from our nightmares, they terrify and fascinate us. Lurking behind masks of bland normality they often evade capture for years, decades or eternity. They are America's serial killers. Blood and Treasure in Peru—"In 1987, the art market was flooded with exquisite ancient artifacts made of solid gold and silver. Art historians identified the treasures as belonging to the Moche, a pre-Columbian civilization in Peru, but were unable to locate their source. Where were these astonishing artifacts coming from? Soon, looters provided the startling answer: a grave robbery near the small village of Sipan, Peru. The confession led to the discovery of the Royal Tombs of Sipan the richest burial site ever found in the Western Hemisphere which had remained hidden for centuries amidst eroded pyramids just outside of Sipan. Blood and Treasure in Peru narrates the incredible story of the tombs and their unearthing, from the first pilfered artifacts to current excavations of the stunning crypts." Clans of Scotland: True Stories of Scottish Clans—"Presenter Paul Murton uses historical and modern-day locations, the stunning drama of Scotland's scenery and the testimony of contemporary accounts and present-day descendants to explore defining moments in the fierce and bloody history of Scotland's Clans. Focusing on major characters and events, each episode throws light on one of Scotland's most famous Clans: their origins, myths and traditions, their ancient hatreds, military prowess and - for some - their battles to survive extermination and exile." Coffee (History Channel)—"Traces the origins of this tasty drink from Ethiopia over 1,000 years ago to the espresso-fueled explosion of specialty coffee stores like Starbucks today. Along the way, we'll see how American companies like Hills Brothers, Maxwell House, Folgers and MJB grew to be giants. Discover how billions of coffee beans make their journey from coffee farms and plantations, and are processed in gigantic roasting and packaging plants before showing up in coffee cups all over the world. Details the invention and production of instant coffee, decaffeinated coffee and freeze-dried coffee, and the espresso machine. Also, we explain how coffee made shift work in factories possible, while coffeehouses provided a creative cauldron that brewed political and artistic progress in the 18th and 19th centuries. And, we also provide tips on how to make a better cup at home!" Copyright Criminals—"Copyright Criminals examines the creative and commercial value of musical sampling, including the related debates over artistic expression, copyright law, and (of course) money. This documentary traces the rise of hip-hop from the urban streets of New York to its current status as a multibillion-dollar industry. For more than thirty years, innovative hip-hop performers and producers have been re-using portions of previously recorded music in new, otherwise original compositions. When lawyers and record companies got involved, what was once referred to as a borrowed melody became a copyright infringement. The film showcases many of hip-hop music s founding figures like Public Enemy, De La Soul, and Digital Underground while also featuring emerging hip-hop artists from record labels Definitive Jux, Rhymesayers, Ninja Tune, and more. It also provides an in-depth look at artists who have been sampled, such as Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown s drummer and the world s most sampled musician), as well as commentary by another highly sampled musician, funk legend George Clinton. As artists find ever more inventive ways to insert old influences into new material, this documentary asks a critical question, on behalf of an entire creative community: Can you own a sound?" Fall of '55—"In the fall of 1955, a gay sex scandal erupted in the unassuming, wholesome and "vice-less" town of Boise, Idaho, as teenage boys who had prostituted themselves to older men began to disclose their dalliances to authorities. Overnight, Boise's homosexual underworld - comprised mostly of married family men - was splashed onto headlines and thrust into the spotlight. Reputations were shattered and lives ruined as the rumors and accusations flew. What followed was a classic witch-hunt, marked by intense homophobic hysteria, in which the whole town became embroiled. Seth Randal's gripping documentary provides unique insights into the pre-Stonewall gay experience as well as 1950s' America's struggle with the issue of homosexuality and the prevailing myth that it was a cancer that could be spread to the youth. Interesting parallels are also drawn with the era of McCarthyism, during which fear and paranoia supplanted rational thought, and the federal government began its own purge of gays (one that continues to this day in our military)." Harry Hay : Hope Along the WindHope Along the Wind: The Life of Harry Hay tells the riveting story of one of America's unsung heroes, gay rights activist Harry Hay. A significant contributor to the struggle for lesbian and gay rights in the U.S., Hay created the country's first homosexual rights organization, the Mattachine Society, in the late1940s, a time of violence and oppression against homosexuals. Hay was the first to publicly identify gays and lesbians as an oppressed minority and to insist they deserve equality. Using interviews with Harry Hay and his contemporaries, archival photographs, newsreel footage, and visually stylized dramatizations, Hope Along the Wind brings to life the people and history that shaped its subject's life. Hollywood Singing & Dancing: Movies that Swing—"The "Swing" era during the 1930s and 1940s was famously captured on feature films and short subjects during the time it was all happening. Hollywood Singing and Dancing: Movies That Swing brings you the story of swing music on film and the best performances from the classic musicians of the Big Band era including Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa, Cab Calloway, Kay Kyser, and many more. Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery—"In one of magic history's rarest events, a private collector auctioned off the largest collection of personally-owned Harry Houdini artifacts and memorabilia, providing an unprecedented peek behind the curtain at the world's great showman and magician. In a feature-length special, hosted by renowned magician Lance Burton, we explore the life and magic of the great escape artist through his most prized possessions: the Chinese Water Torture Cell, the Milkcan, his straitjackets and handcuffs, and lockpicks that were "key" to his handcuff escapes, revealed to the public for the first time. We also unlock secrets of the man--brash showman, fierce competitor, loyal son and husband. With expert commentary, including a great-nephew and the last surviving member of his magic troop." Hunting the Lost Symbol— may have something to do with that Dan Brown book... Kartemquin Films Collection Volume 1-Early Years-Two films from the documentary production company that brought us Hoop Dreams: A conversation about parental influence and authority with a youth parish group in a lower-middle class Chicago neighborhood called Parents (1968), and a look at a youth church group's anti-war Mass called Thumbs Down (1968). Lodz Ghetto (Special Edition)—"Widely praised as the most authentic film ever made of Jewish life within the Holocaust, "Lodz Ghetto" combines secret diaries with clandestine images to depict life in the longest surviving concentration of Jews in Nazi Europe. The newly mastered dvd includes an interactive menu with photo gallery and bonus features. The is the story of the struggle by 250,000 Jews to endure a man-made hell on earth while maintaining the best of human life: love of family, culture, intellect and religion." Nelson Mandela: From Political Prisoner to President—A biography from the Smithsonian Channel. Out in the Silence—"Following the story of a small American town confronting a firestorm of controversy ignited by a same-sex wedding announcement in the local newspaper, this gripping documentary illustrates the challenges of being an outsider in a conservative rural community and the change that is possible when courageous people break the silence and search for common ground." Petra: Prophecy Revealed!—"This video will take you through the 30-square-mile cave city of Esau the most mysterious ghost town in the world. You will also be shown from the Bible why Petra will be the secret hiding place of a Jewish remnant during the last half of the Tribulation." Real Wolfman—"In the mid 1700s, a mysterious beast viciously attacked and killed 102 villagers in the French village of Gevaudan. The victims, mostly women and children, were mauled and decapitated, their naked bodies all bearing the bite marks of a non-human creature. The killings mark the largest number of alleged werewolf attacks in history and are the basis of the Hollywood Wolfman legend. Venture deep into the mythology and folklore of werewolves with renowned cryptozoologist Ken Gerhardt and veteran criminal profiler George Deuchar as they investigate this reviled creature that brutally kills when the moon is full. In their investigation, they uncover intriguing paranormal transformations, diseases that make men look and act like animals, strange but true stories of children raised by wolves and, eventually, the dark side of human nature in the horrific truth behind the Gevaudan werewolf attacks." Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall (History Channel)—"When the Berlin Wall was built with a few railway cars and a lot of barbed wire in August 1961, no one could have foreseen its rise and fall. In this feature-length special, History uses computer imagery to reconstruct how the wall grew from a meager obstacle to a mighty barrier of seven concentric walls with ditches, fences, signal wires, tank-traps and a flood-lit death strip patrolled by half-starved dogs a nearly impenetrable barricade with a 96-mile circumference, 200-plus bunkers and 302 watchtowers. Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall gets firsthand accounts from the people who tried to escape this Wall of Death by any means possible, including tunnels, hot air balloons, wind surfing boats, bi-planes and a cable railway. Additional interviews with the security officials who designed the wall and Stasi men who protected it, border guards, politicians, historians and journalists help to breathe life into the Cold War icon whose demise, beginning on November 9, 1989, signaled the start of one of history s most dramatic political transformations." Paul Rodriguez: Comedy Rehab—" Paul Rodriguez has brought the hottest new faces of Latino comedy Gene Pompa, Shayla Rivera & Manny Maldonado together for a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Filmed in Santa Fe, NM, Paul has pulled out all the stops to deliver the gut-busting, laugh-out-loud show of his already infamous career." Screaming Queens: Riot at Compton's Cafeteria -"Emmy© Award-winning Screaming Queens tells the little-known story of the first known act of collective, violent resistance to the social oppression of queer people in the United States - a 1966 riot in San Francisco's impoverished Tenderloin neighborhood, three years before the famous gay riot at New York's Stonewall Inn." Shadow Government—"Internationally known best-selling author Grant Jeffrey details how individual's rights and freedoms have disappeared, how a system is now in place to control and monitor all of humanity, and how all this ties in to one of the Bible's most fascinating prophecies." Sinbad: Where U Been?—"Sinbad returns to the stage in this brand-new one-hour comedy special and answers the question his legions of fans have been asking him, 'Where Ya Bin?'" Wanda Sykes: I'ma Be Me— "Smart. Outspoken. Opinionated. Three-time Emmy Award winner Wanda Sykes is back! Reigning over everything from television sitcoms to feature films, this comedienne extraordinaire has returned in her second solo HBO comedy special, I'ma Be Me. Live from Washington D.C. and edgier than ever, Wanda holds nothing back as she riffs on the perks of having a black President, coming out, getting married, motherhood, aging and twenty-first century pirates. With her trademark wit, Wanda shocks and astonishes at every turn in this feature-length special." Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak—"From Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze, acclaimed director of Where The Wild Things Are comes a loving look at one of the most cherished and controversial figures in children s literature. Featuring Tell Them Anything You Want, this is a deeply moving tribute to Sendak, a seminal talent whose conflicts with success and lifelong obsession with death have subtly influenced his work. Now 81, Sendak is best known for his book, Where The Wild Things Are, which he wrote twelve years into his career as a writer and illustrator. WILD THINGS would go on to become one of the most beloved and critically lauded children s books of all time and, much to Sendak s chagrin, would come to define his career. Through his own words, personal photos, and illustrations, Sendak offers a rare, intimate, and unexpected look at his exceptional life. A Portrait of Maurice Sendak also features James Gandolfini, Meryl Streep, Catherine Keener, and Tony Kushner honoring their friend and colleague." This Emotional Life—"How can we all live happier, more fulfilling lives? This Emotional Life explores ways we can improve our social relationships, learn to cope with problems like depression and anxiety, and become more positive and resilient individuals. Host Daniel Gilbert, Harvard psychologist and best-selling author of Stumbling on Happiness, talks with experts about the latest scientific understanding of our emotions and how we can find support for the issues we all face. Each episode weaves together scientific perspectives with the compelling personal stories of ordinary people, complemented by insight from celebrities like Chevy Chase, Larry David, Alanis Morissette, John Leguizamo, Katie Couric, and Richard Gere, among many others." Two Angry Moms—"In the face of a national child health crisis, Two Angry Moms asks: What are our children eating in school and how is it impacting their learning, behavior and health? Amy Kalafa chronicles the efforts of leaders in the fledgling better school food movement as they take on the system nationwide.. See what happens when fed-up moms start a grass-roots revolution!" Yellowstone: Battle For Life— "In a land of beauty and peril, the dramatic lives and fortunes of these animals are inexorably bound together. Intimate and emotional, epic and engaging, Yellowstone - Tales from the Wild reveals the grandeur of this unique place as its animals struggle to survive over the course of three vividly changing seasons." And to soothe your post-Olympics withdrawals, there's two documentaries about super-duper snowboarder Shaun White: Don't Look Down (Director's Cut) and The Ultimate Ride NEW HARD ROCK AND/OR HEAVY METAL \m/ Corrosion of Conformity: Live Volume—The Movie Motorhead: 25 & Alive—Boneshaker Nuclear Assault: Radiation Sickness NEW OPERA Don Giovanni (1991)—An Opera Australia production Roberto Devereux (1975, Beverly Sills) OTHER NEW MUSIC Bongo & Sitatunga with the Pygmies Diana Krall: Live in Rio AND MORE NEW MOVIES Around The World in 80 Minutes (1931)—Who wouldn't want to go around the world with director Victor Fleming and the dashing Douglas Fairbanks? Bikini Frankenstein—"She'll love you to pieces!" Biograph Productions Vol. 2: 1904-08—Eleven short silent films from the early film company. Biophage—In a world where a viral outbreak has savagely transformed most of mankind, two men struggle to get back to their home base hospital and hold together what's left of humanity. Bitch Slap (Unrated!)—"A modern throwback to the B-movie exploitation films of the 50's-70's, mixing beautiful women, fast cars, big guns, nasty tongues, outrageous action, and jaw-dropping eye candy. The movie follows three bad girls, a down-and-out stripper, a drug running killer, and a corporate power broker as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive booty from an underworld kingpin." Bollywood Hero—"Chris Kattan is fed-up with not being taken seriously by Hollywood, so he accepts an offer to star in a big- time Mumbai production called 'Peculiar Dancing Boy'. But before he can conquer India, Chris will have to survive a whole new land of culture clashes, jealous rivals, runaway egos, power hungry starlets and extreme dancing lessons. How far does an actor have to go in this world to fight the bad guys, get the beautiful women and finally play the hero? Maya Rudolph, Julian Sands, Pooja Kumar, Rachna Shah, Ali Fazal and Neha Dhupia co-star in this IFC musical comedy miniseries event - featuring key members of the Oscar® winning production team from Slumdog Millionaire - with guest appearances by Jennifer Coolidge, David Alan Grier and Keanu Reeves." C Me Dance—"A teenage dancer in training for the Los Angeles ballet discovers that she is dying of cancer, only to discover that the Devil is real after getting the miracle that she and her father both prayed for. Shortly after discovering that her dream of joining the Los Angeles Ballet has come true, 17-year-old Sherri (Christina DeMarco) receives a devastating report from her doctor: she's dying of cancer, and her days among the living are numbered. Falling back on their faith, Sherri and her father, Vince (Greg Robbins), begin to pray. One night, following an extensive prayer session, a miracle occurs. But the Devil (Peter Kent) has taken note, and now he's determined to claim Sherri's soul through whatever means necessary." The Caretaker—" A group of teenage boys out to give their girlfriends a good scare on Homecoming night, which also happens to be Halloween, head to an abandoned house in an out-of-the-way fruit orchard where they uncover the story of a real life urban legend." It stars Jennifer Freeman, Jonathan Breck, Jennifer Tilly and Judd Nelson. Circle of Eight—" Secrets. Passion. Redemption. Murder. When Jessica moves into The Dante, a historic and eerie building in downtown Los Angeles, she finds an eclectic mix of new neighbors eager to welcome her to their bohemian world. Or are they? As Jessica races to unravel the mystery behind a chain of horrifying deaths that only she seems to see, she'll come face-to-face with the chilling truth behind her connection to The Dante. Welcome home... welcome into the Circle of Eight." Haunting Villisca—"A fictional feature length movie inspired by the true story of Iowa's historic, unsolved Villisca axe murders and the actual paranormal investigations there. When Professor David Salt's guilty secrets draw him to the fabled town of Villisca, past and present collide as he is driven to help the trapped spirits, and to seek his own redemption by facing the darkness harbored in the small white house." Heist (2009)—"Erik has one week to live. He must pay Luis, the head of a dangerous Colombian drug cartel, or he will die. Erik turns to the only person he knows who can reckon with Luis's empire--his brother, K, the leader of an L.A. gang. And reckon he does: K hatches a plan to rob an armored truck, in broad daylight, on a busy street corner. What happens next is an action-packed story of guns, greed, betrayal, honor and bond between brothers and thieves." Hellhounds—Holy crap! This Clash of the Titans/Sinbad like adventure is directed by RICK SCHRODER! Indigo Hearts—"The stories of four lovers are intertwined in this gritty and emotionally heartfelt ensemble film. As we get a glimpse into the four gut wrenching stories of love, violence, laughter and heartache we are brought to the present day and the reality that each relationship is still unresolved. Love can be harsh but life marches forward irrespective of their broken lives." K-Hole—The tagline reads, "Trapped in an abyss of drugs and sex." Good luck gettin' out of there. Maneater (2009)—"Beautiful, fashionable and fun, Clarissa Alpert is a shallow socialite whose speed dial is a veritable Rolodex of Hollywood power players. Staring her 32nd birthday directly in the eyes - though she will admit only to being 28 - the spoiled daddy's girl is in a panic because she is still single. Clarissa, though, always gets what she wants - even if he's Aaron Mason (Philip Winchester), the hottest new producer in town. With the help of her family and friends, Clarissa sets into motion an elaborate plan to lasso the dashing filmmaker who will, she hopes, be the man to put a ring on her finger." It stars Sarah Chalke, Gregory Harrison, Judy Greer and Maria Conchita Alonso and is directed by Timothy "Danny Concannon" Busfield. Memory Thief—"The Memory Thief tells the story of Lukas - an aimless, haunted young man in contemporary L.A. who buries thoughts of his own past in the humdrum routine of a tollbooth clerk. A chance encounter with a Holocaust survivor suddenly brings into focus a world and an identity he embraces with frightening intensity - the victimized Jews of World War II. As he begins to enthusiastically act out his newfound obsession, Lukas discovers that survivor's guilt isn't just for the Jews anymore. Nailed (2007)—"A revolutionary procedure performed in the jungles of Guatemala gives rise to an unspeakable horror when one doctor discovers how to implement mind control. By injecting a deadly cocktail straight into the brains of the worlds unwanted, a new slave race." Night of the Flesheaters—" On the most evil night of the year, a beautiful blond woman and ruggedly handsome archeologist hitman find themselves trapped in a forest haunted by bizarre flesh eating Native American demon zombies. As they flee the woman's crime boss husband, who seeks to murder them for their illicit love affair, their car is destroyed in a head-on collision with one of the demons, a Stone Man. The blond woman and assassin must escape the perils of the dark and evil forest, on foot, without becoming demon food or getting themselves slaughtered by the woman's vengeful, fat cat husband." Person of Interest— "In an 18 month period three professional women have disappeared from a small New England town. Sheriff Nickie Welles (Elise Rovinsky), who has learned that state budget cutbacks will soon eliminate her job, is determined to find out who's behind these terrible crimes. In an act of desperation, Nickie asks James Hart (Cuyle Carvin), a local psychic, to help solve the mystery before her tenure comes to an end. However, Detective Sandra Franks (Julie Bell), Nickie's lover, believes James is a fake and that her girlfriend is in over her head. James suspects someone is out to frame him for the disappearances. Could it be Sandra? Ultimately their investigation will uncover a terrible secret that will bring them all to the brink." Phantom Racer—"Fast. Furious...and FATAL!" Beware, Greg Evigan & Nicole Eggert! Pterodactyl—"Two expeditions make their way into the heart of a forest near Mt. Ararat in Turkey - home of a dormant volcano that holds within itself a deadly secret that's been asleep for millions of years: un-hatched pterodactyl eggs! On a man hunt for a dangerous terrorist, Captain Bergen (Coolio) leads his military Special Ops unit deeper into the forest, while Professor Lovecraft (Cameron Daddo) and his team of scientists search for clues to the past when they make a dangerous discovery. Faced with the threat of the flesh eating predators, both groups come to the realization that they must rely on one another if they plan to make it out of the forest alive! With non-stop action and explosive graphics, Pterodactyl will make your fear take flight!" Punch (Unrated DIY cut!)—The head of a punk biker gang and the leader of a rockabilly muscle car group are chosen by God and The Devil respectively to duke it out for all mankind! Rad Girls: Bad to the Bone—"Welcome to the madness and mayhem of Rad Girls. Ramona, Munchie and Clementine prove that Jackass-style humor isn't just for the boys, by filming some of the most outrageous stunts and hidden-camera pranks ever seen." Red Hook (Unrated!)—"College freshman Jenny Traylor joins her dorm's Welcome Week scavenger hunt. But as she and her friends decipher the cryptic text message clues on their cell phones, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the stakes in this game are life and death. Hip, romantic, and darkly clever, Red Hook is a chilling thrill ride through the landmarks and local haunts of New York City." She Goes to War (1929)—Henry King's film about a young woman who follows her fiancée into World War I. Shore Leave (1925)—One of the early romantic comedy movies, based on the Broadway play. Starring Richard Barthelmess and Dorothy Mackaill. Speed Dating—"After the break up with the love of his life two years previously, James Van Der Bexton - approaching his 30th birthday - has taken up Speed Dating without much success. Despondent, he turns his attention towards a mysterious young woman who frequents his local bar. In trying to discover more about this woman, James plays at being a private detective with disastrous but hilarious results! It's not stalking... It's research." Sweethearts on Parade (1930)—Alice White and Marie Prevost are two best friends working at a department store and searching for millionaires to marry, until they meet some poor but real sweet fellas. That Girl Montana (1921)—Blanche Sweet is Montana Rivers in this silent Western 39 Steps (2008)—"BBC's new adaptation of John Buchan's thriller is the best ever! Richard Hannay (Rupert Penry-Jones) finds himself framed for a murder he didn't commit. Now he has to break a ruthless German espionage network to prove his innocence and, more importantly and patriotically, warn the admiralty that its plans have fallen to the enemy. Full of excitement, danger, fun and romance, The 39 Steps is a remarkable tale of an ordinary man who puts his country's interests before his own safety." Whatever She Wants— "Whatever She Wants is the story about one woman's determination to rediscover who she really is... Vivian Wolf (Vivica A. Fox) has suffered one heartbreak too many and has no room left for unfulfilling relationships. Now she has come up with the solution to every woman s problem, a private club called Whatever She Wants where men have to qualify to get in." Wrong Side of Town—"Bobby (Rob Van Dam), a former Navy Seal, seeks revenge by killing a crooked nightclub owner who attacked his wife. The owner's brother comes after Bobby by placing a massive bounty on his head. Bobby's only hope will be to enlist his old friend Ronnie (David Bautista) in retaliation efforts. But first he'll have to repair the falling-out they had years ago. With Ronnie's help he'll stand a chance, but ultimately it will be up to him to save his family and escape his death sentence." And after a short delay, we finally have Small Wonder: Season 1 There are many more new titles in the NEW TO STORE section and up in the Sexploitation room, including Adult parodies of Twilight: New Moon and 30 Rock. Curious, right? We'll see you here.