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Poll: What do you want to see on DVD?

This morning while browsing the Internet(s), I came across this link on the IMDb. It's a Turner Classic Movies poll asking what currently unavailable on DVD film viewers most want to see released. They tallied their top 200 requests and put them up for a vote. TCM will use the results to lobby studios in the hope that a proven popularity will persuade them to release the movies. The list gives you a clear picture of all the great films still sitting on the shelves, titles we know customers here are often surprised aren't available. This includes Wings, (the first film to win an Oscar for Best Picture), Luis Bunuel's The Exterminating Angel and the perennially requested The African Queen, The Magnificent Ambersons and Song of The South (though there's plenty of debate as to whether it should be released on DVD at all). There doesn't appear to be anywhere one can write in Howard The Duck. What movie would you like to see finally come out on DVD? Please us know. We probably don't have as much clout as Turner Classic Movies, but we can try.