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Movies, outside!

Now that we've suffered through our obligatory patch of questionable weather over the 4th of July weekend, it looks like the warmth will be sticking around for awhile and luring even the most sun-phobic folks outdoors. And if you're going to be outside anyway, you might as well watch a movie. Here are some options; click on the links for the info: --Once again this year Three Dollar Bill Cinema will present Features From the Black Lagoon on an awesome inflatable screen at Cal Anderson Park. It starts with the still-not-on-DVD-for-some-reason Lily Tomlin classic Incredible Shrinking Woman on Friday, July 18th and continues with the Scarecrow Staff favorite Frogs, the Carmen Miranda/Busby Berkeley musical masterpiece The Gang's All Here, and ends with Creature From The Black Lagoon (in 3-D!!) --KEXP's Cinema on the Lawn starts this Friday, July 11th at the South Lake Union Discovery Center (insert SLUT joke here) with the Heathers. It's an event that promises to be better than a Remington party. We've got postcards here for you to take home and put on the fridge as a reminder (and we're digging the awesome Sweet Valley High design). They're also showing the cheertastic Bring It On! and the film that made everyonel finally stop talking about Little Miss Sunshine, Juno. -- The Fremont Outdoor Movies are already underway; on July 19th they're showing Ghostbusters, one of the few films a majority of our staff can recite along with (try challenging one of us next time you're in!) and on August 16th there's another Scarecrow favorite, The Iron Giant. Of course, if you feel like you've had enough vitamin D for the year and/or shun the company of others, we've still got plenty of movies here for indoor use.