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Inform yourself of this week's New Releases!

My how the month has flown! Here's the last hurrah for new DVDs in February. Remember, a * means it's also on Blu-ray and you can follow the SALE icon to buy select titles online (when you're not browsing the wide selection here in the store, that is...) THE INFORMANT! * --When Steven Soderbergh & Matt Damon get together, it's always a party. Throw in Scott Bakula and it's a real barnburner! THE BOX *--The latest mindbender from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank "Skeletor" Langella. I think it would have been funny if a cat jumped up on the counter and landed on the button... THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE—An insider look at Vogue and its ruthless editor Anna Wintour. The "Double Issue" DVD includes over 90 minutes of never before seen footage. EXAMINED LIFE—Because an unexamined one isn't worth living... PROJECT RUNWAY: SEASON 6—Also known as the L.A. season... FLAME AND CITRON—A gritty Danish thriller about two hitmen working for the Resistance during WWII. ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK—The Opening Night film at the 2009 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival arrives on DVD, with John Hurt reprising his role as the legendary Quentin Crisp. EVERYBODY'S FINE—A heartwarming family drama about a widower (Robert DeNiro) who takes an impromptu trip to see his busy kids—Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale & Sam Rockwell. DAMNED UNITED— Michael Sheen stars as footy coach Brian Clough. The import DVD has recently been residing in our Best of 2009 section. FISH TANK—Fresh off its win for Best British Film at last weekend's BAFTAs, we have this dramatic tale of a teenage girl, her mom and her mom's new boyfriend on a PAL Code 2 DVD. SORORITY ROW *--Horror remake alert! All the slasher goodness you remember from the original now with 85% more skin, 100% more text messaging, and a shotgun-toting Carrie Fisher. HOUSE (1977)—If you really want a scare, we suggest this infamous Japanese film on PAL Code 2 DVD. WARNING: Trailer NSFW or the easily freaked out. JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS * —The Justice League is committed to helping all in need, even those in alternate universes. Look (or listen, rather) for James Woods as the evil Owlman. $9.99—"In this stop-motion animated feature, Dave Peck, an unemployed, 28-year old with no goals or aspirations, finds an ad for a book promising the meaning of life. Wishing to share his discovery, his path crosses with those of his unusual neighbors, who are all on their own search for hope and redemption." MARY & MAX—"The opening night selection of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Mary and Max is a clayography feature film from Academy Award® winning writer/director Adam Elliot and producer Melanie Coombs, featuring the voice talents of Toni Collette, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Humphries and Eric Bana." SUPERJAIL: SEASON 1—Adult Swim's usual brand of strange animation set in "the largest and most brutal prison in the world." VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT: CIRQUE DU FREAK—Well, it's got John C. Reilly in it... BLOOD ON THE FLAT TRACK: THE RISE OF THE RAT CITY ROLLERGIRLS—If you're reading this before 7pm on Tuesday, head in and get your copy signed by directors Lainy Bagwell & Lacey Leavitt, plus some actual Rat City Rollergirls! If not, you can still get it here more a mere $16.95. SALE ANIME NEW RELEASES Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk Part 2 Yobi: The Five Tailed Fox FAMILY NEW RELEASES Adventures of Food Boy Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang NEW BLU-RAY: HI-DEF FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Femme Mariee (aka A Married Woman, 1964)—Directed by Jean-Luc Godard The Crazies--Not the one about to arrive in theaters... the George Romero original! SALE NEW TV ON DVD FlashForward: Season 1 Part 1—"Experience the nonstop action, excitement, and drama of the first ten episodes of the critically-acclaimed FlashForward and get set for television's best new show (Mark A. Perigard, Boston Herald) to grab hold of you from its first explosive moment. Chaos reigns after a mysterious event causes everyone in the world to lose consciousness at exactly the same time. Was it an act of nature or something far more sinister? During the global blackout, every man, woman and child was given a glimpse of his or her life six months in the future. One elite law enforcement team jumps into the investigation, attempting to solve the mystery, as the world's population wrestles with the choice of whether to embrace the fate they've seen or fight to change the future. Relive every brilliant twist of FlashForward's first ten episodes, and prepare yourself for what's to come in the second half of Season One. Who is D. Gibbons? Who is the shadowy figure unaffected by the blackout? And what's next for your favorite characters as their day of reckoning approaches? Plus, dig even deeper with never before seen bonus features and an exclusive sneak peek at the next chapter, only available on DVD. Nurse Jackie: Season 1 * --"Three-time Primetime Emmy® winner Edie Falco is "outstanding" (Time Magazine) as Jackie Peyton, a nurse trying to survive the chaotic grind of saving lives in a hectic New York City hospital. Sharp-tongued and quick-witted, Jackie's a woman of substance who knows how to handle it all. With a white lie here, a bent rule there, and a steady dose of pain relievers for her chronic back pain, Jackie does whatever it takes to get the job done." NEW FROM THE CRITERION COLLECTION Howard's End (1992)—"The pinnacle of the decades-long collaboration between producer Ismail Merchant and director James Ivory, Howards End is a luminous vision of E. M. Forster's cutting 1910 novel about class divisions in Edwardian England." SALE Make Way For Tomorrow (1937)—"Leo McCarey's Make Way for Tomorrow is one of the great unsung Hollywood masterpieces, an enormously moving Depression-era depiction of the frustrations of family, aging, and the generation gap." SALE George Bernard Shaw: On Film—Three films from Criterion's Eclipse label: Androcles and The Lion (1952), Major Barbara (1945), and Caesar and Cleopatra (1941) NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Amanecer de un Sueno (2009)—Spain Battle Girl: Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1992)—Japan Bliss (2007)—Turkey Car Cemetery (1983)—France Coronation Street Vol. 3 1963-1966—One of the definitive British TV shows. Demain Des L'Aube (2008)—France Detour (2009)—Canada Farewell, Babylon!/Borges: A Life On Poetry...--France Game On: Series 1-3 (PAL Code 2)—British comedy TV GBH (1991)—British drama TV Gold Diggers (1983)(PAL Code 2)—British drama Happy Flight (2009) (Code 3)—Japan Heat of the Day (1989)—British drama Joueuse (2008)—France Librarians: Series 2 (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Australian TV May Story (2009)—Korea Mesrine: Part 1 & 2 (2009)(PAL Code 2)—France My Son (2006)—Korea Not Without You (2009)(Code 3)—Taiwan One Million Yen Girl (2009)(Code 3)—Japan Permissive (aka Bread, 1971)(PAL Code 2)—British drama Sans Rancune! (2008)—France Secret Life of Us: Series 2 & 3 (PAL Code 2)—Australian TV Soo (2007)—Korea Stone of Destiny (2008)—Scotland Storm Warriors 2 * (2009)—Hong Kong Taxi Hunter (1993)—Hong Kong That Kind of Girl (1963)(PAL Code 2)—British drama Three Miles North of Molkmom (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Sweden Timekeeper (2008)—Canada Treasure Hunter (2009)—Hong Kong Ultraman: The Next (2008 movie)(Code 2)—Japan Voy A Explotar (2008)—Mexico You Might As Well Live (2008)—Canada Four Minute Mile (1988)—British drama: "The Four Minute Mile is the compelling story of Roger Bannister and his rivals, the runners who shared his dream and pursued it with unrelenting tenacity. It was a quest for athletic immortality that spanned eight years, three continents and captivated a post-war world avidly seeking new heroes." Last Mistress (2007)—France: "French director and provocatrice extraordinaire Catherine Breillat is finally tamed by a partially stilted adaptation of an early 19th century literary classic in Une vieille maîtresse. Asia Argento stars in the title role of Spanish courtesan who imperils the happiness of a young married couple, though it is model-turned-actor Fu'ad Aït Aattou as the married man and her doomed former lover who steals the show -- and not only because he has the biggest lips this side of Angelina Jolie." Power Play (1978)—British thriller starring Peter O'Toole, Donald Pleasance, David Hemmings & Dick Cavett as soliders bent on overthrowing a corrupt government. Shall We Kiss? (2009)—France: "While traveling to Nantes for one evening, Emilie meets Gabriel. Equally seduced by one another, but both otherwise committed, they know they will probably never see each other again. He would like to kiss her. She as well, but a story prevents her from doing so: that of a married woman and of her best friend who were surprised by the effects of a kiss. Of a kiss that should have born no consequences." Three Blind Mice (2008)—Australia : "Sam, Dean and Harry are three naval officers on shore leave in Sydney after six months at sea. Tomorrow morning, they re shipping out for Iraq. Tonight, two of them are making the best of it. One may be making a run for it. And for all three, it ll be a final night of women, poker, family dinners and a dark secret that will change their lives forever." NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Building Alaska—"From the Emmy Award® winning Oscar® nominated producers of the four-part PBS series Great Projects: The Building of America, now comes Building Alaska, a century-long journey with the dedicated and visionary men and women who built Alaska s great engineering projects in the coldest, most remote and forbidding part of the United States. This feature-length documentary tells the stories of the great railroads and highways of the late 19th and early 20th century and how they opened the region up to gold and copper mining and made Alaska habitable; of the invasion of Alaska by the Japanese in World War II; and of the biggest earthquake ever in North America all of which helped shape America s 49th state." Crude—"Three years in the making, this cinéma-vérité feature from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Brother's Keeper, Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) is the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet. An inside look at the infamous $27 billion "Amazon Chernobyl" case, Crude is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures. Presenting a complex situation from multiple viewpoints, the film subverts the conventions of advocacy filmmaking as it examines a complicated situation from all angles while bringing an important story of environmental peril and human suffering into focus." Dressing For Pleasure: The Films of John Samson— "For years John Samson (1946-2004) has been the best kept secret in British documentary ?lm-making. The ?ve ?lms he made in the period 1973 to 1983, collected here for the ?rst time, are exemplary - once he had touched a subject, it was very difficult for other ?lm-makers to follow. His aesthetic was to capture poetics, and to pull themes through a central metaphor. His technique was to hand over the storytelling to the persons he was interviewing - so his ?lms represent the highlight of factual ?lm-making that is delivered without voice-over commentary. Samson's working class roots and passionate interest in radical politics and bohemia fueled what would turn out to be a life-long fascination with individuals and groups operating at the margins of society. His subjects are people with unusual lives and obsessions, luminal ?gures who fail to square neatly with the models for identity and behavior propagated by contemporary culture. This unique collection pulls together the complete works of John Samson and demonstrates the vision of a brilliant director whose genius is only now beginning to be recognized." Includes Tattoo (1975), Dressing For Pleasure (1977), Britannia (1978), Arrows (1979), and The Skin Horse (1983). Eleven Minutes—"After being crowned "the next great American designer" on Project Runway, the sharp-witted Jay McCarroll took the fashion world by storm. This feature chronicles his year-long journey preparing his first runway show, resulting in a painfully raw and humorous exploration of high fashion." Human Spark with Alan Alda—"After some three and a half billion years of life s evolution on this planet and after almost two million years since people recognizable as human first walked its surface a new human burst upon the scene, apparently unannounced. It was us. Until then our ancestors had shared the planet with other human species. But soon there was only us, possessors of something that gave us unprecedented power over our environment and everything else alive. That something was is the Human Spark. This is a 3 part series hosted by Alan Alda." Am I the only one who though this would be a tutorial in acting? National Geographic: Drain The Ocean—"Three-quarters of Earth is an alien world, lying beneath the surface of the oceans. And although it encompasses over half of the world's species, we know more about the surface of Mars than the bottom of the ocean. It's only recently that science has penetrated this world, revealing extraordinary life forms and vast sweeping landscapes on a scale that defies imagination. If we could remove the water, what would we see? Using CGI animation, based on the latest scientific research, Drain the Ocean explores one of Earth's last great frontiers as never before—revealing unimaginable landscapes more dramatic than anything on dry land." New Urban Cowboy—"New Urban Cowboy is an inspiring documentary about a courageous dreamer who seeks to change the world. On a sweltering day in August 2001, a stranger appeared in a crime-ridden Florida neighborhood known as Cracktown. Armed only with big ideas and determination, artist/urban designer/developer Michael E. Arth saved this slum from a date with the wrecking ball. Reborn as The Garden District, it is now a living laboratory demonstrating Michael's New Pedestrianism, an ecological and pedestrian-friendly vision for new towns and neighborhoods." No Sweat—"An all-American tale about an all-American garment: The T-shirt, No Sweat takes a wild ride into the bowels of Los Angeles garment industry. Mostly undocumented workers at American Apparel and SweatX are offered better wages, benefits, even a shot at worker-ownership. But what's really behind the label? Dark, dingy factories. Workers hunched elbow-to-elbow over machines. Nike. Guess. Kathy Lee Gifford. We are all too familiar with sweatshops, operating both in the U.S. and overseas. But does what's behind the label of what you wear always have to be linked to worker exploitation? Enter SweatX and American Apparel, two hip T-shirt factories that operate in downtown Los Angeles , just blocks from each other. Both companies are committed to creating "sweat-free" clothing (i.e. their workers earn livable wages and get benefits, work in safe environments, etc)...No Sweat is a fast-paced, behind-the scenes documentary that follows these two companies for one year, comparing their divergent business practices, interviewing workers, following a union drive, and zeroing in on the hopes and dreams of the garment workers themselves." NOVA: Becoming Human—"Nothing is more fascinating to us than, well, us. Where did we come from? What makes us human? NOVA's groundbreaking investigation explores how new discoveries are transforming views of our earliest ancestors. Featuring interviews with world-renowned scientists, footage shot in the trenches as fossils were unearthed, and stunning computer-generated animation, Becoming Human brings early hominids to life, examining how they lived and how we became the creative and adaptable modern humans of today." People Speak (Extended Version)—"The People Speak is a beautiful and moving film inspired by Howard Zinn's books A People's History of the United States--first published in 1980 and one of the bestselling history books in the United States--and Voices of a People's History of the United States, the primary-source companion to A People's History of the United States, edited with Anthony Arnove. The film features the actual words (in letters, songs, poems, speeches, and manifestoes) of rebels, dissenters, and visionaries from our past--and present--including Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Bob Dylan, Langston Hughes, Chief Joseph, Muhammad Ali, and unknown veterans, union workers, abolitionists, and many others never featured in high school textbooks. These dramatic moments from our history are brought to life by a group of remarkable musicians and actors. Like Howard Zinn's work as a whole, The People Speak celebrates the extraordinary possibilities for creating social change that ordinary people have realized throughout the course of our nation's rich but often ignored history of dissent and protest." 2008-2009 World Cup Winning Runs—"This DVD is a collection of World Cup winning runs from the 2008-09 season that can be used as a teaching tool to assist in the identification of good alpine skiing technique and tactics." It's also good for coming down from Winter Olympic withdrawals. Walking on Water: Films of Steve Stevenson—"Steve Stevenson made two unforgettable mini-masterpieces in the ?rst half of the 1990s - Walking on Water (1994) and Fear of Falling (1993). A distinguished ?lm editor in his own right, as a director of documentaries he brie?y celebrated two cutting-edge sports of the moment - extreme rock climbing and big-wave surfing before the invention of the tow-in. Uniquely, he concentrates on the technologies of these two daredevil sports, something which brings an unrivaled change of perspective to now-well-documented territory. The ?lms are textbook, the sorts of ?lms which you can watch again and again. They have done the rounds of many a beach-party or after-hours drinking session, now they are available in all their glory." Champions: The Films of Mike Wallington—"On the last night bus home before TV made all our lives duller, Mike Wallington made three cinema shorts in the late 70s which are still talked about today but very seldom seen. The most recent internet chat about his work has been a discussion of just what drugs he was using while making the ?lms... Champions (1978) follows Peter Dowdeswell, the legendary eater/drinker, and shows us some of his feats which ?ll the Gluttony pages of the Guinness Book of Records. Ice Break (1979) follows Frank Perry, a masterful martial artist who achieves mind-over-matter by some of the hardest tameshiwari (or breaking techniques) ever captured on ?lm. Arcade Attack (1980) starts off as an ordinary documentary on the pros and cons of video games versus pinball. Then it morphs into an extraordinary mythic battle between back-glass superheroes and anything the virtual world can throw at them. Animation by Phil Austin and Derek Hayes." Wyatt Earp (American Experience)—"As a young man, Wyatt Earp was a caricature of the Western lawman, spending his days drinking in saloons, gambling, and visiting brothels. He gained notoriety as the legendary gunman in the shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, but shortly after his death in 1929, distressed Americans down on their luck transformed Wyatt Earp into a folk hero. In the tradition of Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, and other American Experience Western histories, Wyatt Earp examines an ordinary man s role in that larger-than-life story, and how he became the legend that lives on today." ...AND MORE MOVIES The Alcove (1984)—"From the infamous Joe D Amato, director of such EuroSleaze classics as Emanuelle In Bangkok and Papaya: Love Goddess Of The Cannibals comes perhaps his most sumptuous skin saga of all! Legendary sex goddess Laura Gemser (Black Emanuelle) stars as an African princess brought home as a slave by a 1940s military officer, only to be sucked into a depraved new world of voyeurism, drugs, pornography, lesbian seduction, unholy nuns and more. Annie Belle (Laure), Al Cliver (Devil Hunter, Zombie, The Beyond) and supermodel-turned-porn-queen Lilli Carati (Escape From Women s Prison) co-star in this stylish-yet-filthy flesh-fest, now presented totally uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America!" Alexander The Last (2009)—"Fans and critics nationwide agree that acclaimed indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg (Hannah Takes The Stairs, Nights and Weekends) has now delivered his most mature, intimate and accomplished film yet. It s the seriously sensual story of a married theater actress (Jesse Weixler of Teeth), her musician husband (Justin Rice of the band Bishop Allen), her on-stage lover (Barlow Jacobs) and her impulsive sister (Amy Seimetz), all caught in their own sexual and creative tangle of commitments, temptations and performance." Bandaged (2009)—A sordid tale of burned skin, deranged widows and forbidden love from director Maria Beatty. It played at last year's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Beyond Sherwood Forest—"12th Century England: It is a deadly time of dark tyranny, black magic and the outlaw archer known as Robin Hood. But when the Sheriff of Nottingham unleashes a winged monster upon the nearby town and woods to massacre Robin's men and capture Maid Marian, hearts run cold with fear and streets red with blood. Before he can rob from the rich or give to the poor, can The Prince Of Thieves survive the demonic onslaught of a winged beast from another world? Katharine Isabelle co-stars in this chilling new take on the infamous hero from director Peter DeLuise, filled with valor, vengeance and nightmare creatures that take you behind the legend and Beyond Sherwood Forest." Colour From The Dark—All the atmosphere and spine tingling creeps you expect from a film based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. Hurricane Season—"Based on real events, amid the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina, a Louisiana high school basketball coach pulls together a team of kids from previously rival schools and leads them on a patch to the state championship. Stars: Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland), Bow Wow (The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift), Isaiah Washington ("Grey's Anatomy"), Lil Wayne (rap star), Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)." I Am Virgin—"One lonely man. Six billion sex crazed vampires. Be careful what you wish for," boasts box art, along with "Special Appearance by Ron Jeremy." Internecine Project (1973)—"Hollywood legend James Coburn stars as Prof. Robert Elliot, a former secret agent given the job opportunity of a lifetime: adviser to the President of the United States. However, he has some skeletons in his closet that need eliminating, namely the four people aware of his shady past. Elliot hatches a diabolical plot to get rid of his targets in one night, with no ties leading back to him...The Internecine Project is a nerveshattering thriller that will grip you in suspense until the unpredictable surprise ending!" The Short Films of Al Jarnow—"Beginning with his work for a certain public television show that featured a big yellow bird, Al Jarnow captured life's scientific minutia and boiled it down for easy consumption between cookie eating monsters and counting vampires. Coupling time-lapse, stop motion, and cell animation with simple objects found in every day life, Jarnow deconstructed the world for an entire generation. Numero's first DVD has been restored from the original 16mm prints, features remastered sound, a 30 minute documentary, and a 60 page book." Last Grenade! (1969)—"In the tradition of The Wild Geese and The Dogs of War, comes The Last Grenade! Major Harry Grigsby (Stanley Baker, Zulu, Guns of Navarone) has a seek out and destroy his former best friend, Kip Thompson (Alex Cord, TV's Airwolf). Kip changed sides and wiped out Grigsby's army and even left Grigsby for dead! When the HM Government contacts Grigsby to take Kip out, as he is now in Hong Kong causing international border incidents, Grigsby takes the job to get vengeance on his double-crossing friend." Love Conquers Paul (2009)—"Paul has a chance encounter with a free-spirited artist named Esoterica that provides the spark that ignites his first passionate relationship. She changes the way he looks at love and life and introduces him to the person he could be, inspiring a new confidence. But just as soon as their fairy-tale romance begins to sizzle, Paul discovers that Esoterica has a secret of her own..." Midsomer Murders: Sea. 10 Part 2—"The cozy villages of Midsomer County reveal their most sinister secrets in these contemporary British television mysteries. Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery, the series stars John Nettles (Bergerac) as the unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, with Jason Hughes (This Life) as his earnest, efficient protégé, Detective Sergeant Ben Jones. Guest stars include Stephanie Cole, Gareth Thomas, Christopher Fairbank, Richard Hope, Peter Eyre, Chris Barrie, Matthew Marsh, and Clare Higgins." My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (1998)—"Jake (Sean Runnette) can only think of one thing after being dragged to the wedding of his girlfriend's best friend. How can he get out of it? On the advice of Wes, the out-and-proud best man, he pretends to be gay and gets caught kissing Wes. Little does Jake realize he's about to get caught up in a circle of jealousy and lies. Cliff, the groom, is getting married to help solidify his hunky, soap opera star image... and to stay closeted. Yep, he s gay. And his longtime boyfriend is none other than his best man. When Cliff and Wes get pictures taken of them in a compromising position (several, in fact) it looks as though his cover might be blown. Thrown into the mix is the bride's sex crazy mother and the nosy reporter-turned-wedding photographer with a sock puppet (pop icon Deborah Gibson). What ensues is a fun, quirky and modern comedy of errors that is sure to tickle your funny bone." Open Graves (2009)—Eliza Dushku alert! "An international group of young surfers comes into possession of an ancient artifact, Mamba, an old board game made from the skin and bones of a witch executed during the Spanish Inquisition. At a drunken party one night, they casually decide to play. It's all fun and games until they find out that curses last forever and death is the ultimate undertow." Private Worlds (1935)—Gregory La Cava's battle of the sexes mental hospital drama starring Claudette Colbert and Charles Boyer. Road of No Return (2009)—An action drama starring Michael Madsen and the late David Carradine as hit men searching for redemption while on a covert operation to take down drug traffickers. Sarah and Son (1930)—Dorothy Arzner's melodrama about a rat husband who runs off and sells his son and his mother's quest years later to find him, starring Ruth Chatterton and Fredric March. Stephanie's Image(2009)—A documentary filmmaker investigates the death of a model and gets more than she bargains for. Starring the always awesome Melissa Leo. Swedish Auto (2006)—"Lukas Haas (Brick) and January Jones (Mad Men) star in this acclaimed drama about isolation, obsession and the quiet possibilities of love. Carter (Haas) is a shy auto mechanic locked into his daily routine. Darla (Jones) is an attractive waitress at the local diner who hides a deep personal wound. In a place where secrets live in the shadows, can two mismatched loners reach out to each other and confront the only truths that matter?" Taggart: Death Without Dishonor / Taggart: Hellfire Set / Taggart: Prayer for the Dead Set / Taggart: Set 2 Series 20—"A hard-driving cop drama with a hard-edged Scottish burr, Taggart deals in a world of prostitutes, drug dealers, crime lords, and killers. In eight tightly crafted episodes, a team of Glasgow detectives use their collective wits and street smarts to tackle murder in this very tough town. Sometimes that means taking on hardened crime bosses, sometimes innocent victims with years to plot their revenge. Each time it means getting inside the mind of murderers--how they think, how they act, how they kill." Temptation (2002)—" Adult-industry satire with Annette O'Toole as an 'actress' about to retire. When rare footage of a now-famous actress is found, O'Toole must decide whether to release it and make a mint, or follow her flower-child values and bury it." The film also stars Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men (and West Wing). Spaghetti Western Bible Vol. 4 Trinity: Hands Up! Eyes Down! Pockets Out!—A collection of TEN Spaghetti Westerns! Unbeatable Harold—"In the 'Biggest Little City in the World' lives a lovable, Elvis-wannabe loser, Harold James Clark (Gordon Michaels, Joe Dirt), proud assistant manager of the Wagontrain Steakhouse. He hits it big when he meets Wanda Livingston (Nicole DeHuff, Meet the Parents), who just left her 80's rocker boyfriend, Jake Salamander (Dylan McDermott, TV's Dark Blue). Despite Wanda's lack of waitressing skills and protests from his boss (Henry Winkler, TV's Happy Days), Harold saddles Wanda up with a gig at the restaurant. When Jake turns up to win Wanda back, Harold pumps up his irresistible charm! Harold wants Wanda's love. Jake wants her back. Wanda just wants to run... Also starring Gladys Knight, Phyllis Diller, Taryn Manning, Charles Durning and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas! Vicious Kind—"There's nothing like love to bring family tensions to a boil in this intriguing dark comedy! When Peter Sinclaire (Alex Frost, Drillbit Taylor) brings home new girlfriend Emma (Brittany Snow, Prom Night), his brother, Caleb (Adam Scott, Step Brothers), finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. As the dysfunctional family is propelled into chaos, Caleb and Emma face a mutual distrust and battle a growing sexual tension." Motherhood—"Raising kids is never easy. Eliza, a stay-at-home mom of two, hilariously finds this out in seemingly endless day where she must plan a birthday party, deal with her scatter-brained husband, save her car from being towed, and write an essay for a parenting magazine before the fast-approaching deadline." There's more, including an eclectic mix of new VHS and DVD items in our NEW TO STORE section and quite a few new Adult choices up in the NEW TO ROOM section. Stop by and check 'em out.