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New to View: MacGuffin's Oscar Picks & nominees on DVD UPDATE

I don't know if it's awesome or slightly pathetic that the highlight of my week was on Monday afternoon when I discovered (thanks to the vigilant Twitter feeds of Awards Daily & The Carpetbagger) that the Oscar Nominee Luncheon was streaming LIVE (you'll find the highlights here). I immediately logged in right before they took the awesome big group picture (find it and more pictures here). The nominee luncheon photo always boosts my nerding out over Oscar, and seeing (well, mostly hearing, I was actually working) what goes in to getting that bunch of people on the risers (and herding their photo snapping friends & family out of the way) made me a bit giddy. What I didn't know was that after the photo's done, they present each person with a "Hey, you got nominated for an Oscar!" certificate, calling everyone up in reverse alphabetical order to come up and shake hands with the announcer and get an official photo. I listened as everyone had their moment of recognition, clicking back over to see Christoph Waltz and Jeremy Renner and Fisher Stevens (one of the producers of The Cove, who you may know better from this) and Kathryn Bigelow and Mr. Clooney and Nick Hornby (I'm going to have to wait until I get home to watch this interview). After that there was a presentation of speech tips & reminders--the general theme being, "No one cares about your agents; be inspirational and thank the muses instead" and "Go one millisecond over and we'll shoot you with a tranquilizer dart." To help guide folks along they showed a highlight reel of great Oscar speeches, including this one, this one and this one that never fail to make me misty eyed. With the big night just a few weeks away, everyone's a buzz with who will win/who should win opinions, including Spencer and John of MacGuffin Podcast fame. Here's the latest episode in which they speculate about who will get to put those speech tips to the test: Previously we posted a list of nominated movies we currently have on the shelves , and since then the studios have been rolling out more DVD release dates. Just this morning Cinematical reported that Avatar will be out in time for Earth Day. Here are the new announcements since our last post, including their expected release date and the awards they're nominated for: March 9th: Up In The Air--Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Mr. Clooney), Best Supporting Actress (both Anna Kendrick & Vera Farmiga) and Best Adapted Screenplay April 22nd: Avatar--Best Picture, Best Director and almost everything else other than acting & screenplay awards March 30th: An Education--Best Picture, Best Actress (Carey Mulligan), Best Adapted Screenplay (the aforementioned Mr. Nick Hornby). May 25th--Burma VJ--Best Documentary Feature (Oscilloscope previously announced this for June, but now their site has it listed for this day). We will continue to keep you updated as more dates are announced; meanwhile many of the films are still playing in theaters around town. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will host the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, March 7th. We'll have Oscar party & event news as the day draws near. P.S. If you missed the legendary Frank Henenlotter's appearance at Grand Illusion or here at Scarecrow, here's the chat the MacGuffin men had with him up in the Western & War section. Check out his awesome tie! Episode 29 - One of a Kind from Spencer Fornaciari on Vimeo. macguffinimage