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HD-DVD (oh, and BluRay too)

Let the new format war begin ... For those new to the latest technology game. There's 2 new DVD formats : HD-DVD and (sony's) Blu-Ray. The first question is probably why? Well, with these new formats - you can fit A LOT more information (aka = video) on the discs. Current generation DVD discs hold about 5 gigabytes (single sided) and 9 gigabytes (double sided) - HD-DVD allows for 15gigs on a single layer and Blu-Ray allows for 25 (they both can have multiple layers - just like current generation titles). Larger discs = better menus, cleaner transfers and tons of extras. Imagine every episode of your favorite show on one disc. Do I have to get a new player? Yep. These 2 formats are RIVAL formats. You'll probably see the winner in the new video game consoles. Xbox 360 has a HD-DVD addon coming soon; Sony's Ps3 will have a blue ray drive (errr and cost 600$). Since the video game market is starting to take over the film market - what the gamers vote on will probably steer the popular format to the front. The new players will be compatible with basic DVDs - but they won't be compatible with each other. Players will run from about 500$ to 2000$. HD-DVD seems pretty nice in concept. Seamless looping in menus, multiple video streams at once (imagine the director walking in front of the movie to let you know what he/she did to make the scene). Very nice. Now will studios use this? Hmmm. Who knows. Really, DVDs (even the new generation) cost about 5 to 40c each to manufacture (well, for the big companies). By the time they get to consumers, retail and rental the DVD ends up being marked up heavily. Early offerings are really not that impressive: Serenity, Fifth Element ... etc etc. Remember super-bit? Scarecrow has the currently available HD-DVD titles for rent &sale - but, we aren't selling or renting the players right now. Let us know what you think of all this ... 306px-HD-DVD-svg.pngbluray