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Clive Barker wants to save Midnight Meat Train!

I talked to Clive last night and he hopes with enough fan response this film will get a full theatrical release, not just because he feels its a great adaption of one of his stories but because of all the effort that Ryuhei Kitamura (ALIVE, VERSUS) and his crew have put into this. Check out the trailers: Midnight Meat Train Trailers Reposted from; ...It has become apparent that the theatrical distribution of The Midnight Meat Train has been curtailed, with reports that the movie may be seen on only 100 screens. Word has come to us that the substantial excitement surrounding the movie has now developed into an active campaign by movie-lovers for its full theatrical release. Clive is throwing his support behind the growing movement. He is asking all who would like to see the movie get the wide distribution that many people believe it deserves to add their voice.  Reposted from; There is growing internal pressure within the company for a wider release of this film and PUBLIC FAN PRESSURE may help to push this decision over the edge. If you wish to see MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN in all its big screen glory at a THEATER near you, please do the following: Cut and paste the message at the bottom of this post and e-mail it to: 1) investor relations at Lionsgate: 2) Lionsgate: 3) call the main office at (310) 449-9200 and express your desire to see MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN get the release it deserves. BE POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL! We don't want to piss them off, just want them to know how many fans out there would like to shell out their hard earned cash to see the most groundbreaking horror film of the past ten years in a real movie theater!