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BLACK DYNAMITE & other explosive New Releases for 2/16

This week's list of new titles is lean, mean and really packs a punch, just like Black Dynamite! Here are the latest additions to our ever growing catalog of film. Remember, a * means it's also for rent on Blu-ray, and you can follow the SALE button to buy select titles online (plus there's many, many more in the store). BLACK DYNAMITE *--Michael Jai White is Black Dynamite in this staff favorite and SIFF 2009 Golden Space Needle winner! SALE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN * —Does Gerard Butler have such a diabolical and vengeful mind that he can plan assassinations from a jail cell? Jaime Foxx is determined to find out... COCO BEFORE CHANEL * —Audrey Tautou stars in Anne Fontaine's biopic focusing on Chanel's rise to fashion royalty. GOOD HAIR—Chris Rock delves into the billion dollar business of Black hair. Did you know Reverend Al Sharpton is also the Dalai Lama of relaxer? IMMIGRANTS aka L.A. DOLCE VITA—Oh, those naughty animated masses yearning to breathe free... CABIN FEVER 2: SPRING FEVER—A killer virus finds its way into bottled water and ravages a high school prom (which for some folks is what going to prom felt like). This gory horror sequel-of-sorts stars Boy Meets World's Rider Strong. WOMEN IN TROUBLE—This film contains at least three things we love: Carla Gugino, Connie Britton, Josh Brolin...and wait, is that Robyn Hitchcock we hear? Make that four! WARNING: Trailer NSFW if your employer frowns upon scantily clad ladies. HALO LEGENDS * —You've played the game, now sit back and watch the characters kick ass all by themselves! 20TH CENTURY BOYS 2: THE LAST HOPE—The next harrowing chapter in the Japanese film based on the manga series. 200 MOTELS—Frank Zappa's freak out is finally on DVD! NEW FROM THE CRITERION COLLECTION: REVANCHE * WARNING--This trailer is NSFW SALE HUNGER * (2008) SALE LOLA MONTES * SALE NEW BLU-RAY: HIGH DEFINTION FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Cabin Fever Contempt (1963) SALE Ladykillers (1955) SALE North Face (2008) Ran SALE ANIME NEW RELEASES Asatte No Houkou: Complete Series Case Closed: Movie—Phantom of Baker Street Futakoi: Twin Girls—Complete Series Garo: Savior In The Dark—Complete Series Government Crime Investigation Agent (GCIA) Like The Clouds, Like The Wind Little Memoru: Complete Series FAMILY NEW RELEASES Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies First Easter Rabbit (1976, Rankin & Bass!) Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo Shaun The Sheep: A Whoolly Good Time! Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 6 & Vol. 7 Zorro and Scarlet Whip Revealed NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Blood & Orchids (1986) "They should be hailed as heroes. Instead, they become the accused. Four young Hawaiian men who find a beaten and raped nude Caucasian woman and rush her to a Honolulu hospital are the defendants in a heated trial that underscores the divide between locals and powerful, plantation-running whites of 1937 Hawaii. Working from his own bestselling novel, Norman Katkov provides the script for this miniseries tale of twisted justice and deadly vengeance. As the investigating police captain who swims against the tide of racism and rancor surrounding the case, Kris Kristofferson leads a notable cast that includes Jane Alexander, Sean Young, Jose Ferrer, James Saito and Madeline Stowe." Death in California (1985) "A vicious psychopath murders your fiancé, then rapes you. Do you call the cops, fight back, run like hell? Or do you bond with your tormentor? Events that plunge emotionally fragile Hope Masters (Cheryl Ladd of TV's Charlie's Angels) into a living nightmare become more monstrous when, frightened into believing the twisted, self-serving tale her attacker (Sam Elliott) weaves, she comes to view him as a hero. She trusts him, depends on him, lets him become part of her life. And Hope lies for him - a lie that leads to her arrest and trial for her fiancé's murder. The fact-based A Death in California locks a heartbreakingly vulnerable woman, a manipulative killer and viewers in a bizarre dance of crime, punishment and death." NEW FROM THE UNIVERSAL VAULT SERIES Pure Luck (1991)—A "a rollicking, lighthearted comedy-adventure" starring Martin Short and Danny Glover. NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Creation (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Not yet in theaters here, but the Charles Darwin biopic starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly is already out in the UK and on our shelves... Antichrist (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Lars Von Trier presents... A talking fox. Art Of The Devil III (2009)—Thai horror "Panor, a seductive rural teacher, longs to live a normal, peaceful life like everyone else in her village. But her beauty becomes her biggest curse as she becomes the object of desire from every man that enters her life. Male colleagues and students alike resort to a variety of black arts and love potions in an attempt to win her favor. To counter their endless menace, Panor herself must turn to witchcraft to combat her supernaturally charged suitors." British Cinema Collection Vol. 3: Drama—Four British films from the 50s: The Rough and The Smooth (1959), The Scamp (1957), Kill Me Tomorrow (1957) and Grand National Night (1953). Day of the Triffids (2009)(PAL Code 2)—"An epic adaptation of John Wyndhams best-selling iconic novel, which brings his terrifying creation of carnivorous plant species to life in a CGI extravaganza, supported by a sensational all-star cast that includes Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard, Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Priestley. In this electrifying thriller, social order collapses as humanity confronts a double catastrophe. The majority of people have been blinded in a freak solar storm leaving them at the mercy of opportunists who still have their sight. Meanwhile the Triffids are evolving and advancing on the towns in search of human prey. In the face of total human annihilation, it is down to a select few to take a stand against mankinds deadliest adversary, a foe with a fatal sting and an unquenchable taste for human flesh." Fashion (2009)—India "Set against the glittering backdrop of the glamorous but ruthless world of haute couture fashion, this tells the story of one small town girl with a dream and the determination to make it a reality. Meghna Mathur knew in her bones that she was meant to be famous. Ever ambitious and bright with stars in her eyes, even as a girl with conservative parents from a small north Indian town she dared to dream of bright lights and the big city..." FM (2009)(PAL Code 2)—British comedy TV show starring Chris O'Dowd from The IT Crowd Last Stage (1948)—Poland "A Jewish family from Poland, the Weisses, is sent to Auschwitz where the daughter, Martha, is selected to be an interpreter. The rest of her family are cruelly killed, and Martha and the other Poles must struggle under the tyranny of camp guards and capos. The Last Stage is a powerful drama of the strength and endurance of ordinary women written by Gerda Schneider and directed by Poland s first female filmmaker, Wanda Jakubowska, who based the story on their own experiences at the notorious concentration camp." Love Exposure (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Japan "Having grown up in a devout Christian family, Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) has always been a well-behaved kid. After his mother dies, his priest father is seduced by a woman who breaks his heart, causing him to torment Yu by forcing him to confess his sins on a daily basis. Of course, being a fairly normal kid, Yu has no legitimate sins to confess. To appease his increasingly demanding father, Yu is determined to become a true sinner, eventually training to become an expert at sneak upskirt photography." Mesrine (1983)(PAL Code 2)—France A fictionalized account of the outlaw life of Jacques Mesrine starring Gerard Sergue. New Tricks: Series 4 (PAL Code 2)—British whodunit series Oasis (2003)—"Before starring in the blockbuster Jumong, Song Il-Kook headlined Oasis, a thrilling, three-episode Korean TV drama series set in the early 1940s during the Japanese occupation of Korea." Eric Rohmer: The Early Works (PAL Code 2)—The three film set from the French director includes The Girl at Monceau Bakery (1963), Suzanne's Career (1963) and Sign of Leo (1959). Snow White and Russian Red (PAL Code 2)—Poland "This offbeat and surrealistic drama from director Xawery Zulawski functions as a complex sociopolitical allegory. An 18-year-old female writer drums up a male character in his twenties, devoid of a past and a future and living only in the constructed present of the writer's imagination. The protagonist clings to his only ascertainable desire: to search for the great love of his life who has abandoned him, Magda. With her exact whereabouts unknown, he embarks on a journey to find her, encountering many other women along the way; en route, he gains increased knowledge about his own situation and attains insights into the many faces of Magda, guided by his emotions. Zulawski uses the events of the journey to comment, allegorically, on the status quo of Poland and the attitudes of the Polish people during the post-Iron Curtain years." Space Sheriff Gavan V. 1 & V. 2 (1982)—Japanese TV Sweet Rush (2009)(PAL)—Poland—The latest film by director Andrzej Wajda. Tactical Unit: No Way Out (2009)—Hong Kong "Police and gangsters have boundaries that they shouldn't cross over. The balance loses since one night a person isk illed after fierce quarrel with triad guys, the police have to inhibit all illegal businesses in the region imemdiately. This move led Gangster Fai to lose his job and ability to earn a living. While being forced to a blind alley, he decides to take his revenge to PTU..." Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers (2005)(PAL Code 2)—Japan "The tale of an ordinary housewife at odd with her mundane life. With her husband away of business and calling her intermittingly, Suzume Katakura is bored from a lack of attention. However, things soon beging to change when she replies to an ad to become a secret agent..." Warszawa (2005)—Poland "Up and coming Polish star Agnieszka Grochowska shines as young Klara who heads to Warsaw to meet her boyfriend. Her plans change when she becomes entangled with handsome Pawel in a classic meet cute on the train to the city. In the meantime, temperamental hellion Wiktoria finds romance with a businessman. The two couples cross paths when they try to help a farmer find his daughter. he only thing missing from this cornucopia of coincidences and contrivances is a giraffe wandering through the city. But, wait. . . there goes one now!" Welcome (2009)—France "Welcome is an emotionally affecting drama about intersecting lives, unlikely friendships and the hope of new beginnings. Bilal (Firat Ayverdi), a 17-year-old Kurdish refugee, has spent the last three months of his life traveling across Europe in an attempt to reunite with his girlfriend who recently emigrated to England. But his journey comes to an abrupt end when he is stopped on the French side of the Channel. Having decided to swim across, Bilal goes to the local swimming pool to train. It is here he meets Simon (Vincent Lindon), a middle-aged swimming instructor, who is privately reeling in turmoil as he dreads an imminent divorce from his wife (Audrey Dana). Despite their differences, the two men discover that they have much in common, and a strong bond emerges between them. Simon decides to take Bilal under his wing, realizing that he too must risk everything to reach the other side of happiness." NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, ART & NON-FICTION FARE Big Blue: The NYC Handball DocumentaryMy 6th grade recess skills are no match for these guys... Savvy Traveler Rudy Maxa is your guide to these fabulous destinations: Argentina: Buenos Aires/Mendoza India: Delhi & Agra/Rajasthan Japan: Tokyo/Kyoto Russia & Estonia: St. Petersburg/Tallinn & Islands Thailand: Bangkok/Golden Triangle/Andaman Coast Turkey: Istanbul/Turquoise Coast Beyond 2012—"Never before has a time in history been so significant to so many cultures, religions, scientists and governments. Beyond 2012 looks past the apocalyptic world view of 2012 and presents a wide variety of evolving perspectives on the next age of global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation." The 2-disc set includes the short film The Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Celebrity Nude Review Vol. 1—Best of the Saucy '70s—"Enjoy this spectacular collection of celebrity nude scenes for the first time ever on one DVD! Packed with interesting bios and facts, discover rare, long-forgotten films where many of these actresses disrobed for the first and only time on film. Citrus Cinema has assembled the very best of The Saucy 70's, a time when censorship laws were very relaxed and actresses broke free of their bras and more." Ghost of the Brotherhood—"In the very early hours of the morning Philip Gardiner, Michael Bourne and Angela Davies ventured into the heart of medieval York, England to investigate a ghostly legend, what they ultimately found was more than they had bargained for." F. Gary Gray: Director—Shooter Series Vol. 2—"F. Gary Gray has released a growing list of successful films including Friday, Set if Off, A Man Apart, The Italian Job, The Negotiator, Be Cool and most recently Law Abiding Citizen. He is also known for his music video direction for artists Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, Ice Cube, Mary J. Blige and Outkast." Last Temptation in Thailand—"Reality Travel of a Man's Journey through Sex, Love & The Ultimate Truth in Thailand" Marshall Plan: Against the Odds—"Gaze back across 50 years to measure the success of the Marshall Plan, history's most controversial rescue effort. With hunger, poverty and devastation stalking postwar Europe, retired general and war hero George C. Marshall called for a U.S. financed reconstruction of the battered continent. For the first time, hear European witnesses reflect on the legacy and consequences of Marshall's remarkable vision." Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize—"Now, drenched in the same: in your face, style of comedy that has made him a fan favorite, Charlie Murphy delivers his debut stand-up performance, I Will Not Apologize, as only he can...raw and uncut." Nature: The Dragon Chronicles—"Ancient maps, legends, and fairy tales all tell of dragons in our world. In nearly every culture, we are taught as children that dragons are big and fearsome, that they fly, breathe fire, are found in caves and live nearly forever. Where did these stories come from? Are they based on real animals? And are there any dragons still to be found today? Romulus Whitaker, renowned reptile expert and conservationist, puts a bit of history together with documented science and some compelling contemporary reports, and sets off to find out. He encounters lizards large and small that can breathe life into medieval legends even today. Academy Award-winner F. Murray Abraham narrates." Nature: The Gorilla King—"From the mountains in Rwanda comes an extraordinary story of destiny and triumph. At 33 years old, Titus, a 400-pound silverback gorilla, has ruled for nearly half his life. He still rules over 25 gorillas, an astonishing feat given the early trials he faced. When Titus was four, poaches slaughtered his father. Shortly after, an interloper named Beetsme killed his infant sister in a coup attempt. His mother and other sister fled, leaving him orphaned and abandoned. But something in his character led to greatness in a remarkable life that researchers--beginning with world-renowned primatologst Dian Fossey and young researcher Kelly Stewart, daughter of actor James Stewart--have chronicled since the day he was born. Unprecedented footage of silverback behavior, archival footage of Titus as a newborn, and observations by researchers and conservationists chart his dramatic rise to power, and the challenge to his throne today. Is Titus' great reign at an end?" Nature: Voyage of the Lonely Turtle—"Explore the massive Pacific Ocean through the eyes of a 30-year-old sea turtle as she embarks on an extraordinary 9,000-mile migration to breed and lay eggs on the beach where she was born. Instinct will guide her along one of the longest journeys undertaken by any animal on land or sea, and she will make it all alone. From the west coast of Mexico to a small stretch of beach in Japan, this ancient traveler will encounter hammerhead sharks, face terrifying typhoons, pass exotic kingdoms of the sea, and risk man-made death traps in the form of fishing nets and hooks. Discover what researchers and turtle enthusiasts have learned about how this curious creature can navigate this astounding trip." National Geographic: Secrets of Shangri-La—Quest for Sacred Caves—"For years, adventurers from all over the world have searched for the mythic paradise of Shangri-La and have found little...until now. Explore sacred Buddhist caves and witness as experts look back into time as they uncover centuries-old manuscripts and stunning wall paintings that have remained undisturbed for years. Has the real Shangri-La finally been discovered? Will it survive the erosion and visitors that the future is bound to bring?" Reckless Indifference—"Emmy-winning director William Gazecki (WACO: The Rules Of Engagement) delivers a searing indictment of the American legal system in this tragic story of teens, drugs and murder. Reckless Indifference explores how California's controversial felony murder rule unjustly changed the lives of four teenagers forever. After participating in a backyard brawl which resulted in the death of a LAPD officer's son, the ensuing trial led to life without parole sentences for the accused, even though the evidence against them was not clear-cut. Ten years have passed and they are still behind bars, though an appeal is pending. With revealing interviews from legal expert Alan Dershowitz, family members on both sides, and an exclusive recent interview with Brandon Hein from his jail cell, Reckless Indifference gives viewers an inside look into a trial that earned national attention but failed to bring justice to those involved." Stock Shock—"In the tradition of Michael Moore's documentary (Capitalism: A Love Story) Stock Shock reveals the down and dirty schemes behind the glitter of Wall Street. Sirius XM stock seemed poised to go through the roof. Then something went horribly wrong. Investors saw their stock drop to 5 cents/share in 2009. Was it bad management, a poor economy...or stock market manipulation?" That's It, That's All—"It's all about snowboarding, Travis Rice and a dream team crew set out on a quest for the new zone, the new trick and the new perspective on the sport. New Zealand, Valdez, B.C., Munich, Tokyo, and Jackson Hole seen in a new light with action that leaves you wondering, how did they do that?" True Story of Killing Pablo—"Hosted by author Mark Bowden and based on his critically-acclaimed book, Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World s Greatest Outlaw (2001), the feature-length History special explores Pablo Escobar s criminal life, illuminating the pivotal moments in the drug lord s rise to power. Bowden shares startling revelations he uncovered during his exhaustive book research, while interviews with key officials of both Colombia and the United States further elaborate the tremendous rise and eventual fall of one of the world s most infamous outlaws." AND MORE MOVIES.... Island of Desire aka Saturday Island (1952)— "Shipwrecked on an uninhabited South Seas atoll, a Canadian nurse (Linda Darnell) and a young Marine (Tab Hunter) initially clash, but as the weeks turn into months, begin to see each other through different eyes and give in to their natural impulses. But when an RAF flyer (Donald Gray) crashes on the island, the tropical love story is complicated by that familiar bit of romantic geometry, the Eternal Triangle." Janky Promoters—Mike Epps and Ice Cube star in the story of "shady music promoters get into hot water when their chance to book a superstar rapper goes awry." Action Man Collection— Robert Stack is a sophisticated crook in four clever capers: Action Man, Peking Blonde, The Big Game, and The Day of the Wolves Drive-In Grindhouse—A floozy filled four film set including: The Farmer's Other Daughter (1965), Psychedelic Fever (aka Like It Is, 1968), Up Yours - A Rockin' Comedy (1979) and Summer School (aka Mag Wheels, 1979) From Mexico With Love—"Hector Villa (Kuno Becker), a scrappy migrant farmworker by day and part-time prizefighter by night, struggles to reach for a better life for himself and his ailing mother. But when Hector discovers their rich rancher boss has slashed his mother's pay, he pays the ultimate price for brawling with the boss' thugs - a one-way ticket back over the Mexican border. Beaten up, broke and jobless, Hector joins forces with an old-school trainer and sets his sights on the rancher's boxer son for the ultimate David-and-Goliath face-off in this adrenaline- pumping drama from stunt coordinator-turned-director Jimmy Nickerson (Rocky, Raging Bull, Fight Club)." Highway Hitcher—Kurt Voss, writer & director of Border Radio, delivers classic serial killer action with William Forsythe, James LeGros, Elizabeth Pena, Jamie Kennedy & John Doe. Lo—"Justin's life changes forever when April, a bizarre and curiously naive woman, is mysteriously kidnapped by demons. Facing singing demons, talking hands, dancing bartenders and human sized rats, Justin's love is put to the ultimate test." Pretty To Think So—"Life is unexpectedly on the upswing when Hanna, an investment banker recently laid-off during the Internet bust of 2000, falls in love with Jiwon, a brash and successful attorney. Her world begins to crumble, however, when she discovers that one of Jiwon's clients is her childhood friend, Alex, and she must choose between Jiwon and Alex, with whom she shares a deep, tragic connection." Salem Witch Trials (2005)—"Salem, Massachusetts. A small town--with no clear governing body--became embroiled in a scandal that forever stands as one of the darkest chapters in American history. For those accused of witchcraft by their neighbors and friends, there was little chance of clearing their names; the mass paranoia that ravaged through the community took the lives of 19 innocent men and women. With an all-star cast of Kirstie Alley, Rebecca De Mornay, Kristin Booth, Shirley MacLaine, Peter Ustinov and Alan Bates, Salem Witch Trials dramatically revisits 1692 colonial America and the haunting legacy it holds." Splinterheads—A boy, a girl and Dennis from 30 Rock! While you're stocking up on viewing for the week, don't forget the many ways to save here at Scarecrow. In addition to the 2 for 1 Rentals every Wednesday, we also offer a 2 for 1 rental for current KEXP members (just flash that handy card) and to anyone who brings in a non-perishable food donation to Northwest Harvest. There's also our pre-paid rental offer where you get 10 rentals for $40, or if you've got a handy Chinook Book coupon or are a current KPLU member, it's just $35. You also get a free rental any time you buy a new DVD, which basically takes $4.50 off our prices that are already 10% or more below suggested retail value. blackdynamite