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The State on DVD--what's going on?

Almost a year ago, myself and many others here at Scarecrow were doing cartwheels in the aisles (well, we would have if there was room) over this announcement. We psyched ourselves up for promotions (Which staffers would dress like Barry and Levon? Can we fit a love seat at the top of the stairs?), we recited sketches to each other while grabbing movies ("I wish I knew how to tie my shoes!"), we debated whether we should begin by listening to the commentary tracks or just watching episodes. After awhile, with no follow up or firm release date, we waited patiently by our computer screens for word on what was going on. Nothing. Then the bitterness set in. Why is MTV teasing us like this? Do they not think it will sell? They're too busy churning out crap like My Super Sweet 16! WTF??!! Lately, I've avoided looking for news about The State's DVD release, but today I was browsing one of our favorite sites and saw this post. Is it true? Could it be? I won't allow myself to get truly excited until I'm holding the discs in my hands, but this is promising news. At least there's a brand new special to look forward to. Keep your fingers crossed. For those who dare to dream, watch the "Special Announcement" here.