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Lovers of Film Lovers!

This is a good week to be in Seattle if you are a film lover, or needing a Valentine's Day gift for that film lover... Take them on a romantic trip around the world in 35mm! First stop, Italy: Saturday Feb. 13th and Sunday the 14th only at 8pm, get over to the Grand Illusion Cinema to catch a beautiful 35mm print of Fellini's Casanova. NOT available on DVD domestically, this an archival print that can only be shown this weekend. Just look at this fan-made trailer and imagine the striking imagery larger and in true high-definition (Fun fact: 35mm is still higher definition than blu-ray! Sorry Sony, better luck next time). Then sneak over to Japan for SIFF Cinema's Kurosawa-sensei retrospective. High And Low playing Saturday (in magnificent Tohoscope!) followed by Seven Samurai Sunday and Monday. Again, both features in 35mm. I really can't stress enough the importance of supporting real film screenings in this town. Projected analog film is beautiful, and it's the medium on which these films were *meant* to be seen. And lastly, but certain not leastly, get to the UK for a week-long run of the restored Red Shoes print at the Northwest Film Forum. An enormous amount of technical work went into taking 60+ year old film elements and restoring and rebuilding them in order to recreate the experience of seeing a new print of the film in 1948. See it the way Michael Powell (according to his wife who introduced the film at SAM this past Wednesday) intended: with an audience. You get the experience, and you cast your dollar vote in support of film preservation and repertory cinemas. And if all else fails, you can rent any or buy these movies at Scarecrow, along with 100,000 other titles. Thanks for your support!