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Suggested weekend viewing

--Seattle's True Independent Film Festival starts this weekend and runs through the 15th with a ton of great film as well as awesome music and comedy events, including a DJ set with Moby at Neumo's on June 8th and performances by folks from The People's Republic of Komedy like Emmett Montgomery, Paul Merrill, and those guys that do The Entertainment Show. Click on the link for the details or pick up a pretty yellow program while you're in the store. --It's the third weekend of SIFF so if you haven't gone to anything yet, take advantage of the weather and go see some films. Bundle up if it's a theater where you have to wait in line outside. --Not only does the ZERO TO MTV series with Dennis Nyback start at the Grand Illusion Cinema, but late night on Friday and Saturday they're once again showing HE-MAN AND SHE-RA: THE SECRET OF THE SWORD. The triumphant return of everyone's favorite ambiguously gay/perhaps incestual/definitely cheesy animated 80s hero is part of a retrospective of the best late night stuff the GI's played in the last five years. Check their site to see what's up next. --Those looking for solace in these gray and chilly times should consider renting the new Criterion release of THIEF OF BAGDAD. We put it on in the store this afternoon and the digitally remastered colors warmed us right up. --You could also just curl up in bed and plow through the new Dirty Harry box set or the Season three of Weeds or finally watch the extended cut of Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring that you bought five years ago but still haven't removed from its original packaging. Whatever you end up watching, let us know how it goes.