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What's new for the week of February 9th

Without further ado, here are this week's new DVDs. Remember, a * means the film is also available on Blu-ray, and click through on SALE to buy it online. A SERIOUS MAN* —I'm pleased the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences chose to expand the Best Picture nominees to ten, just so Joel & Ethan Coen's latest film can be properly acknowledged. SALE COUPLES RETREAT*—Jason Bateman, we'll follow you anywhere... THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE*—Well, I loved Audrey Niffenegger's novel and I like Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams, so let's hope this works... THE STEPFATHER (2009)*—Horror remake alert! An enjoyable update of the 1987 "new member of the family goes awry" slasher film, now with text messaging. BRONSON*--A favorite at this year's SIFF from director Pusher director Nicolas Winding Refn (who once spent a good half hour pouring through our Psychotronic room). This clip wins the award for Best Use of a Pet Shop Boys Song in a Movie Trailer. EMMA (2009)—The BBC's most recent adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, starring Romola Garai, Jonny Lee Miller and Michael Gabon. PETER AND VANDY—Another love story told in non-chronological order, starring Jason Ritter & Jess Weixler. SERIOUS MOONLIGHT—Cheryl Hines directed this script by the late Adrienne Shelly, starring Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Justin Long and Kristen Bell. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM—The HBO animated series in which the well-meaning but hapless Tim gets himself into some awkward/hilarious situations. SARAH SILVERMAN: SEASON 2 VOLUME 2—Yay Sarah! THE ENTERTAINMENT SHOW: SHORT FILM COLLECTION— Strongly recommended for those who enjoy laughing. NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Boogie Nights Gangs of New York Once Upon A Time in China III Phantom (1996)—Slam Evil! Running Man Salem Witch Trials (2005) ANIME NEW RELEASES Armored Fleet Dairugger: Collection 1 Naruto Shippuden Vol. 6—Uncut Shobi Vols. 2 & 3 Soul Eater: Part 1 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Dork Hunters From Outer Space (3 discs!) Gold Diggers: Secret of Bear Mountain Penguins of Madagascar: Operation DVD Premiere NEW TV ON DVD Gary Unmarried: Season 1 In The Dog House: Season 1 Stargate SG-U 1.0 * TV Party: Halloween Show—October 30, 1979 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Book and The Sword (2009)—Hong Kong (TV show) Bushido-The Cruel Code of the Samurai (1963)—Japan Desirable Teacher (1981)—Italy Don't Stop My Crazy Love For You (1993)—Hong Kong Dreamchild (1985)—British drama Endgame (2009)—British drama Five Element Ninjas (1982)—Hong Kong (Cheh Chang) Ghulami (1985)—India Kaminey (2009)—India London Dreams (2009)—India The Message (2009)(Code 3)—China New York (2009)—India Nonni Og Manni (1988)(PAL)—Iceland El Pasado (2007)—Argentina Revenge of the Barbarians (1984)—Iceland Rock On! (2008)—India Secret Couple (2009)(Code 3)—Korea Silence Ca Tue! (Special Edition)(2009)--Belgium Song of Sparrows (2009)—Iran (dir. Majid Majidi) Sweet Rain (2009)(Code 3)—Japan Tactical Unit: Human Nature (2008)—Hong Kong Trial Begins (2007)—Italy Vaada Raha...I Promise (2009)—India Vengeance (2009)(Code 3)—HK (dir. Johnny To) Wake Up, Sid! (2009)—India Yamagata Scream (2009)(Code 2)—Japan NEW FROM THE UNIVERSAL VAULT SERIES Brass Bottle (1963)—"Tony Randall, Burl Ives and Barbara Eden conjure up laughs and magic in The Brass Bottle - an enchanting comedy classic that inspired the hit TV series "I Dream of Jeannie." When architect Harold Ventimore (Randall) buys an antique Arabian bottle at auction, he ends up freeing the centuries-imprisoned genie, Fakrash (Ives). Forever indebted and ready to serve his new master, Fakrash grants Harold his every wish. But things quickly go from bad to worse when his madcap genie and his zany antics threaten Harold's sanity and the love of his beautiful fiancee (Eden)." Chalk Garden (1964)—"The peculiar antics of Laurel (Hayley Mills), an emotionally troubled young girl, are the focus of The Chalk Garden - a stately household drama set on the cliffs of the English south coast. Edith Evans plays a matriarchal grandmother who, in raising her granddaughter, has neglected her other love - a barren chalk garden. Mayhem ensues as Laurel's behavior frightens away a succession of governesses until an enigmatic one (Deborah Kerr) is hired in spite of her mysterious references. She skillfully sets about tending to the girl's reckless emotions and the pitifully failed garden. John Mills (Hayley's real-life father) plays the compassionate butler working overtime to maintain order in this unpredictable environment." Dragnet (1954)—"Dragnet, one of TV's most famous and innovative series from the 1950's, comes to colorful life in a classic full-length feature. As Sgt. Joe Friday, Jack Webb recreates his memorable portrayal of a Los Angeles cop - 'Just the facts, Ma'am' - in this action-packed tale." 40 Pounds of Trouble (1962)—"Tony Curtis stars in 40 Pounds of Trouble in which a day at the park becomes a high speed adventure on the world's most exclusive movie set - Disneyland! After escaping from his greedy ex-wife in California, savvy Lake Tahoe hotel/casino manager Steve McClusky (Curtis) has had enough of women. His sabbatical is sabotaged, however, when hotel owner Bernie Friedman (Phil Silvers) orders him to chaperone the venue's new headliner, Friedman's beautiful niece Chris (Suzanne Pleshette). As if that's not enough, McClusky inherits a pint-sized problem in young Penny (Claire Wilcox), a five-year old recently abandoned by her debt-ridden father. Soon charmed by his two charges, he risks crossing the Nevada border to take them to Disneyland. It's not long before the incognito trio is discovered by his ex's detectives, and a wild chase through the park's attractions begins! With a superb cast, gorgeous scenery, and the distinction of being the first feature film ever to be shot in (and above) Disneyland, this irresistible romantic comedy is a treat for the whole family!" Gambit (1966)—"Starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, Gambit is a delightful yet deadly game of international cat-and-mouse. The fast-paced caper takes off in Hong Kong where a dapper English cat burglar (Caine) enlists the aid of a Eurasian dancer (MacLaine), to help him in an elaborate scheme to grab an age-old artifact from the heavily secured palace of a powerful Middle Eastern tycoon. Unfortunately, the foolproof scheme begins to backfire shortly after it starts and the duo must pull out all the stops if they hope to come out on top." Shout (1991)—"Set against the backdrop of the birth of rock 'n' roll, Shout stars John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever) in this coming-of-age musical. Jesse Tucker's (James Walters) rebellious ways eventually land him in the Benedict Home for Boys in a sleepy Texas town in the '50s. But when Jack Cabe (Travolta) breezes in as the new music teacher, he introduces Jesse and the boys to the fresh and dangerous new sounds of rock 'n' roll. Cabe encourages Jesse to redirect his emotions into music, and to trust his love for Sara (Heather Graham), the beautiful young daughter of the repressive headmaster (Richard Jordan)." NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, ART & OTHER NON-FICTION Louise May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women Brave New Films: Political Campaigns/Inside Brave New Films/ This Brave Nation/War on Greed—Four DVDs from the Brave New Films collection that take a close look at new media activism. Butterfly World—"There are more than 165,000 different species of butterflies, each one full of grace and beauty. Filmed throughout the planet, this exceptional video production presents some of the most varied and exotic butterflies that nature has to offer. Laying, molting, emerging or flying no phenomenon escaped our ever ready camera. You will be astonished by their ingenious ways of defense, impressed by the great migration of the Monarchs, confused by the famous Morphos that lure the hunter in the middle of the tropical jungle, even frightened by the enormous Tizannias with their mystical reputation that haunts the villagers. Surprising, captivating, intriguing, one thing is certain, these extraordinary creatures will bring delight and fascination to your world." Eric Clapton & Friends: A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert—The 1983 benefit concert at Royal Albert Hall for Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis featuring Clapton, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Jimmy Page. Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind The Real Thing—" Pulls back the curtain on the planet's most recognizable brand and takes viewers inside the beverage giant's race to find its next blockbuster product." Dancing in the Street—A collection of classic performances by Mary Wells, James Brown, Tina Turner, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin and many others. Death: Live in L.A.--Death & Raw— \m/ Decision to Donate—"Two men, one in need of a kidney transplant and the other willing to donate. The film explores this profound, life saving decision along with the emotional experiences of the donor, the recipient and their families." Drive-Thru Records DVD Vol. 1—" Music videos by Allister, Fenix TX, Finch, Home Grown, The Movielife, New Found Glory, RX Bandits, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, live footage from the Drive-Thru Summer Invasion Stage: The Starting Line, Finch, Home Grown, Allister, The Movielife, RX Bandits, the Early November, Something Corporate" 80's Tech—Part of the History Channel's "Modern Marvels" series, this documentary examines the "transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age," via everything from Walkmans to Apple Computers 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno—See the "next evolutionary stage of Brian Eno's exploration into light as an artistic medium and the aesthetic possibilities in 'generative software.' " For The Love of Liberty: America's Black Patriots—"From the Revolution to the Civil War, from the World Wars to the present day fighting in Afghanistan, this inspiring epic saga of African American military sacrifices dramatically and foar all time sets the record straight." Garden Story—A look at "the extraordinary power of gardens to transform our lives and strengthen our communities." Guilty Pleasures: The Extraordinary Life of Dominick Dunne—" Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair columnist and best selling author, is profiled in a tantalizing hour-long documentary that traces the life and ongoing experiences of one of the most fascinating American journalists. A best-selling author, columnist, producer and television host, Dunne has enjoyed dizzying career highs and desperate personal lows during his successful and varied career in show business. Guilty Pleasure features thoughtful insight from Dunne's colleagues, family and even critics about his writing, his personal motivations, and his travels among the rich and famous. Featuring Dominick Dunne, Griffin Dunne, Larry King, David Brown and Graydon Carter." House of Cards—A CNBC documentary that looks at "the origins of today's global economic crisis" Inside The Mind of Google—See beyond the "Don't Be Evil" stuff. Jimi Sir: An American Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal—" Take a journey to the rugged terrain that separates the barren Tibetan plateau and the plains of India. Live alongside Jimi, a Peace Corps volunteer in Melung, a days walk south of the trail from Kathmandu to Mt Everest base camp. Delve into the ways of the Tibetan Buddhist people living and farming side by side with the Hindu Sanskrit culture. Witness the Buddhist prayer wheels and flags alongside the Hindu puja rituals. Understand the challenges facing Nepal as its citizens struggle with overpopulation, deforestation, and drinking water quality. Celebrate the festival of Tihaar, a tribute to the animals. Watch Jimi as he strives to finish a water quality and educational development projects before the deadline of his completion of service." Jump: A Frogumentary—Did you know there's such thing as competitive frog jumping? Did you know we have Mark Twain to thank for it? Find out in this documentary, which also played at the Port Townsend Film Festival. Life Interrupted: Reunion & Remembrance in Arkansas—"In September 2004, 1,300 people embarked on an incredible journey to Little Rock, Arkansas for a conference examining the experiences of Japanese Americans incarcerated at Jerome and Rohwer during World War II. Life Interrupted features the stories that reflect the history and emotions of a community forged in this remote, snake-infested swamp of Arkansas more than 60 years ago." Marijuana Inc.: Inside America's Pot Industry--Insert your own pot joke here: _____________ National Geographic: Bizarre Dinosaurs—You mean there are even weirder dinosaurs?!? Palfloat: Synonym Toast—The band's DVD promises musical cinema pieces, spoofs and an underwater aquarium! Porn: Business of Pleasure—CNBC's "all access" look at the porn industry, featuring interviews with Sasha Grey and Jesse Jane. Stephen Romano Presents: Shock Festival—Over seven hours of rare and unusual exploitation & grindhouse trailers Spoils of War—"Documentary filmmaker David Blau focuses on the legacy of Argentina's 'dirty war' from 1976-83, during which thousands of citizens were kidnapped, tortured and killed by the military government. Their children were taken and scattered into right wing foster homes." Ultimate Dambusters Collection— Includes three programs--Dambusters: The True Story: "a behind-the-scenes look at the Dambusters raids, this historic program features exclusive interviews with mission pilots, fascinating insight into the development of the bouncing bomb and previously unseen archival film of the Dambusters Lancasters testing the bouncing bomb just before the raids" Night Bombers: "Recorded by Air Commodore H.I. Cozens between 1944/45, this is the only known and rarely seen colour film of RAF Bomber Command's strategic planning, preparation and execution of an actual night attack on Berlin with Avro Lancaster bombers. This is the real thing as it happened." Last Of The Dambusters: "Narrated by Stephen Fry, Last of the Dambusters is the exceptional story of one man, one plane and the operation that made history." Tom Waits: Live From Austin—Romeo Bleeding—"Archive release of this 1978 live set from the eccentric and eclectic American singer/songwriter, recorded live in Austin. Includes "On The Nickel", "Romeo Is Bleeding" and more. Immortal. Welcome to Nollywood—A "celebratory and often humorous look" at filmmakers working burgeoning Nigerian film industry. Watch this in conjunction with any of the films from our Nigeria section. NEW TITLES IN THE RIFFTRAX SERIES (the MST3K guys) Rifftrax Live!: Plan 9 From Outer Space Planet of Dinosaurs Shorts—Shorts-tacular Short-stravangza Shorts—Wide World of Shorts Voodoo Man AND MORE MOVIES... Bad Girls of Film Noir: Volume 1--"In the 40's and 50's the juiciest roles for actresses in Hollywood were often in B-pictures that explored the dark side of life: starring roles as cool, calculating gals who could stick a knife in a man's back and make him like it. Lizabeth Scott, Gloria Grahame, and Evelyn Keyes were some of the best of the period, and are among Noir fans' favorites for their roles in such classics of the genre as Dead Reckoning and The Racket (Scott), The Big Heat and Human Desire (Grahame), 99 River Street and The Prowler (Keyes). Here's your chance to see them at work in some great films straight out of the vault, newly restored and re-mastered, for the first time on DVD. Co-starred with the likes of Edmund O'Brien, Charleton Heston, and Vittorio Gassman these dames shine a like the brightest stars in Hollywood, and each film packs in plenty of the best bad girl behavior." The films fresh out of the vault are The Killer That Stalked New York, Two of a Kind, Bad for Each Other and The Glass Wall. SALE Bad Girls of Film Noir: Volume 2--"Cleo Moore, Audrey Totter, Jan Sterling, Ida Lupino and Janis Carter. Forgery, adultery, theft, blackmail and murder. The Bad Girls of Noir are back, in Volume 2, and these gorgeous gals with malice in their hearts are sure to thrill hard-boiled fans of Noir. Fan favorite Cleo Moore finally gets her due in three films that highlight the talents of the beauty who was compared to Marilyn Monroe, but whom fans love for her earnest, if stilted portrayals of dim-witted gals who can't catch a break. Four films, restored and re-mastered are all new to DVD, and sure to provide plenty of excitement for the noir aficionado. Watch out for these gals, they're dangerous--which makes them oh, so fun to watch." Those four films are Night Editor, One Girl's Confession, Women's Prison and Over-Exposed. SALE Between The Lines (1977) "When a publishing mogul buys a Boston underground newspaper and promises changes that will compromise its aggressive political stance in favor of more "lifestyle" articles, it becomes clear to the freewheeling and free thinking employees that their carefree days are behind them." Starring John Heard, Lindsay Crouse and Jeff Goldblum. Blade of the Ripper—Also known as The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, "Scream queen Edwige Fenech (All the Colors of the Dark, The Case of the Bloody Iris) stars in this violent masterpiece, the first 'giallo' film directed by Sergio Martino (Case of the Scorpion's Tail & Torso). Fenech portrays Julie Wardh, a restless woman embroiled in a horrifying mystery that threatens to drive her to the brink of madness... or worse. Which of the men in her life is the vicious serial killer and will Julie become his next victim? Erotic, stylish and at times excessive, Blade of the Ripper remains one of the most celebrated and influential giallo of all times. Dante's Inferno (2009, Animated) * —"Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery! These are the 9 Circles of Hell made famous by Dante Alighieri in his famed masterpiece, Dante's Inferno, his first story of The Divine Comedy. Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic will take you on a harrowing trip through Hell as Dante braves the forces of evil, slaying demons and monsters of extraordinary imagination, all to save his love Beatrice, from the clutches of Hell's master - Lucifer. The companion piece to the hit Electronic Arts game, Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, is inventively told through eyes of visionary animation directors from around the world, including Shuko Murase (Ergo Proxy) and Yasoumi Umetsu (Kite: Liberator) among others. 6 Directors, 6 terrifying visions of Hell, 1 heart-stopping epic adventure! 6 different covers - 6 different animation styles. See which cover you end up with!" Dare (2009)—"Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera), Zach Gilford (TV's Friday Night Lights) and Ashley Springer (Teeth) head up a stellar cast including Ana Gasteyer (Mean Girls), Rooney Mara (A Nightmare on Elm Street), comedienne Sandra Bernhard (TV's Roseanne) and Alan Cumming (X2: X-Men United) in this captivating story of high school seniors at the crossroads of their adult lives. When a pompous actor tells good girl Alexa (Rossum) that she hasn't lived, she embarks on a bold journey that takes her to mysterious bad boy Johnny (Gilford). Envious, her shy best friend Ben (Springer) also dares to pursue Johnny, complicating Alexa's romance and pushing the boundaries among the three friends." Dead Tone—Suspenseful, slasher madness starring Rutger Hauer. Fear of Fiction—A writer (Melissa Leo) suffering from writer's block answers an ad from a stranger (Sam Trammell) to go on a cross country trip to get the creative juices flowing again. Their strange trip is punctuated with music by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth fame. I Can't Think Straight—"While preparing for her wedding, Tala meets Leyla, a shy Muslim. Although they come from different worlds, the attraction is immediate and Tala must decide whether to stay true to her culture or to her heart. Starring Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth and Nina Wadia." I Hate Valentine's Day—"The romantic duo behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding reunites for an all-new love story with a big fat twist! Nia Vardalos stars as Genevieve, an independent single woman who owns a Brooklyn flower shop along with a strict philosophy on dating: Every relationship should last no more than five dates so that she never gets dumped or hurt. But when she meets restaurateur-next-door and all-around nice guy Greg (John Corbett of Sex And The City), she still insists that their delicious courtship only continue to its inevitable end. What do you do when the one rule you never break becomes the one thing that could break your heart? Judah Friedlander (30 Rock), Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road) and Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live) co-star in this hilarious romantic comedy with no strings attached, written and directed by Nia Vardalos." Ice Castles (2009)—"A remake of the 1978 Oscar-nominated romantic drama. Considered too old for a professional ice-skating career, 16-year-old Alexis nonetheless triumphs to become a champion and teen skating sensation. Tragically, she falls and suffers a brain injury that leaves her nearly blind and curtailing her dream of a professionally skating career. With the help of her father and her boyfriend, Alexis attempts, against all odds, to again become a top-ranked skater. Featuring a remake of Melissa Manchester's hit song, "Through the Eyes of Love." Kids Go To The Woods...Kids Get Dead—"It's Casey's (Leah Rudick) birthday and to celebrate her and her friends are headed to a cabin in the woods for a wild weekend of sex, drugs and partying. A crazed Killer (Joseph Campellone) has other plans for them and it's up to Casey's younger brother Scott (Andrew Waffenschmidt), aided by a mysterious novel that seems to spell out their fate, to find their only hope of survival... Kids Go To the Woods... Kids Get Dead brings back the classic slasher flick - complete with horny teenagers, worthless cops, a crazy war vet and a masked killer. Complete with VHS static, fake commercials and vignettes with horror hostess Candy Adams. It's kind of like a GRINDHOUSE for the cable/VCR generation." King Lear (1953)—"Shot live for the prestigious Omnibus series, Orson Welles masterfully plays the title role in the Shakespearean classic about a beleaguered king who is betrayed by the greed of his daughters. Broadcast live on CBS." King Leopold's Ghost— "Starring Don Cheadle, Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell, King Leopold's Ghost is a shocking tale of the richest country in Africa, claimed by the rapacious King Leopold II of Belgium. Under his greedy reign, the Congo suffered unimaginable horrors. The epic is filled with fascinating adventurers, European, American and Congolese: a story brought to life with a treasure trove of archival materials - letters, secret reports and photographs. Filmed in the Congo, Belgium and the UK, in the USA and Canada, and researched over four years, it is a production of international significance and vital relevance to today. Ten million people died under Leopold's reign, four million more in the last five years. Why? The film, brought up to the present day, demonstrates that 'past' is present." Lovely By Surprise—"A truly unique and visually stunning take on meta-fiction, Lovely By Surprise follows the journey of novelist Marian Walker as she attempts to finish her first novel. Facing the age-old problem of writer's block, Marian seeks advice from a mentor and ex-lover. His seemingly innocent advice to kill the book's protagonist unleashes chaos in her life as a willful protagonist escapes from her novel and appears in the unresolved corners of her past." Midgets Vs. Mascots (Unrated)—I think the title says it all here. Gary Coleman, Jason Mewes & Ron Jeremy star. No Boundaries (2009)—"Love can conquer all obstacles and cross any border in No Boundaries, a captivating new film from writer-director Violet Mendoza and co-director Jake Willing that puts a human face on the timely and volatile issue of illegal immigration in America today." Pleasure of Being Robbed— "Eléonore Hendricks and director Joshua Safdie star in this breezily lo-fi look at slacker larceny co-written by Hendricks and Safdie and shot guerilla-style on the streets of NYC that rocked The Director's Fortnight at Cannes to become one of the most talked-about indie sensations of the year." Premium (2006)—"Cool is a struggling actor fed up with stereotypical African-American roles. While pumping gas to make ends meet, he collides with his ex-fiancé after 3 years of silence. She is getting married in 36 hours. As the clock ticks on his life, love, and career, Cool finds he must take on the biggest "role" of his life to win her back." Starring Zoe Saldana of Star Trek & Avatar fame. Return to Paradise (1953)—"Morgan (Gary Cooper), a drifter and soldier-of-fortune washes up on a Pacific Island that is a small dictorial state under the puritanic rule Pastor Corbett (Barry Jones), a missionary." Rex Steele Nazi Smasher—The animated adventures of Rex Steele, who does just as his titles says. Satan's Wife—"Four beautiful young women surrender to the fiendishly charm of Lucifer himself. But their nights of unholy pleasure have a price: they can't have sex with other men, for the Lord of Darkness is a very jealous lover indeed. The otherworldly fruits of these bestial couplings go by the names of Almarisa and Daria. While the former starts to loathe herself as soon as she realizes who her father really is, the latter perversely learns how to enjoy her devilish skills to wreak havoc in the human world. To put an end to her hellish endeavours, a very unlikely exorcist is enlisted." Sex Advice—"How do Catholics enjoy sex when the always glowing threat of sin is bestowed upon them by God's rightful sword? Well, for starters you could seek out the advice of your local priest and try to work out issues that are obviously at odds like pleasure and guilt. A forgotten but very accurate portrait of mid-seventies Italy, the film captures some of the most sensitive problems that had to be faced by Catholic women like prenuptial intercourse, open weddings and homosexuality." Shoot First and Pray You Live—"Nowhere in the vast spread of the desert has there ever been a greater legend told than the bloody feud between Red Pierre and the phantom gunfighter, Bob McGurk. Red Pierre has traveled through the mountains from a Mexican monastery to avenge his dying father, who was fatally wounded by the infamous outlaw Bob McGurk. But before Pierre can have a showdown with this invincible gunman, a gang of bandits captures him. Instead of fighting them, he decides to join forces and rides on with the wild marauders. The final face-off with McGurk has been a long time coming, and Red Pierre will stop at nothing to see that justice is served." I just like the idea of a western featuring Jim Gaffigan. Trapeze (1956)—"Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida star as a triangle of lovers in this powerful drama set against the magnificent background of a European circus. Filmed on location in Paris, Trapeze has been acclaimed as one of the most spectacular and authentic circus movies ever made." Two for the Seesaw—"Robert Wise directs Robert Mitchum and Shirley MacLaine in this spicy and poignant love story about a free-spirited Greenwich Village girl who hooks up with a brooding Nebraska lawyer." XIII: The Conspiracy—Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff? Sweet! Hardware Wars (30th Anniversary Edition)—"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three bucks goodbye" A Dangerous Man (2009)—Steven Seagal is...A DANGEROUS MAN! Get the full analysis of the latest film from Steven Seagal: Lawman star Steven Seagal from leading Seagalogist Outlaw Vern. WARNING! There's a swear word in this trailer, which is under its working title ON THE RUN. Happy viewing, everyone. seriousman