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This weekend: CRYPTICON

If you're not headed east to Sasquatch this weekend and your tastes lean towards the macabre, we suggest you head down to the DoubleTree Hotel at Sea-Tac for CRYPTICON, a horror convention of gruesome proportions. It starts in just a few hours and runs through Monday and includes the usual workshops, panels, concerts, vendors and people strolling about dressed as horror icons. The impressive roster of special guests includes the smoking guy from X-Files, Tony Todd from Candyman, Bill Moseley, Jason Mewes, and Rowdy Roddy Piper, star of the epic class wars battle They Live, in which Piper participates in a long continuous fight scene reminiscent of the one in The Quiet Man. Conflict of interest alert: The con includes an art show featuring works from one of our own, and he'll be lurking about throughout the weekend. Please don't ask if he'll return you movie for you. Will there be a Freddy vs. Jason fight in the lobby? What's Tofu Zombie Dearest? Is Sid Haig running for President? Let us know if you find out the answers to any of these questions...