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Long ago we told you about the spiritual enlightenment that comes with witnessing David Schmader present Showgirls, and lucky for all of us he's doing it again tomorrow at the Triple Door. The screening is brought to us by Noise For The Needy, an amazing non-profit that holds a yearly batch of concerts and events such as this one and then donates all the proceeds to a particular charity. This year it's Urban Rest Stop, a center that provides free restrooms, showers and laundry facilities to homeless men, women and children within a clean, safe and dignified environment. The show is tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Triple Door, doors are at 7pm. Tickets are $12, the experience is priceless. While you're online you should check out the line up so far for Noise for the Needy's live music shows (including Talib Kweli. Common Market, The Black Angels, Boat, The Math and Physics Club, The Maldives, and many more fine artists) and add one or more of the shows to your summer music calendar. You'll have a great time and it benefits a great cause.