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SPACED coming to DVD

This morning I was flipping through the fine trade publication Home Media Magazine Digital Edition and came upon a small article at the bottom of one of the back pages that caused me to spit precious caffeine all over my monitor. Spaced, the wonderful Brit TV show starring Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes (then Stevenson) and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright, is FINALLY COMING OUT ON DVD HERE IN THE STATES! I guess they must have cleared up all those pesky rights issues because come July 22nd, those of you didn't buy region free players just to own the UK import will be able to experience the series' clever wit and charm. If you've been holed up in a screening room watching only French New Wave and/or Spaghetti Westerns for the last eight years, Spaced is from the same comedy geniuses who made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Spaced aired in the UK from 1999-2001 and centers around Tim and Daisy (Simon and Jessica) two slacker 20-somethings who pose as a couple to share and apartment, and their merry band of quirky friends, especially Tim's best pal Mike (Nick), a devout military enthusiast. The show contains plenty of popular culture references, so much so that one of the extras on the UK DVD points them out to you on screen Pop Up Video-style. The domestic release promises commentary tracks from Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Bill Hader, Diablo Cody, Matt Stone and Patton Oswalt. But the show isn't just reference upon reference (like some shows I can think of....Family Guy I'm looking at you...), Spaced has a strong and genuine heart that elevates it to the classic status of shows like Freaks and Geeks and The Office. Enjoy some clips via YouTube here, here, and here.