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Tim and Eric are coming to Scarecrow Video!

Are you prepared? The DVD release of Season 1 of Tim &Eric Awesome Show! Great Job! is next week, and to celebrate T&E will be stopping by on May 2nd to sign some autographs and bask in the dusty, crowded glow that is Scarecrow. The festivities begin at 1pm, so be sure to ask off from work that afternoon or strategically plan your lunch break. If you're in school, tell your teacher you have diarrhea! Just don't miss your chance to get the 1st season DVD immortalized with a Sharpie! If you have a Facebook account, I've created an event page here (hopefully that works). The signing should go to about 2pm, because later that night T&E will be performing live at Neumo's! Get your tickets now, it is bound to sell out. I hope they like our store. Every time we play a TV Carnage, Max Maven's Mindgames, or Rich Little's Great Hollywood Trivia Game, I feel like I've shared a moment with those two. Links! Adult Swim Website (if you don't have cable you can watch just about all of Tim &Eric's skits here, but be warned, the full episodes have a kind of maniacal structure to them, so the skits in isolation may make even less sense than in the context of an episode). Tim &Eric's site (even more videos!)