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Blood not Blu

Would you like watch There Will Be Blood in hi-def? Yeah, that'd be nice, wouldn't it? Over the past week we've taken calls from people wondering if we just decided not to bring it in, if it was delayed, etc. Well, if Paramount, back in August of last year, hadn't signed a Faustian contract with Toshiba to take ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS to completely abandon the Blu-Ray format for eighteen months and go exclusively with Toshiba's beloved (and now dead in the water) HD-DVD format, there might be a chance for you to view this film in Blu-Ray. As it stands though, HD-DVDs are no longer being produced and Paramount is trying to wiggle out of the aforementioned contract so that maybe they can get some Blu-Ray discs out for the 4th quarter. In the meantime, you, the consumer, are getting the shaft. No Blood for you. This also goes for any recent (American Gangster) or future (Cloverfield) titles from Paramount, Dreamworks, or Universal. All 3 studios decided to back HD exclusively and are now left without a high-def format to show us their lovely little films. Boo. As I mentioned above, there is some talk of this being resolved by the holidays, but nothing confirmed. Oh yeah, Coppola, Spielberg, Michael Bay & James Cameron are pissed too, so there, you're in great company. Sorry to be getting all grinchy on ya, but seeing how this is the biggest title to date to be affected, there were enough inquiries that we thought we'd clear up any confusion, at least for now.