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This Is It! The many New Releases for January 26th

January ends with an avalanche of new viewing choices here at Scarecrow, including a heaping helping of new Blu-ray discs and a hefty shipment from the Warner Archives. So let's dive right in, shall we? Remember, a * means we also have it available on Blu-ray and you can click through SALE to buy select titles online. MICHAEL JACKSON: THIS IS IT* - As incredible as it is to watch Michael perform in front of seas of adoring fans, it's a whole other experience to see him rehearsing in front a few backup dancers and techs set against the backdrop of a completely empty arena. SALE SOUL POWER * - Legendary documentary about the 1974 concert in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974 that was supposed to coincide with the 'Rumble in the Jungle' fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Featuring performances by Bill Withers, B.B. King, James Brown and James Brown's sweet, sweet mustache. SALE WHIP IT* - Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut with this sweet & funny coming of age story starring Ellen Page as a girl in small town Texas who channels her desire to break from the norm through the love of roller derby. Alia Shawkat plays her best friend, Juliette Lewis, Zoe Bell, Eve and the wonderful Kristen Wiig play fellow derby girls, and Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern are excellent as her parents. See you at The Rat City Rollergirls season opener this Sunday! SALE BRIGHT STAR - Jane Campion's romantic tale of doomed love between poet John Keats and the spirited Fanny Brawne. PARIS, TEXAS* - The Criterion Collection presents: 'New German Cinema pioneer Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire) brings his keen eye for landscape to the American Southwest in Paris, Texas, a profoundly moving character study written by Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Sam Shepard.'  SALE ROSSELINI'S WAR TRILOGY - Criterion bundles together Germany Year Zero, Paisan and Rome Open City with plenty of extras. Let's hear from an expert in the field: THE BOYS ARE BACK - Clive Owen stars as a widow raising his two sons from different marriages with a throw-caution-to-the-wind 'just say yes' parenting philosophy. NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY: LASZLO & VILMOS--"Two Hungarian film students escaped communist Hungary in 1956, with little more than a camera and a shopping bag full of film. Over the next 50 years, Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond would reinvent Hollywood moviemaking for an entire generation - and maintain an iron-clad friendship along the way." ACT OF GOD - The latest documentary from Jennifer Baichwal (director of Scarecrow favorite Manufactured Landscapes) explores the physical and spiritual ramifications of being struck by lightning. SURROGATES* - If I was Bruce Willis, I'd make my surrogate look like David Addison. SAW VI* - Aside from the fact that people are still dying in horrible ways, does anyone get what's going on? BAD BIOLOGY - You are coming to meet Frank Henenlotter here on Friday, February 5th at 7pm, right? Cool. SALE ANIME NEW RELEASES Bleach: Vol. 22 The Bount Bleach: Vol. 23 & 24 The Assault Case Closed: Last Wizard of the Century - Movie Clannad After Story: Collection 2 Clannad Collection Sands of Destruction: Complete Series Sgt. Frog: Season 2 Part 2 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Angel for May Bill Nye The Science Guy: Energy/Spiders/The Sun Come Away Home George Shrinks: Zoopercar Caper Handy Manny: Motorcycle Adventures Spongebob Squarepants: Viking-Sized Adventures Sticks and Stones White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown NEW TV ON DVD Adult Swim: Pilots----Includes Korgoth of Barbaria, Welcome to Eltingville, Perfect Hair Forever, Cheyenne Cinnamon, and The Best of Totally for Teens. Becker: Season 3 Dallas: Season 12 Dirty Jobs: Collection 5 Donna Reed Show: Seasons 2 & 3 Dr. G: Medical Examiner: Season 1 Edward, John: Cross Country Season 1 The Game: Season 2 Ice Road Truckers: Season 3 MI-5: Season 7 The Red Green Show: Seasons 1-3 Southland: Season 1 - The uncensored version! Taxi: Season 5 –The final season! Whitest Kids You Know: Season 2 (Warning: this trailer contains a SWEAR WORD and therefore is NSFW to some employers) NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE According to Greta All The King's Men (2006) American Pie Presents: Book of Love Ballast Ben 10: Alien Swarm Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Burning Plain Cheaper By The Dozen 2 City of Life and Death (2009) - China Cliffhanger Curse of King Tut's Tomb (2005) D.Gray-Man: Season 1 Part 1 - Anime Darwin's Darkest Hour Final Patient Fraility Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror - Anime Jack Brooks Monster Slayer Last Action Hero Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown Marine 2 Mask of Zorro (1998) Memories of Murder (2003) - Korea Mother (2009) - Korea New Police Story Post-Grad Keali'I Reichel: Kukahi - Live in Concert Ride Around The World (IMAX) Screw Balls Secondhand Lions 10 Things I Hate About You (Special Edition) Toolbox Murders (1978) Vengeance (2009) Way of the Gun World War II in HD - The powerful History Channel documentary series NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Alice Ou La Derniere Fuge (1976)(PAL Code 2) - France, from director Claude Chabrol Alternative 3 (PAL) - UK Michel Brault: Oeuvres 1958-74 Discs 1-5 - Canada Broken Glass (2007) - Uruguay Carnal Utopia (2006) - Brazil Cinema Hong Kong (2008)(Code 3) - Hong Kong/USA Daytime Drinking (2007) - Korea Fireball (2009) - Thailand Frontier of Dawn (2008) - France Give Me Your Hand (2009) - France Hard Revenge Milly (2009) - Japan Hello Goodbye (2008) - France Higher Force (2009) - Iceland Import/Export (2007) - Austria (the trailer's a bit too risqué for posting on this relatively PG-13 website, but you'll find it here) In A Day (2006) - UK comedy Like Stars on Earth (Taare Zameen Par)(Sp. Ed.) - India Little Ashes (2008) - UK drama M.W. (2009)(Code 3) - Japan, live action manga Mermaid (2007) - Russia Possessed (2009)(Code 3) - Korean horror Psycho Love Story (2008) - Turkey Quiet Chaos (2008) - Italy Rebellion (2008) - Hong Kong Righteous Ties (2006) - Korea Storm (2009) - Germany Tale of Cinema (2009)(Code 3) - Korea Wake In Fright (1971)(PAL Code 4) - Australia World's Apart (2008) - Denmark Wushu (2008) - Hong Kong St. Trinian's School for Girls (2008) - A British comedy we've had an import of for awhile is now on DVD stateside. Colin Firth? Check. Russell Brand? Check. Stephen Fry? Check. Rupert Everett in drag? Check. NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Angel Dusted (1981) - Jean Stapleton's son is a college student on the path to success when one sniff of the demon weed veers him off course. Bad Seed (1985) - Your standard 'My nine year old's a killer!' made for TV movie starring Blair Brown, Lynn Redgrave, David Carradine and David Odgen Stiers. The Badlanders (1958) - A Western from Delmer Daves starring Alan Ladd, Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado. Beauty and the Boss (1932) - Roy Del Ruth's pre-code romantic comedy starring Marian Marsh and David Manners La Boheme (1926) - King Vidor's adaptation starring Lillian Gish Captain Salvation (1927) - A silent romantic adventure starring Lars Hanson Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) - Edward G. Robinson stars as a man investigating Nazis in the US Deadly Tower (1975, aka Sniper) - A made for TV film about the August 1966 tragedy at University of Texas where Charles Whitman (Kurt Russell) climbed a tower and began shooting his fellow students. Desperate Lives (1982) - Dr. Joyce Brothers stars in this made for TV cautionary tale about teenage drug addicts in the film containing this classic Helen Hunt scene: Divorce Wars (1981) - Tom Selleck and Jane Curtin have marital troubles right here in Seattle! Earth II (1971) - 'That's no moon, it's a space station' Fastest Gun Alive (1956) - It's a burden to be so good with a gun, as Glenn Ford finds in this Western. Flying Fleet (1929) - High flying silent action starring Ramon Novarro Hostage Flight (1985) - A made for TV film in which passengers on a hijacked flight from New York to London turn on their captors. It's hard to know what to say about such a movie in this day and age, only that it must be terribly satisfying to see two flight attendants douse a terrorist with scalding hot coffee. I Love Melvin (1953) - MGM's other big musical with Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds makes its DVD debut. Killer in the Family (1983) - Robert Mitchum is a convicted killer who convinces his three sons (James Spader, Lance Kerwin and Eric Stoltz)he's innocent and they should break him out of jail. Operation Heartbeat (1969) - This made for TV medical drama also known as U.MC. (University Medical Center) stars Richard Bradford and Edward G. Robinson. Stripped of most of its stars, it became the TV series Medical Center. Split Second (1953) - Three killers break out of jail and hold a selection of hostages in a Nevada ghost town where, somewhat coincidently, a nuclear bomb test is about to take place in Dick Powell's film noir. Stranger Within (1974) - The IMDb says, 'An expectant mother begins acting strangely and doesn't know why. Gradually she starts to realize that her bizarre behavior is being controlled by her unborn baby.' And that mother is Barbra Eden! The Subject Was Roses (1968) - A young Martin Sheen comes back from WWII to find his parents (Patricia Neal and Jack 'Grandpa Joe' Albertson) marriage in ruins. Neal was nominated for an Oscar and Albertson won for his performance. Sunny (1930) - Marilyn Miller is a dancer with moxie aplenty in this early talkie. Then Came Bronson (1969) - The pilot for the short lived series of the same name, starring Michael Parks as the journalist who borrows a motorcycle and takes to the road in search of himself. They Met In Bombay (1941) - Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell star as rival jewel thieves trying to steal a precious diamond. Tide of Empire (1929) - This run of the mill Western about the California gold rush was of the last silents MGM ever made. Under Eighteen (1932) - A pre-code drama about a desperately poor girl trying to support her family by landing herself a sugar daddy. White Shadows in the South Seas (1928) - Read the full description over at Wild Oranges (1923) - The plot of this King Vidor film is too strange to fully recount here, so we refer you again to NEW FROM THE NEW UNIVERSAL VAULT SERIES Black Shield of Falworth (1954) House of the Seven Gables (1940) Kitten With A Whip (1964) Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977) List of Adrian Messenger (1963) Perfect Furlough (1958) Resurrection (1980) Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) Spawn of the North (1938) Stick (1985) Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (1970) Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, ART, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION THINGS Louis Armstrong: Good Evening Everybody Battle of Chile - 'On September 11, 1973, President Salvador Allende's democratically elected Chilean government was overthrown in a bloody coup by General Augusto Pinochet's army. Patricio Guzmán and five colleagues had been filming the political developments in Chile throughout the nine months leading up to that day. The bombing of the Presidential Palace, in which Allende died, would now become the ending for Guzmán's seminal documentary The Battle of Chile (1975-76), an epic chronicle of that country's open and peaceful socialist revolution, and of the violent counter-revolution against it.' It's been hailed as one of the most powerful historical and political documentaries of all time. The DVD set includes Guzman's documentary Chile, Obstinate Memory: Between Resistance & Community: Long Island DIY Punk Chefs A'Field - Part cooking show, part travelogue, this documentary explores how to eat wonderfully locally. Declining By Degrees - 'In this revealing documentary, veteran correspondent John Merrow takes you behind the ivy-covered walls of our colleges and universities to see if they are delivering on their promise.' Amelia Earhart: Queen of the Air Elvis At The Movies--A retrospective of The King on film Foodmatters--A documentary that shows how to "let food be thy medicine." It also comes with the short films A Thousand Suns and People's Grocery. From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Dock: The Life and Times of Harry Bridges - A portrait of the Australian-American union leader. Frontrunner: The Afghan Woman Who Surprised the World - 'The setting: Afghanistan's first democratic election ever. In the aftermath of 9/11, America's military might has set the stage. But who will determine the fate of democracy in Afghanistan? Is it possible, a woman running for President? Where unspeakable cruelty to women had become part of day-to-day life under the Taliban? Vote for the mother, Dr. Massouda Jala shouts to the crowd. Frontrunner tells the heroic story of this medical doctor and mother of three and the first presidential bid by a woman since the ouster of the Taliban.' Girl's Life with Rachel Simmons - 'Girls entering adulthood in the next decade will see more opportunities than today's women ever imagined. Will these girls stride confidently through newly opened doors, or are they destined to be stunted by societal messages that tell them females should be constantly agreeable, impossibly thin, and sexy above all else? Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence.' Giselle (2009) - A production by the Dutch National Ballet Taylor Hicks: Whomp at the Warfield Elbert Hubbard: An American Original - A look at the life of the arts & crafts rebel. Jethro Tull: Fully Authorized Story - Learn the true story behind all that awesome flute action! JFK: 3 Shots that Changed America Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After Meeting David Wilson --"David Wilson, a 28 year old African American journalist, journeys into his family's past to find answers to America's racial disparities. Along the way he meets another David Wilson, the descendant of his family's slave master." Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog of Tokyo - 'Even though his charismatic presence has reigned over the world of photography since the late 60's, his true persona had been hidden behind a veil of mystery, since he had refused any major appearances in front of any media in the past. Follow the charismatic photographer Daido Moriyama as he takes his first digital photos and observe his style of quick snapshots without looking in the finder. His stark and contrasting black and white images symbolize his fervent lifestyle.' New York Yankees: World Series 2009 Quest For Adventure--"Discovering Our World's Mysteries! Come with us and be amazed with The Treasure Chase, Curse of the Mayan Temple, Montezuma's Lost Gold, The Last Ark, Vanishing Africa, With Byrd at the South Pole, Devil's Mountain, Man Against the Sea, The First Flight Over the North Pole and The Amundsen Polar Flight." Science of Sex Appeal --Apparently it's not all just crazy lust. Kanye West: College Dropout Video Anthology and Late Orchestration Whisper & Shout--"Documents important parts of the East German rock music scene of the late 1980s, from well-established bands like Silly, to underground rock bands like Feeling B. This road movie features young people using music to express their take on life, opposition to their parents' generation and opinions on the social and political climate in East Germany. It includes clips from concerts and interviews with fans and members of various bands, such as Feeling B's Christian Lorenz and Paul Landers, now members of Rammstein. This documentary played to over one million viewers in sold-out theaters in East Germany. Audiences were drawn not only to see their favorite bands on the screen; they were also surprised that this film made it past the censors." Wild Ocean (IMAX) Zombies - A&E biography! Prom Night in Mississippi AND MORE MOVIES Across the Hall - A noir-style thriller from 2005 starring the late Brittany Murphy. Adventures of One Eskimo - An enchanting animated feature in which an eskimo sets out through a magical land to find his love. Alone in the Dark 2 - The horror/fantasy saga based on the video game continues Angel and the Badman (2009) - A remake of the 1949 John Wayne western, starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Luke Perry. Astonished Heart (1949) - Noel Cowards stars in Terence Fisher's adaptation of his play. B-Girl --After a brutal attack, a dancer moves from NYC to LA and regains her skills and confidence in the underground hip-hop scene. Ca$h - 'A hard-boiled tale of bloody revenge... Cash, a gun-slinging ex-convict, is on a death quest to find Hector Gonzales, the man who murdered his wife over a decade ago. Hector Gonzales is a ruthless kingpin who has risen through the ranks over the last ten years and now stands on the verge of ruling the city - a city on the verge of an all out syndicate war. Cash and Gonzales are on an ultra-violent collision course that will determine, once and for all, who owns the streets.' Counseling Day - 'A small town preacher, Pastor John, and his trusty sidekick Chester try to survive a day of counseling a steady parade of troubled parishioners as their problems go from bad to absurd.' Doctor Death (1973) - John Considine is the delightful yet deranged doctor in this out there horror flick. Donner Party (2009) - Another dramatized telling of the doomed 19th century pioneers, this one's with Crispin Glover. Escapist (2009) - A suspenseful action film featuring Brian Cox in a daring jailbreak. '5 men. 4 walls. 1 plan.' Frat Party (Unrated!) - I think the words 'Frat Party' and 'Unrated' speak for themselves. Fronterz - 'Three actors - classically trained, but unemployed - can't even snag the typical black film roles like the thief or the pimp or the cop in this hilarious trip through the racial stereotypes of Hollywood. All the good..and are going to rappers. Blind Justice's Reno Wilson, Dennis Pressey and Garth Belcon star as the longtime friends who step up their game fast. They teach themselves how to rap ("basically iambic pentameter"), get the right clothes and attitude, and suddenly they're playing the parts of their lives as members of the hottest group around - Large Money Mercenaries, or LMM! Clueless music and film executives (Ted Danson, Henry Winkler) help to skyrocket the band to fame. But keeping it real as gangsta rappers without breaking character is a lot harder than it looks!' Fuel (2009) - A young man tries to get his ladyfriend out of a rough family situation in this drama. Give ‘Em Hell, Malone - 'When private eye Malone attempts to retrieve a briefcase from a seedy hotel, he walks into a trap. Bullets and blood fly as Malone battles an army of thugs to protect not only the case, but also a bombshell client who may be more trouble than she's worth.' This film as the added bonus of stars Ving Rhames and Thomas Jane. Godkiller: Walk Among Us Ep. 2 - "Post-nuclear punk odyssey Godkiller is making the jump from indie comic book to 'illustrated film' with engaging animation that merges sequential art, 3-D CGI and motion graphics... a horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming and conspiracy theory." --Wired Goodbye Gemini - AKA Twinsainty, this 1970 twisted tale of twins who are a little too close finally arrives on DVD. La Hacienda - Troubled souls haunt vacationers in South America, with gory results. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Unrated!) - We do too, but we hope Tucker Max only gets Sparxx. Inalienable - A part sci-fi, part legal drama starring Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch, written by Walter Koeing! Just Like The Son - 'Told with equal parts eloquence and passion, the story follows 20-year-old Daniel Carter (Mark Webber, Jesus Son, Storytelling), a petty thief performing community service at a Greenwich Village elementary school. There, he befriends eight-year-old Boone (the adorable Antonio A.J. Ortiz). When Boone s mother is taken ill and the youth is sent away to a foster school, Daniel rescues him and together they set out on a road trip funded partly by shoplifting and burglary in which friendship, redemption and adventure are all within one s grasp. Co-starring the dynamic Rosie Perez (Fearless, Pineapple Express) as the school principal, Just Like the Son's story of two outcasts searching for identity resonates with heart, warmth, humor and hope as its touching tale of fraternity and sacrifice unfolds in poetic and unsentimental fashion. If you liked Wendy and Lucy or Half Nelson, you will love this wondrous gem.' Martial Arts Essentials Vol. 6 - Much martial arts mayhem, with Story of Drunken Master and many more. Moment After (1999) - 'This biblical action mystery tells an intriguing story based around the end-times Book of Revelations.' Not unlike Left Behind in that sense. Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women - Castaways wash up on a beach full of blood thirsty bikini clad ladies! Nun of That - I think the title of this nun out for vengeance film should also be a Rat City Rollergirl name. OMG/HAHAHA - 'Omg/Hahaha is a pastiche of the lives of a diverse set of twenty-something gay, straight and trans teens living in Memphis, TN.' Poker Run - 'Weekend bikers Robert and Allan are plunged into a world of horrifying violence when their wives are abducted by a pair of psychopaths. The two desperate men are forced to follow a series of frighteningly bizarre clues that includes several terrifying tasks that will leave the sweltering Mojave Desert awash in blood.' Pontypool - The tagline of this tense horror film is 'Shut up or Die,' which comes off as a bit rude to us. Psychotronic Tools - A collection of animated shorts. Schoolgirl Report Volume 6 - Not a report from inside our nation's school system, but a naughty sexploitation romp.  Second Best Science Fiction Movie Ever Made - Really? Isn't that Alien? 'Many years ago, eight of our astronauts were mysteriously abducted and brought to another planet. Now they've come homefor two hours. And it seems they have a score to settle with one another. The goal: Survive for two hours then return to utopia. The obstacles: each other. And suburbia can be a very dangerous place.' Tennessee - 'A moving tale of sacrifice and self-discovery; Tennessee is the story of three people who strive to realize their dreams. Brothers, Carter (Adam Rothenberg) and Ellis (Ethan Peck) set out on a road trip to their childhood home in a desperate search for their estranged father, who may hold the key to their future. Along the way, they are joined by Krystal (Mariah Carey), who is trying to escape a troubled life. These unlikely traveling companions are guided in their mutual journey by the conviction that the only way to a new life is by overcoming their past.' 3 Americas - 'After a life-changing event, 16-year-old America Hart Campos, is sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live with her reclusive, anti-American grandmother, Lucia America Campos.' And if you believe it, there's actually EVEN MORE in our New To Store section, including more westerns, serials and TV shows. mjthisisit