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Meet FRANK HENENLOTTER at Scarecrow on Friday, February 5th

Legendary exploitation filmmaker Frank Henenlotter will be at Scarecrow Video to chat with fans and sign copies of his latest DVD Bad Biology on Friday, February 5th at 7pm. Most people know him as the director of films like the Basketcase trilogy, and the beloved horror comedy Frankenhooker, but Frank Henenlotter is also a film historian. He works with Seattle's own Something Weird Video to help preserve and distribute films that might otherwise have been lost forever. We at Scarecrow are (obviously) fans of film preservation and believe that every movie, no matter if it's a big budget tearjerker or a zero budget post-apocalyptic buddy comedy, has something to teach us. Unlike other rental stores and services, Scarecrow doesn't discriminate in favor of big studios - we're proud of our incredibly diverse collection, and we're proud to have an in-store guest who helped keep that diversity alive. It was the Frank Henenlotter's Sexy Shockers collection (released by Something Weird Video) which made it possible for us to see movies like Andy Milligan's Bloodthirsty Butchers and the full length version of the mind bogglingly bizarre Love Goddess of Blood Island. A lover of trash cinema since childhood much of his knowledge of the genre comes from first hand experience as a viewer in the sleazy 42nd street grindhouses of the 1970's and 80's. Along with a few other die-hard film geeks (Johnny Legend, Joe Bob Briggs, etc.) his devotion to the genre has made it possible for those of us who treasured our copies of The Golden Turkey Awards, or Re Search magazine's Incredibly Strange Films, to see the obscure movies we had been reading about for so many years. Come meet the man in person here at Scarecrow Video, then see his newest (and most over the top) movie Bad Biology Feb 5th and 6th at 11pm at Grand Illusion Cinema. Filmed in glorious 35mm, Bad Biology is billed as "a truly god-awful love story" that tells the story of two attractive young people with mutant genitalia who meet and fall in love, with horrific results. Judging by the trailer, it's going to be a wild ride that isn't for the weak of stomach or the faint at heart. We have the DVD on sale now for $14.95. *Note: At the artist's request, a DVD purchase of Bad Biology is required to have other items signed