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New to view: MacGuffin Podcast's Best of the Decade

Now that you've digested our favorite films of the decade, check in with our friends Spencer and John at the MacGuffin Podcast as they reflect on the last ten years of cinema. Here's the episode, filmed live from the Scarecrow Video War/Westerns/Adventure enclave: And here's their conversation about films that hold up or don't hold up to multiple viewings, along with a discussion about vampires on film and The Hurt Locker, now available for rent and sale here at Scarecrow: I'm not sure why, but I could watch Talladega Nights:The Story of Ricky Bobby every week and laugh uproariously every time. "Because I like to party." Let Spencer and John know how you feel about their picks over at the MacGuffin Podcast blog. macguffinimage