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Greetings and welcome to this weekend's In Theaters roundup. We begin at Northwest Film Forum, who will kick off the 5th annual Children's Film Festival tonight (Friday) with a world premiere performance called "The Accumulation of Change" by Lelavison Physical Movement, which blends, "choreography, original video, DaVinci-esque musical sculptures and lots of audience participation" into their explorations into the origins of life. The festival runs through January 31st and includes family friendly features and shorts from around the world. Visit their website for the full schedule and ticket info. Elsewhere on the Hill, Central Cinema has MYSTERY TEAM with its stars, the YouTube sensations Derrick Comedy (including Donald Glover from COMMUNITY) in attendance on Friday & Saturday night. Central Cinema is also the new home of BADMOVIEART, and on Monday they're showing ROLLER BOOGIE starring Linda Blair (who says it's "the film that single handedly ruined Linda Blair's career!"). Check out the awesome poster on our big back wall. On that same wall you'll find a poster for MINE, a documentary about the thousands of pets displaced after Hurricane Katrina and their owner's struggle to find them. It starts this weekend at SIFF Cinema. Grand Illusion Cinema also has a new documentary this week called TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN: THE UNBELIEVABLE STORY OF BROTHER THEODORE. Called "one of the most significant links in the history of comedy," Brother Theodore's dark and existential humor has influenced and inspired such comedians as Woody Allen, Dick Cavett and UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY star Eric Bogosian. In the Friday & Saturday Late Night spot, there's the original 35mm print of 1987's STREET TRASH, a sleazy tale of deadly liquor. You may also want to head to any of the various cinemas around town (like this one or any of these) to catch up on award-related films like CRAZY HEART, PRECIOUS and UP IN THE AIR. Lastly, a TV update for this Friday night--the HOPE FOR HAITI NOW telethon airs tonight on many networks. You can read up on who's involved & performing over on MTV's blog. While I'm sure no one reading this blog has $1 million dollars to donate to the cause (like Leonardo DiCaprio or Sandra Bullock have pledged to do), remember that even a relatively modest amount helps, and if a lot of us give even small amounts, it all adds up. If you're not up for calling in and having a celebrity take your pledge, visit the charity Meryl Streep mentioned in her Golden Globes acceptance speech, Partners In Health. Also tonight is Conan O'Brien's last turn as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW. Tonight's guests include Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell and Neil Young and a promised set of surprises. Will he destroy the set like he did at the end of LATE NIGHT? Who knows; I'm just hoping for one last glimpse of Pimpbot 5000...