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Goodbye, Mr. Brian

Dear Customers and friends:

Friend, and ex-Scarecrow employee Brian Blue, formerly Brian Henke, died on Saturday, March 8, after a two-year battle with cancer. He was only 37 years old. He was a terrific fellow and a fine film nut, and will be missed by many.

As I, and other current and former co workers have said, may he now be meeting up again with (Scarecrow founder) George over Chinese food, Brian defending how it could be that his favorite, Bruce Willis, could ever have deigned to grace a film by Michael Bay.

Like his mentor, Scarecrow founder George Latsios, Brian never ceased to amaze with his seeming endless zeal for film. the horror of this all is so much sadder still. But now that he is gone, I am grateful for the opportunities I had to get to know Brian. My memories are rich with affection and appreciation for him that I will always have, and I will always remember his great laugh, his infectious passion, and his courage and great love for his family up to the very end.

So, now, while his own story, here, has ended, his legacy lives on. Brian is survived by his young daughter, Isabella, and his sisters, Heather and Hillary, his former wife, great love, and Bella's mother, Holly Blue, and, truly, anyone who ever had the good fortune to know him.

Thank you, Brian. Peace to you, my friend. (Until I see you again, that is. 'You think what?!') ---Kevin Shannon

From the Memorial Service for Brian Mark Blue

by Michael Wyer, and Brian's Family

This last Saturday (3/8), after a long and courageous fight with cancer, Brian left his pain and suffering behind, and moved on. This is a very difficult time for those Brian left behind. As humans we always ask WHY? Why him? Why now? Why does this have to happen? The search for the answers to these questions has consumed the lives of some of the best minds this world has ever seen. And still there exists no answer upon which all are agreed. No, I cannot tell you why we are born, or why we must die. But I can tell you this. Once, an unimaginably long time ago, the entire universe would have fit into the space between my two cupped hands. The universe has grown and changed in ways not fully understood since then. But one thing is understood. All of the energy and all of the matter in the universe today was present in that that first instant. All of it has changed form countless times, but not one bit has ever been lost. So this we do know, nothing is ever truly lost, it only changes form. Brian's place in the family of things was with the people that he loved. He grew up in Illinois, the oldest child of three. He leaves here with us his two younger sisters, Heather Wildin and Hillary Brestar, strong loving women that surrounded him with their warm love as he fought his cancer and prepared for his journey over the horizon. Brian also leaves us with his two younger cousins, Darrin and Derek Hyde with whom he was very close. And Brian always held a special place in his heart for his grandparents, Jeanette and Mark Sweet. This love of family brought great comfort to Brian, and his family did not forsake him, visiting him and raising him up with their presence were Grandmother Jeanette Sweet and his mother's two sisters Laurie Sweet and Connie Hyde. This is a touching tribute to their love and courage when we remember that their sister, and daughter, Brian's mother Patricia Anne Henke, traveled over the horizon at the age of only thirty - seven, after her own battle with cancer. Iam told Brian often wished that he would celebrate his own thirty-seventh birthday. Happily, that wish was granted. Life, it is often said, is best thought of as a journey. Along the paths of his journey Brian was able to explore who he was and who he wanted to be. He found, and married the love of his life, Holly Blue. So much did he love her that he took her name and kept to the end of his days. Holly gave Brian another gift, the greatest gift of all, his daughter Isabella. Brian's devotion, dedication, and unconditional love for Isabella came from the deepest part of his soul. His smile when he looked at Isabella could melt any heart, and gladdened the hearts of his beloved parents in-law Richard and Barbara Blue. Another of Brian's great loves was film making. His ability to translate life's experiences into film was a profound and moving gift that always made you want to know more about all the things that gave him his fierce drive for life. Perhaps best of all, Brian was a friend that you wanted till the end. Even when the road of life became tough and rocky, he remembered to be grateful, and never missed a thank-you. As his journey came full circle, Brian held his head high and fought his battle with cancer with dignity and a strength that was a wonder to behold. And now Brian has moved over the horizon from our sight. But he is not really gone. So long as we hold Brian in our minds, he is never truly gone. I would like you to do this: Close your eyes and think of Brian's face, listen inside of you and remember his voice. So long as we can do that, so long as we remember Brian, he is never truly gone, only just flown over the horizon. goodbye, brian blue You can read more about Brian here, here and here. We also have a special rental section up now in the front of the store including Brian's staff picks and favorite films over the years. All the proceeds from the section will go to Brian's family.