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This weekend around town and in your living room

It looks like it's going to be another chilly, rainy weekend. What better time than to catch up with some movies? Here's some suggestions for both theatrical and home viewing: --Bab'Aziz--The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul opens today at The Varsity The New York Times calls it "a structurally audacious fairy tale" about a blind dervish and his granddaughter who trek across the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes, encountering many travelers and tales along the way. It's directed by Nacer Khemir (Wanderers of the Desert) and co-written by Tonino Guerra (who also co-wrote Blowup, Amarcord, L'Avventura and many other excellent films). They're will be Q&A after the 7:10pm and 9:25pm shows on Fri. and Sat. with Firoozeh Papan-Matin (UW Director of Persian and Iranian Studies) and John Sinno (from the Seattle Arab &Iranian Film Festival and producer of Iraq In Fragments). I saw a trailer for this film in front of Persepolis and it looks sweet and beautifully shot, definitely something you'd want to experience on the big screen. --The good folks at the Grand Illusion Cinema bring us Times and Winds, winner of both the FIPRESCI and Best Turkish Film Awards at the 2006 Istanbul Film Festival. The film depicts the bumpy emotional lives of three preteen friends and the ways their families curb their dreams and desires as surely as the mountain and sea confine their isolated village. For the Late Nights this weekend there's one of the rarest men-in-prision films ever, Caged Men Plus One Woman, an super rare (and definitely not on video) Canadian film (!!) from 1971 featuring "a harrowing and unflinching look into the grim realities of prison life." Check the GI website for times/details. --There will also be Q&A on Friday night at the Northwest Film Forum with the directors of Meeting Resistance. Photojournalists Molly Bingham and Steve Connors spent ten months filming in Iraq to create a powerful documentary that goes inside the Iraqi insurgency and explores the complex motivations behind some of its members. They'll be there for both the 7:15pm and 9:15pm screenings. --Just in case you haven't seen the movie everyone who has ever been on Cribs has on DVD, Scarface is playing at midnight at the Egyptian on Friday and Saturday. For those wishing to stay home, head to Scarecrow and rent No Country For Old Men. If all the copies are checked out, buy it. We've got it on sale for $19.95. There's also our usual crop of Staff Picks (including greats like Birth and The Front Page) and the new super amazing MADE FOR TV special rental section, celebrating the golden age of made for network television films. Many of the titles have to be seen to be believed, but it includes classics like Boy In The Plastic Bubble and Bad Ronald. Stay tuned to this blog for more on this section. made for television What will you be watching this weekend?