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Frank Henenlotter's films are grosser than all of the Garbage Pail Kids combined!

Belial anatomy Director Frank Henenlotter will be visiting our store on Friday, February 5th at 7pm to chat with fans and sign DVDs of his latest film Bad Biology. For more on Mr. Henenlotter, here's our own Marc "Swellzombie" Palm: Bad Biology is the name of Frank Henenlotter's newest film, the first thing to emerge from him since 1992 when he rounded out the Basket Case trilogy. Henenlotter hit the horror/exploitation scene with the first Basket Case in 1982. Afterwards was 1988's Brain Damage, a movie about a man who forms a symbiotic relationship with a worm that rewards his brain with psychotropic like chemicals when he finds the worm brains to feed off of. With just these two films you could see where Frank was going with his creations. Two years later he was really busy putting out the second Basket Case film as well as Frankenhooker. Both of which used excessive amounts of prosthetics and foam rubber to bring to life EC Comic like horrors. "Bad Biology" as a phrase, really sums up his career so far. The theme of science and mutation are prevalent in all of his films. The organic and psychological mess that is a human being can be the biggest nightmare of all. And Henenlotter has touched on most of these so far. Such as, having something that grows in or out of you, that you cannot control is the fear most of us have (i.e. cancer). Or some people who are "normal" fear having a disability or deformation that separates them from relating to others. Addiction can be a monster that pulls one into darker territories that one wouldn't explore normally. In my opinion the films that Henenlotter has created are more accessible to the mainstream than your average exploitation because of these devices. These are the things that bother us as humans. These are the horrors that make most shiver. Frank Henenlotter has connections here in Seattle with the exploitation distribution company Something Weird. He's helped them through the years and they've helped him. They're symbiotic at the very least. It's a great marriage because Henenlotter's films are some of the best modern exploitation films that are inspired by the early films that Something Weird have been releasing for 20 years. Bad Biology is one of the most exploitative of his films so far. It focuses on two people who have to deal with alienating and horrifying differences in the most sensitive of regions. Their sexual organs! Jennifer the lead woman was born with several clitori and has a physical need for sex. It goes beyond the normal nymphomania because her body craves a climax like a junky craves a fix. On the other hand Batz the male lead has a member that has grown to be a beast of burden. After growing up with a freakishly long part that needed more attention than is normally required, he experimented with chemicals and it ended up forming its own consciousness. Blessed or cursed, these two who separately fight their controlling crotches eventually meet and this clash of titans brings the story to a Holy conclusion. I personally hope that Frank Henenlotter continues to make gross and horrific films. There's a quality to what he makes that has not can not be filled by the likes of the French New-horror, Troma, or anything Michael Bay produces. On the 5th of February, Frank Henenlotter himself will make an in-store appearance at Scarecrow Video at 7pm. He'll also attend the showing of Bad Biology that evening at 11pm at Grand Illusion Cinema. If you miss all that there's another showing on the 6th. Bad Biology DVD